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  1. Thanks guys I check this morning secondary inejctors and it's not sticked open ! So, my first guess was Not correct ! I will connect free scan to check what infor I can get ! and inform her ! I have to take a public transport today , so I can do not much in winter weather (in Copenhagen was snowning this morning! ) and I have no garage ! lille more infor. while running idleing it showed free scan most of the value was showed as the free scan manual ! I will also check again all the cables/ground connection ! mean while thanks all guys I will update this weekend ! I hope I can solve this problem this weekend otherwise I have a problem to attend the Donnington ! Y.Hotta
  2. Thanks Artie My guess is one of secondary injector open all the time, so get too much fuel under 3000 rpm, but running over 3-4000 rpm engin run better because enough fuel ? Any comments Y.Hotta
  3. Yes, My esprit has S4 engine and the fuel injection ! it was last year swaped carb. to S4 inection and ECU ! it's running fine until last few days ! it looks like high rpm has no problem but but between over 2000 - 4000 very strange some thing like not enough fuel or opssit. running just idleing in few minuts then slowly went down and can't keep 1000 rpm! Does anyone know what happen if one of sencndry injector sticking open ? Y.Hotta
  4. Hi folks I need some help to solve my engine problem! :crybaby: Yesterday started running very strange and the idleing was some time down to 900 and the Engine responding very strange. Check with free scan and and tried to change idleing up but not work and even IAC showed high value ! I also reset EUC and IAC but it's not work. I also got code 26 and 45 ? Checked ing. plugs, all 4 plugs showed very black! My guess is too rich fuel ! Read the manual code 26 and 45 ..... I'm thinking it may cause by one of injector is sticking open ? e.g secondry injector ? Does anyone had same problem ? Y.Hotta
  5. Hi Jonathan It looks like water temp. sender or connection to sender ! You can evt. take off the cable from sender and connect with some register to check your gagues work OK ! Y.Hotta
  6. Happy Birthday Jimmy ! Y.Hotta
  7. Congratulations! Jukka It's really nice in black ! Well, the TAX problem are well known her in Scandinavia (except Sweden!) But I think denmark are highere than Finland ! I pay 20000Euro for my Esprit turbo 1988 (after 6 months negotiation )
  8. Hi folks I just want to say many thanks to the Lotus aftersales They work very hard to supporting us last few weeks inc. LEF members especally Tony, Bibs ! I hope Tony will sent them very best reagrds ! Hope it will happen again next year (I just read some PH negativ disscusion and I don't like that kind of way of talk )
  9. OK Jonathan So, you have a big plan I can see !! Jonathan if you have V8 hub ! Is that possible to check the differece old and V8 hub e.g. offset (any other dimension are different ? ) Now 10PM I have to work earlier tomorrow Keep in touch
  10. Thanks Jonathan That means if I mashined old hub to 58mm
  11. Hi Jussi In Copenhargen this morning was 0C and we are expecting -2 - -6C this weekend ( I guess cold win comming from Jussi land ...... )
  12. Hi Glyn Ok So, you bought V8 Brembo Do you have V8 hub too ? As I can guess the V8 hub has differet size.
  13. Many thanks folks I know many people disscus break issue her LEF ! And maybe never ending story ! Last year I was think brembo caliper too. I think Arite I saw some picture her in forum ! I also have porsche 996 (brembo monoblock 360EUR) caliper but I feel /need technical skill e.g bias balance front/rear and I could find any local shop to mashine bells etc.... When I saw there are jan. sales these caliper, my thought was it's Lotus parts, so it will fit without balance front/rear .. techincall skill maybe just swap ! So, I will start Brembo rear break upgrade this year ! Many thanks for good advices !! Y.Hotta
  14. Thanks Jonathan & Pitstoppet I know it's not easy just replaceing the other cailpier etc... the bias issue I'm thinking but not enough knowage ! Also master clynder may need to change ? I already thinking to changing the rear, the one reason is e.g espceally winter time frozen handbreak and could not move ! and soon need new disks ! I should start with rear ! ( I already using Hi-spec caliper which I bought it last year from PMN at the Donnington !) Jonathan where did you get used Brembo calipber ?
  15. Hi Malc Secound thought : Take a hub out with wheel and some how you can press out ? Good luck Y.Hotta
  16. Hi Malc Sorry to hear your wheel ! I have no id
  17. Thanks for the comments Well, it's not easy to decide, but the reason I asked was the kit is in sales for
  18. Thanks folks Ok the kit incl. Caliper, pads and brackets but not incl. bells and disks That means it will mabye
  19. Hi folks I just wonder the " Front Caliper Kit 350 sport pair" can fit in my Epsrt Turbo 1988 ? Does anybody bought these kit in Jan sales ? if so, what's include this Caliper Kit ? I think AP racing Caliper ! Is this kit incl. disks, pads and brackets ? I use 17inc. 5 spork S4 type wheels but any differece e.g. wheels hubs Y.Hotta
  20. If you local dealer has problem with cal. (this kind of math. is just for kinds) but if you are outside U.K then you have to re-cal. the VAT and need to convert to the local currency ( llille more diffcult for kinds ) But our local dealer manged for the second time ( I I just cal. for them ) Have a nice week end ! Y.Hotta
  21. Nice colour Jimmybondi I should choose another but as you know I'm lille bit colourblind Another issue is clock has diffrenet light colour and the problem is I have to solder directry on print The rheostat problem can be fix easy just use a sipmle voltage regulator like LM117K but max 1.5A (if only useing LED !) Y.Hotta
  22. According to the Service Notes Code 43:( Electronic spark control(ESC) circuit ) Check the knock sensor and from ECU (J1A11) cabel should voltage 4-6V when you ignition "ON" Y.Hotta
  23. Hi I changed the all the instrument lamps to blue LED last year and it looks like the pcitures the one problem with LED is lamps rheostat could not adj. lights Y.Hotta
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