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  1. Finally run OK Many thanks Malc ! it was nice to talking to you and when I check the engine today started with stop the air from IAC but Nothing changed and then when I looked at the throtle jack which you told me ! today was very nice sunny day so I can clearly see the throtle cables etc.. well well, it was throtle jack was stuck some how caused the all idleing problem ! Afther fix this problem then no more error ocurred !(As I can see the data from the Free Scan ) So, I tried to drive a while and see what diff. between Carb. and EUC with charge cooler ! It was very quck responding and quck boost have to be carfuld when I drive in winther ) I hope it will keeping run without any problems ! Y.Hotta
  2. Now I found what was wrong there are two things at the moment : 1. All the injectors was stuck (caused not used few years) ! so, I clean it all and check ! 2. The engine got power but ver high idleing ? it looks like lose connection IAC ? 3. Well, I think ECU's 4 connectors has very bad coonections If I moved some cables it will losing some informaton like air temp. MAP, and getting code 26 ! So, I will check all the pins terminals this weekend ! Y.Hotta
  3. Hi folks I just upgraded Espirt turbo (carb) swap to injection from S4 I guess. I made some relay box and swap some cable connectors to fit. The engine run/started but not power at all I connected free scan but showing diff. errors ?? So, I don't know where to start ! it can be some sensors, injector are deffect ??? Some of the date from free scan e.g. MAP sensor showed very high, some error code I got code 33, 65 26 ..... got differet each time .. Battery voltage showed 13,7V Any advice, suggest By the way one silly question : ingnition 1 - 4 where is no. 1 as I cas see from ingition cablel length but nice to know ! Y.Hotta
  4. Many thanks Mr. Mike Kimberley it was an honour to meet you so close, sharing the last Sunday evening ! It was so fantasic to hear your history! It was also really nice and great Lotus folks !! ( I never forget !) Best regards Y.Hotta
  5. Thanks everybody ! Ok I will connect the wastegate solenoid and I will connect a dummy relay insted for the purge solenoid to avoid code 26 ! Y.HOtta
  6. Thanks Paul I understand some dummy register( e.g I just check one of the solenido has 30 ohme ! ) I'm thinking ignore the purge solenido.
  7. Thanks Carl As I understand correct, Wastegade solenoid control by the ECM which get the data from MAP sensor. and more sensitiv control the pressure. Intersesting
  8. Hi Does any one know what is the porpose of these Solenoids ! - Wastegate solenids not find in SE but S4 ? - Cannster Purge Solenoid The reason I asking, because I'm upgrade from Carb. Turbo to SE/S4 Elec. injection ! So I can get more power etc.. but while I'm looking the two Electric diagrams I found some diff. ?? Does any one has a comment I'm glad to hear ! Y.Hotta
  9. Sorry to hear such a bad news Alex but as other said , as far as you are OK is good thing ! Especially after the arrengment I feel we are much closere, so I'm really feel sorry Alex ! (I coundn't find a word ) I hope you will sort it out soon and back on road again ! Y.Hotta
  10. Thanks everyone it was great days ! and many many thanks to Bibs,Kimbers and Laura ! It was great days with nice weather ( I should drive my Espit with me ) Anyway with or without my Esprit it was Fantasic arrengment ! Once again many thanks to Bibs, Kimber and Laura Best regards Y.Hotta
  11. Hi folks I end up with booked Car rent (budget) at the Standsted Airport ! (Not Lotus and just a small car) If some body need a lift from Standsted Airport to Hotel Sunday 8th before 1 PM and back to the Standsted Airport 10th around 4PM send me PM or call cell phone +45 29236650 See you all at the Hotel ! Y.Hotta
  12. Yes, Please .... No. 51 Y.Hotta
  13. Hi Is that possible to join your taxi ? I need a lift on tuesday from hotel to Standsted Airport and Check in time from 16:15 to 17:45 So it will be nice you can take me at airport before 5PM ? Y.Hotta
  14. Many thanks Jay ! I will contact you soon ! Y.Hotta
  15. Hi Folks Does any one help me a lift from Standsted Airport on Sunday 08-01-2006 and back tirsday 10-10 2006 ? Easy Jet fight no. 3562 arrive Standsted 11:20 Sunday back tirsday around 4-5 PM Y.Hotta
  16. I just ordered I'm lookging forward !!! Y.Hotta
  17. Looks fantastic and great work ! I'm really looking foward meet there ! P.S. I just booked Easy-jet to Standsted flight no. 3562 and arrivel 11:20 AM Sunday 08-10-2006 Does any one meet there ? Y.Hotta
  18. Hi I had same problem when I rebuldt UN1 gearbox few months ago ! Some time it wil help just taking a break ! I spent 3-4 hours but it was not fit in and then next day I tried again without problem I don't know why but it may caused Not placed in line Good luck Y.Hotta
  19. No. 109 1. Yasuo Hotta 2. No 3. No 4. Yes 2. ( Sun,man) 5. (No) 6. No 7. No 8. Denmark (Standsted Air Port) !
  20. Hi All Now I finshed rebild it and the last weekend I was working hard to swap out/in gearbox ! Unfortunatlly when I took old gear box out from the car the Cluch Shift was losed, (lost spring pin ???) I have to moved back a lot to free the gearbox ! Y.Hotta
  21. 161 (Depends on date) 1. Yasuo Hotta 2. (Esprit Turbo) 3. +0 4. B&B 5. Lift from Standsted Airport ( Not sure bring the Espirt depneds on date)
  22. Thanks a lot Travis !! Nice and good pictures it will help me a lot ! I'm almost fished and I will put back next weekend ! Regards Y.Hotta
  23. I'm going to rebild the transmission my self any advice/ comments ? This is the first time and I have no expriance but when I read to Service notes it looks like not so diffcult ?? Any advice e.g check points.... I will repalce bearingd and synchro rings Thannks Y.Hotta
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