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  1. Nice car for your daughter ! (especally the price) but my daughter really want Elan M100 ..... Y.Hotta
  2. Well, I just recived a mail from Dermot for analysing my freescan log (Now I got USB adaptor to connect the IBM laptop working fine ). And I'm very happy with the result from Dermot ! Many thanks Dermot !!! So, the conlusion is the O2 sensor fault caused the engine troble. Have a nice Easter Y.Hotta Now I can start the brake upgrade project
  3. Get well soon Fraser ! I hope you will out from hospital soon !!!
  4. Well, I mean you should pressed out (hydraulic presses ) with some e.g socket/pipe to fit the around the neck and pressed out ! What I did first was I pressed from top and what happed, just the bolt came from the bottom !
  5. Hi Jonthan I replaced few years ago and You need to pressed out but don't pressed from the top ! Y.Hotta
  6. As I can remember there are el. terminals back of the Choke lever (Steven type 88) ! And I give the Choke cable to Malc (Espritism) you can ask him ! Y.Hotta
  7. I think, it better to test the lift motor just disconnect two cables from lift motor and connect 12 v directory (very short time!!) to see window goes up /down ok ! if working Ok , then you have a bad connection e.g. ground or cable connector or switches. the lift motor used more than 4A I think ! and therefore swich or connector may damanged. I used 2 relay and diode (each door) to reduced the load ! Y.Hotta
  8. Happy Birthday Simon !! It was nice to meet you at Donnington! Y. Hotta
  9. Hello LEF It was great weekend and meet many LEF people ! I'm safely back home this afternoon (except the weather ...) It was really bad on ferry I hope see again another LEF events !! Y.Hotta
  10. Arrived U.K Sunday without problem ! I hopse see you guys on saturday at Donnington ! Yasuo Hotta
  11. Thanks Malc See you soon and all Esprit frends in U.K (I'm really hoping My Esprit can make it ) Tomorrow I have to drive around 300Km to catch the ferry to U.K ! Yasuo Hotta
  12. Thanks Folks The problem I had rpm 2000-3000 almost gone (before it was driving car with Choke) I'm still 100% sure every things work OK but raining today and I have no time/chance to check with FreeScan ! And now I have to pack and ready to take a ferry to U.K tomorrow afternoon ! So, I'm lille bit stressed !! Yasuo Hotta
  13. Finally OS sensor arrived from PUK and replaced yesterday! I haven't check with FreeScan yet, but driving to work today was much better than before !! Y.Hotta
  14. Well, Tony The time going fast some times firster than Esprit ..... But finally, I got approved to attend a IT course in U.K (it took 2 months ...) and hoping weekend will join the Donnington to meet all the LEF folks !! So, I though it will be nice to meet other while I'm in Reading to warm up ! The Factory vist was great a lot of beer..... and Jimmy's ciger.. until 2 AM ..... Regards Y.Hotta
  15. Hi folks I'm visting Reading U.K take a IT cours I woulder does anybody know good place to eat/drink ? I'm going to stay "Quality Hotel" Reaing a week from Sun - freday and join the Donington week end ! My plan is drive my Esprit (if every solve it out), So if anybody living closer evt. join a beer ..... Yasuo Hotta
  16. Thanks guys I really hope the O2 sensor is caused the problem !!! I woulder how long O2 senser has life time ? I'm thinking.... it's nice to have some spare like O2 sensor, MAP... Does anybody any comments/suggeestion for a home mechenic (with limited tools ) I ran the injections(S4 enigne) on my Espirt turbo Carb. changed last year and this winter was the first time with Injection and I 'm woldering how avaiblity with these sensors. (I'm driving my Esprit every day about 40 km ) Y.Hotta
  17. No luck today I will contact PUK or SJ to order O2 sensor tomorrow ! I hope it will solve my problem ...... (I have to work from 7AM tomorrow, so a beer/whisey and bed time ) Y.Hotta
  18. Hi folks Her is the today stauts : THe driving with O2 sensor on highway (100-140 Km) no problem but down to 60- 80KM (or 2000- 3000 RPM), its just misfireing or what shall I call (bad responding) So, way back disconnect O2 sensor then I can drive thought the town 40-80 Km speed No problem. After 30 km drive and back to home then connect the FreeScan but funny thing is now showing O2 votage not bad was before (Not up/down as before ). The MAP sensor showing between 0.46 - 0.56 even swapped to the new MAP sensor not change (even swap the ECU but Not changed at all ) ? It should some thing I missed her (I should check again cables some where maybe bad connection or bad cables And another probem I got is my old laptop hang many time; so I can't record the logs (what a luck ..... Need coffee break ...) Y.Hotta
  19. Thanks folks I think I'm learing a lot ! My car has no CAT, so no problem that point ! I have also a spare MAP sensor, So I will replace MAP and check the vaccue line to MAP sensor ! I have no spare O2 sensor at the moment, So I can't see O2 sensor is deffected !! Any id
  20. Thanks Mark Such a quick reply ! I checked again logs and As you see in log O2 sensor showed very low voltage but came black gas out after few min. I took some logs with and without O2 sensor and tried to understand what showed. When I disconnected O2 sensor the stop black gas no misfiring ! and ideling is OK. the last logvoltage showed very low. when I disconnected showed constant around 0,475 V. So, I hope the problem is only O2 sensor (hope Not ECU). I wil test drive tomorrow without O2 sensor !! Regards Y.Hotta
  21. Sorry Mark I have a spare coil, so I replaced but nothing changed ! (and 12 V to connector ) I think I tried to RMP up lille up to see it's changed ! Now I have ony code 44 (O2 circuit problem) and checked manual ! Manual mension some points like fuel pressure, MAP sensor, .. I tried to disconnect O2 sensor ! What happen is running much better and Not black exahus but when I reconnected O2 sensor started again ! Questio is ECU or O2 sensor ? Any comment ? Y.Hotta
  22. Still running very bad but after checking cable connection etc.. I only got code 44 !! And her is the new freescan log ! Does anyone check the log ? Y.Hotta
  23. Hi Mark-TC Many thanks the infromation I will check the coil !! If you comming to Denmark(Copenhargen) just call (+45) 29236650 Y.Hotta
  24. Thanks Mark-TC I also noticed the O2 voltage was up/down and the knock sensor vaule may wrong ? I will check O2 sensor, the Coil connection and keep inform her tomorrow (I will take fri from work) Great to hear others advice ! Regards Y.Hotta
  25. Just back from work and I logged just lille csv log yesterday ! :yes Does any one can look at the see what can be wrong ! I attached log file her. I logged while engine was running as idle (not driving) ups I can't upload exec file ? Y.Hotta
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