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  1. Hi Jimmy I got S4 engin with S4 harneses and it looks familier but I can't remember A/C or the tempraur sender ! I think one cabel has a no. 1 or 7 on it ? Is that correct ? Y.Hotta
  2. Very nice I also bought AP set from jan sales and I bought AP-discs 315x32mm from U.S.A . I'm working on it but missing the bells ! Does anybody know where I can get the bells ? Y.Hotta
  3. Fantastic work Laura !! It's really nice to be a LEF member ! (what a diffence you/bibs providing to LEF !) Many Thanks Y.Hotta
  4. Great work and I' realy feel ...... :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: Y.Hotta
  5. esp88

    Our Leader

    Happy Birthday Bibs !!!! Y.Hotta
  6. Hello Mark So, You are back Canada ! it was really nice to meeting you at CPH! Sorry I don't have more time but I hope you enjoied stay in CPH and let me know next time when you come to CPH. !! Your polished wheels are very nice !! Now I'm started next new project the front brake upgrade .... (AP racing with 315mm disc ) Y.Hotta
  7. Hello I'm also thinking to make one too and I found this from boat shop (see picture) I don't know how to call in eng. ? it's Stainless and question is I can buy e.g 10-12 mm and if weld a stainless pipe both end can work ? What you think ( it will be cheap but I don't know how strong ). Y.Hotta
  8. I haven't decide this summer holiday yet .... but it may end up with rebilding the carport for my Espirt ...
  9. Hi Jussi Sorry to hear your family, you mean jussi2 also sick ? It will be nice to vist Finland (I never vist Finland, so it could be nice ..) Regards Y.Hotta
  10. Hi Jussi It was for a while and I hope you are OK ( As I can see from the pictures,you are working very hard ) So, whe you will invite os for a sauna party ...... Y.Hotta
  11. Hi Mark I hope you enjoy the short drive last night Today I was fixsing the stering rack but started rain but I just fished and back the rack ! Maybe if I or you have a time for beer before you back to Canada ! Have a nice day Y.Hotta
  12. Hi folks Finally replace mainfold (it took almost 5 dag) !! After new mainfold I drove my Espirt today and noticed changed ! The engine sould very nice and smoth !! ( sould like I got new engine Her is my some bad/good exprience: - I tried to take out mainfold with engine inside but Not possible (if old 2 pices exhaust maifold) - I tried to cut into pices with cut disc it was also bad id
  13. Hi Glyn I just replace mailfold on my Esprit it was hard work ! Before removed the maifold I removed turbo but but these to nuts behind the turbo was very hard to removed end up with hamer/scredriver etc.. to spilt the nuts and new stud ! replace mainfold and I put back the turbo again very hard to turned the these nuts (it took I guess 1 hour ) !! good luck ! Y.Hotta
  14. Hi I'm not 100% sure it's correct one but se the picture ! Y.Hotta
  15. Today sstarted removing the mainfold see photo as you can see it rust and got big hole ! I have to replace now and today I manged to removed turbo and few nuts ! with small cuting discs .. hamer/screedriver Y.Hotta
  16. Hi folks What a nice work !! And photos Y.Hotta
  17. Thanks Mike I was thinking cut off from stud/nuts with small cutting disc where I can see the nuts but again I couldn't see all the nuts from buttom maybe need mirror or somting I can see the nuts to cut off ! Another issue is studs are often hard to removed as you menstion ! that means, it not good id
  18. Thanks Janathan But these tools are too big to use on maifold ! I read on LEW how to removed maifold but the picture showed theses maifold are the new type, I guess there are much more space/samllere than old one ! (e.g. I can't see the nuts the 2-3 cylinder bottom ! ) Does any one replaced the old type maifold without take engin out ? then I would like to hear how to o do it !! Y.Hotta
  19. Today took a picture from left wheelarchie and When I look around maifold the end of two exhaust nuts are amlost gone ! How can I remove these nuts (see the picture ) Antoher problem are I could not see studs/nuts no. 2 and 3 because I have the old type (two pices exhaut mainfold ! Now the question does any one tried replace the old type mainfold without the engine out ! it's almost impossible for me to do the task from under the car !!! Y.Hotta
  20. Hi Folks Now the time to replace the exhaust maifold from My Esprit Turbo (1988) . My question are what sequence do I have to approach? I know some guys in LEF mentions some time age but it's not clear ! I'm try to replace it without engine out (this week end), so time to make a plan. I have now a SWL maifold and stud bolts, lock plates, gasket, so all the parts are ready ! Her are some of my question (where to start) ? - remove heatsheld - remove turbo - remove maifold Is there any releasing sequece ? mount the new maifold, Is there any tigtening seuesce (torque) ? As I can see some of the nuts are very rusty or almost gone How to removed the nuts from maifold ? Any special tools Do I need it ? Need some advice thanks Y.Hotta
  21. Try Malc (Espritism) ! I think he has ECU ! Y.Hotta
  22. Well My Esprit turbo U.K version with Renault box the reason I changed to injection is I'm using esprit all year, so I thought it may better economy, more power, even winter with cold weather easy to start ... I think as Chris said it's easier to sell and buy SE/S4 .. if tax is not issue. In denmark, it will cost the TAX twice as much what Esprit cost in U.K. So, For me it will very expensiv to swap SE or S4. After 6 months with injector, I had some problem with e.g. O2 sensor, commection problems...., so it's Not better reliability/maintain than Carb. ! The power issue, It's much power,so when the road is wet/snow must drive safe !! If your Esprit has Citroen gearbox, then you need to check the parts list etc... to se the differece between citroen V.S. renault ! I hope it will help ! Y.Hotta
  23. Hi Guy Well, I did last year ! My Esprit turbo (1988) was Carb. but few years ago I replaced with S4 type Engine and mounted reused Carb. Last year when all the parts I collected in a year then replaced from S4 Delco Injectin incl. harnesses, ECU, alle sensors ! If you do the same as I did. then you need following change: - SE type clutch housing to mount the flywheel sensor - SE type flywheel - SE type right rear hub carrier to mount speed sensor - Need mont speed ring right driveshaft - New fuel pump - Need change Exhaust downpipe to mount the O2 sensor - Changecooler, cooler and el. pump - SE type Tacometer - Relay box (make by self) el. cablng need to change .. - Free Scan software from LEW and may be some more parts and lot of work hours .... Y.Hotta
  24. Nice work Otis Looking great and what a progress !!! Y.Hotta
  25. Hi Gernot We met at the factory vist last oct. Great work and nice web site ! Your Esprit like as new !! Very nice to see all the work you have done ! Y.Hotta
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