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  1. Happy birthday :cheers:
  2. Hi Jukka Drive safe ( there are lot of road work in Danish high way at the moment ,so safe drive Jukka ) see the picture ( ) See you at the Hotel freday
  3. Happy Birthday Roger :cheers:
  4. I wonder you are looking for A/C hose fittings with O-ring to A/C compress ( it called BEADLOCK)? I just google but I can only find the USA. and I think the size #8 for the high #10 for the low.
  5. If the problem is Not hydraulic it will be the Cluch release bearing . Last time had problem with my cluch (started some noise) and I replace both master/salve cylinder, but problem was the relase bearing. I noticed the cluch fork showed moveing or how to call it more losed .
  6. Now I'm ready from CPH See you folks, I hope it will be nice weather UK. Regards Yasuo
  7. Yep, I just got ticket yesterday ( sat-sun). And freday night I'm staying at B.B "Old Thom Barn" near the Lotus factory. Yasuo
  8. I'm thinking to join the evet this year. It was great two years ago ! At the moment I got rather good offer the ferry tickt to the Harwich , so thinking drive my Espirt to U.K but who will be there sat - sun ? Yasuo
  9. Best wish from Denmark MJK ! Hope get better soon Y.Hotta
  10. Hello Victor Well come to TLF ! I just booked same SAS flight freday and sunday ! Y.Hotta
  11. Have a nice Easter Holday TLF It's Really nice weather these days here. I hope every one have a nice Easter Holidays and the really nice to drive a Lotus
  12. After almost a month, Not driveing the Esprit becuase some upgrade made and today quick and short drive with new dampers/spring etc... it's nice to driveing the Esprit again !
  13. Wow Thats a lot of members TLF !
  14. Hi all thanks for the advices. Today I manged to take out and back (almost ), As you can see from the pictures I could pulled out via the air duct. My old pipes are longer and tured 90 degreed , so it's impossible to take from back side. New pipes are straight. I just manged to put back. Tomorrow I will put back and mount all the new hoses.
  15. Hi Dave Thanks for the info. The pipes are badley corroded, just before the hoses (front) . Are you sure the pipes can out only from back side ? I'm thinking removed the rad duct and and I hoping I can pool out from the front . And I can see from the parts list there are Grommets in back but may be I'm wrong. Yasuo
  16. Hi Folks This week I will going to replace the hoses and water feed/returne pipes (though chasses). Does any one replaced the these pipes on Esprit Turbo 88 ? And I wonder how easy or hard work to replace these pipes. I have to remove the radiator duct and hoses what else ? Yasuo
  17. Happy BiHappy Birthday Jukka (see you in aug. 2011)
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