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  1. Thanks for the responses. The link nodemgr refers to is a 3 3/8 inch 160 mph which I like the looks of; not too far off the original. But it's 2/8 too big and no one makes a 160 in 3 1/8. I guess I could hog-out some dash material (ouch) and stuff it in but the sound of that idea hurts. It's only an 1/8 inch on all sides, um maybe. either way thanks for the update on the electronic idea. I tried VDO's website but it was impossible to get repair information. I'll check out JDO. Thanks. Any solution will be updated here.
  2. Does anyone have a solution for replacing the speedometer in an 89SE? All I can find are 120 MPH models in 3 1/8 diameters. And has anyone converted to electronic using the VSS? Or is there a good speedo shop that can salvage the old one? Marc
  3. CBrownstead, you can have my old working Valeo if you wish. Switched to the Bosch while looking for another problem. Free, you pay shipping. Marc in CA
  4. Do I really have to remove the rear bumper cover to get to the side marker lamps? Or am I not seeing the obvious easy way?
  5. Thanks guys. I have replaced the O2, TPS, plugs, wires, ECU, New belts, New Alt, checked vacuum leaks, IAC new. Maybe it is weak on the fuel delivery, I haven't check that because it pours the fuel in under full throttle and takes off. The secondarys work according to Freescan. My experience tells me it is a lean condition, just feels like a weak burn under cruise. Another thing that happens is after it gets 50 miles on the reset, it stumbles a bit at the stop sign and then catches itself and burns the tires off at half throttle with no turbo spooling (a few pounds of boost really). Th
  6. Help. Freescan shows voltage drops under full power, dropping as low as 12.3 volts and returns to 13.6 under normal cruise. New Bosch alternator and new battery. Cables good and I even added an extra ground wire. Anyone got a clue as to where the voltage is going or if this is normal? I'm looking for a reason that causes the car to go from perfect operating conditions at computer reset and progessively gets worse over the next 50 miles, like it learns backwards getting dumber the more you drive it. Marc in CA 89 SE
  7. Help. My freescan rich/lean numbers are always counting from 0-255 and then reset to 0 and count to 255 and reset, forever. Is that supposed to happen? Car runs great at computer reset but gets progessively more jumpy over the next 50 miles. It's as if the computer starts out smart and gets dumber as it "learns." Marc in CA 89 SE
  8. My 2002 Monte Carlo did the exact same thing. Changed the in-tank fuel pump and the problem was solved. Don't we have like 2 pumps on the Esprit? No fuel, no starty.
  9. I just replaced fronts and rears after talking to Porterfield Enterprizes. I told them I wanted very aggressive brakes and we decided on the following: Fronts were HB245 with Hawk Brakes compound HT-9 full race Rears were AP-97 with Raybestos ST-43 compound full race I absolutely love these brake now. They do the trick nicely. I used to race stockcars and know the value and performance of good brakes. These do the trick for $280. Brake feel is great; very controllable with good feedback on the pedal and is even throughout pedal pressure. They really work well. Under very hard braking y
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