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  1. I just ordered I'm lookging forward !!! Y.Hotta
  2. Looks fantastic and great work ! I'm really looking foward meet there ! P.S. I just booked Easy-jet to Standsted flight no. 3562 and arrivel 11:20 AM Sunday 08-10-2006 Does any one meet there ? Y.Hotta
  3. Hi I had same problem when I rebuldt UN1 gearbox few months ago ! Some time it wil help just taking a break ! I spent 3-4 hours but it was not fit in and then next day I tried again without problem I don't know why but it may caused Not placed in line Good luck Y.Hotta
  4. No. 109 1. Yasuo Hotta 2. No 3. No 4. Yes 2. ( Sun,man) 5. (No) 6. No 7. No 8. Denmark (Standsted Air Port) !
  5. Hi All Now I finshed rebild it and the last weekend I was working hard to swap out/in gearbox ! Unfortunatlly when I took old gear box out from the car the Cluch Shift was losed, (lost spring pin ???) I have to moved back a lot to free the gearbox ! Y.Hotta
  6. 161 (Depends on date) 1. Yasuo Hotta 2. (Esprit Turbo) 3. +0 4. B&B 5. Lift from Standsted Airport ( Not sure bring the Espirt depneds on date)
  7. Thanks a lot Travis !! Nice and good pictures it will help me a lot ! I'm almost fished and I will put back next weekend ! Regards Y.Hotta
  8. I'm going to rebild the transmission my self any advice/ comments ? This is the first time and I have no expriance but when I read to Service notes it looks like not so diffcult ?? Any advice e.g check points.... I will repalce bearingd and synchro rings Thannks Y.Hotta
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