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  1. Thanks Dave I just order injectors and Hope it wil Fix the problem. Yasuo
  2. Thanks Dave II ran Elan scan today and it showed Oxygen Sensor Lean ( fault code 44) on . Service note suggest check the grand coonection ( inlet) so, I checked but it seem to OK. After engin ran 5-10 min and check spack plug 1 and 2 showed 1 is totally clean as new so as you suggest next step will be replace injectors . Dave where I can buy the injectors e.g SJ selling over £365 for 4 ?
  3. It's very strange, first I thought was easy task. What I found out until now is coil pack is OK and all 4 sparking, hallsensor replaced but unchanged. when replaced spark plugs all 4 looks ok and dry. When I pull out no. 1 or no. 3 plugs leads nothing happen but when I pull out 2 or 4 engine stop. No ending fault lamp on. I will try with Elan scan and see what may wrong. It looks like I need to measure all sensors and fuel injectors. Yasuo
  4. No, Andy 1 &4 and 2&3 So, not same coil but el. Diagram showet 1&3 and 2&4 are same pair fuel injektors. So first I thought was ECU but When I swapped with spare ECU (non- cat type ) but it not help.
  5. Yes I did but I couldn't find any post regarding with only 2 cylinder running. it happen While drivning amount 15 km lost power and back home drivning with 3thd gear. today I replaced Hall sensor too but not Help. my car is SE turbo from 1992 with S2 ECU. May be I wil send A post elan central .
  6. Hi Any one had problem with Elan M100 running only 2 and 4 cylinder ? No fault lamp on ? replaced coil pack, spark plugs but not Help and all 4 Spark looks ok. Even I swap with old ECU but not solve the problem. I will run Elan scan tomorrow and see if Any faults Yasuo
  7. Oh Sparky The Picture showiing really bad flywheel, I wonder what Else wil be dammanged .... Yasuo
  8. Hi Tony I 'v been Maldives a week some years ago. nice weather, rather expensiv and far from Denmark. Her is the link : Yasuo
  9. This Year I have to join The company's Christmas party ( it will be last one befor retiré) But I will back next Christmas Yasuo
  10. My condolences Jacques and your family ... Y.Hotta
  11. Nice parts you got Jacques Where did you checked wheel alignment ?
  12. Thanks for the condolences. I just back from Japan 10+2 hours flight. It was busy week with paper work etc... But now time to work again with my 88 Esprit Yasuo
  13. My dad ( 92 years old) passed away yesterday, while I'm visiting My family in Japan. Yasuo
  14. Bibs DaveC72 Dave Excell Ann Excell Gert. V Alfa2Evora Mike Kimberley Sparky Trac J141 + 1 Danny (DDubya) Barb (Mrs DDubya) internets Mrs internets Atak Mrs Atak Yasuo
  15. So, Jacques Finally, out the old manifold, well done
  16. To all TLF members Merry Chirstmas ?and a Happy New Year? from Denmark
  17. esp88

    TLF Christmas Dinner

    Just back home without any delay. Great evening many thanks to Bibs, Laura and Cilff Yasuo
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