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  1. So, You also had a bad day .....
  2. esp88

    Bad luck ....

    Thanks Simon I know the Elan, but price is to high for me ! I'm thinking to change the dato for flight tickets but it will cost another
  3. esp88

    Bad luck ....

    Hi Tony Yep, I know such a story too, but I think the problem was the price ! I belived the car is stolen ! So, just bad luck (I may think it's better/ feel better, it was happen before I'm in U.K ..) See you soon Tony I'm looking forward 8th september ! more tonight
  4. esp88

    Bad luck ....

    Thanks folks ! It's nice to share good/bad expriance with LEF !! :yes I see so, some post are striking in U.K whick I was told from seller ! Well, I stuiped enough sent deposit as recomanded letter with cash (
  5. esp88

    Bad luck ....

    Thanks Simon The canceling the fly or ferre tickts but I can't get much back ! unfortunatly no travel insurance (even I have it ,it's not cover because canceling for buy a car..) The another prolbem is the deposit whick I sent by recomanded letter a week ago ! but according to him it's not arrived yet ( strange .. Don't you think ) Is there any problem with post in U.K recently ? Another thing is, In case If police discover the car in next few days what shall I do about it ? Shall I cancel the deal and ask him send back the deposit ! Or re-disscus sell price !
  6. Well, I was looking my second car for a while and I though was I finnaly found one Not Esprit but Elan M100 ! So, last few week I was watch Ebay, pistonhead etc... and found one which was reasonable price. We agreed the price, when I could pickup the car, sent the deposit etc.. got also a copy of the V5. Booked the fly and the ferre ! Ready to pickup next weekend in Manchster U.K! I was really looking forward the weekend ! Then I got call from seller yesterday ! The Elan is gone ! He said his car was stolen and reported to the local police !! Bad luck or what I called it ! All the tickts I bought could not refoundable ! So, it was bad id
  7. It look very nice AP 350 caliper ! I'm also planing to upgrade the front but I noticed the caliper has no dustcover ! Can this caliper use all year around ? I found one shop compbrake in U.K Does anyone know/used the shop ? They has 320mm/32mm disks for just over
  8. esp88

    It Lives!

    Well done Mark ! So, now time to enjoy driveing This sommer in Copenhargen almost every day rain.. rain.. rain .... not good for Esprit .. Have nice sommer ! Y.Hotta
  9. esp88


    Hi Jussi Wellcome back ! I understand your situation, So take it easy ! In your situation, it's best to talk with some frends not be selv alone ! We are hoping you can join the 23rd sep. with jussi2 !! I will try to car rent at the Standsted Airport, so if you need a lift (same as last year ) let me know .... Keep smiling :yes Y.Hotta
  10. Nice work Bibs it's much faster ...... Y.Hotta
  11. esp88


    OK Jimmy How is Jussi and jussi2 ? ...............
  12. I also sent PM Jussi but no reply ?? we missed some great photograffer this time .. he tooked a lot of great picture last year! Y.Hotta
  13. Great and it will be fun (will be same as last year ...) Booked Easy jet and now booking yhe hotel (waiting for the replay) Now I hoping , I can get free from work ...... Y.Hotta
  14. Hi Tony I hvan't book the Easy Jet yet ! and I'm free hole week ! So, If I can change the hotel booking then No problem (I think ) What time are you going to start the party ??? Y.Hotta
  15. Umm... how many Anniverary in September ? it sound like every weekend in september ! Our Danish Lotus Club has 30th and I think Lotus 7 has 50th and 40th (Tony and this).... But I like party !!! Y.Hotta
  16. Hi John I hope you got my PM ! I forgot few things and at the same time I looked at Service notes. I think Carb turbo and the Bosch inj. has very commen el. instations but very different from SE /S4 Delco inj. e.g. piston/lineer, direct ingition, so need to change the flywheel, and SE type cluch husing, hole inlet mainfold/injectiors, plenum Nozzle with sec. injectors,fule pump also need speed sensor on right driveshift, SE type tacometer ..... I think S4 has lille differet el. diagram but more simpler than SE So, I made a replay box with S4 spec. Most of the H.W I bought from Gerry Kemp U.K (Where I got S4 engine) Y.Hotta
  17. Hi If head is still good condition I used scoket wench 3/8" (not sure ) extension bar was just fit in and then I truned the drain bolt ! I hope til will help ! Good luck ! Y.Hotta
  18. Well, Tony Last year was my birthday at the factory vist ! , now is your turne ! It sound like a becoming a big party ...
  19. Ok I just booked the hotel, two nights from freday 7th - 9th sep. So, I have lille time to warm up or if you need some help ! I'm looking forward to see you guys ! (it will be fun) Y.Hotta
  20. Hi Oil pressure gauge connected with White/brun cabel and Not connected with oil waring lamP/RPM relay ! and oil pressure tranduser(sender) can find just behind the oil filter ! So, Check the connection ! Her is the picture no.17
  21. Hi Tony Today I was serching the hotel as you mention " The Abbey Hotel" but I cound't find in Best Western web site ? I found only the "Best Western Wymondham Consort Hotel " 28 Market Street GB Wymondham, England, NR18 0BB, Great Britain After seraching a while the other hotel site and finally found "The Abbey Hotel " Is that correct one ? Abbey Hotel 10 Church Street, Wymondham, Norwich, Norfolk NR18 0PH Y.Hotta
  22. Sound great I'm looking forward see you guys !! Please PM me when you have more detail and evt. where I can book the hotel etc... If you have a any thing you wish to have from Denmark then let me know ! Y.Hotta P.S. Have a nice summer !!!
  23. Hi Tony I loved to attend your party (short fly to U.K for a weekend ... not bad id
  24. Good to see MJK names on 13th ! Best regards Y.Hotta
  25. Yep ! it's very hot these days in CPH very closed to 30C ! So, if A/C work will be nice thing ! About the cables ! I can't remember 100%(because some modiffcation I did ! I will check but I thnk these cables goes to cable connector (with 20 terminales ) and one goes to alternator or A/C. As I remember one of the cable has a label (looks like 1 or 7) I just added a foto from my car (I'm not 100% but it looks like, If I'm wrong cause I'm colorblind ...) From the alternator cabel should go to the engition warning lamp and tacometer ... I hope it will help ! Y.Hotta P.S what year your S4 engine ? I have a diagram, so If you need it I will send a copy !
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