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  1. A week to go I order weekends ticket friday and sat . Hope see you ! Yasuo
  2. Sound great Bibs! looking forward December. I just finished my last office work
  3. Hi Glyn I have same Esprit as yours Esprit Turbo 88 and a few years ago, I swap with later type Gearbox (I can't remember it's UN 26), So Gear change cables has connected to rigt side without translater. At the time I don't have the new type gearchange cables incl. Gear change lever assmbly. So, just swap the old Rear Cover and re-used gearchage cable without any problem. But another issue I had there was no speed drive on gearbox, So I need to replaced mecanical speed to electric one. I think it's rather easy to re-bild a gearbox, I replaced sychro rings and bearings many years ago but parts are expencive. Good luck Yasuo
  4. Sound good ! I booked fight on Friday morning and back on Sunday afternoon. Booked Hotel just closed to Airport.
  5. Does anyone vist the NEC Classic Motoershow this year ? This is my first vist and I wonder anyone from TLF vist the show ? Yasuo
  6. Thanks all and so called old TLF haha but infact jus three weeks left and I' m retrie. It's over 10 years ago when I had birthday at the one of the first TLF event ! Now I just brugt S4s engine, so I'm going to work Esprit engine with doing/ learning this winter and I hope I may get a lot of support from this forum ( try more active on forum ) Also looking forward to meet at the TLF Christmas . Yasuo
  7. Sound not bad for few days work well done for both So, time to have a nice glass of Gin and what you got . Have a nice weekend with gin & XX Yasuo
  8. Now Booked the Hotel Premier Inn in Leybourne and flight to Gatwick Airport I'm looking forward to see you all Yasuo
  9. Ok Sparky I'm in and will check the flight to Gatwick sat 9th december
  10. Sound good but what date Bibs ? you wrote : Event timing : dec. 10th 2016 Yasuo
  11. Party every night , sound good Sparky Hope see you this week then
  12. Happy Birthday Tony 50th , Hope you had A Grete weekend ( Sorry for the delay )
  13. Happy Birthday Mike Yasuo
  14. Happy birthday Chirs Y.Hotta
  15. Thanks chipp i just sent PM to Simon
  16. Now I got new injectors from U.S So, started with replaced fuel filter and manage to take out all injectors, but new injectors looks like 5 mm shortere than org. when I installed the new, showing too short and I can see the O rings bad luck , so Contact seller. At the same time checked old injector and looks like totally dead. So, need to get new sets. Yasuo
  17. So, you managed to out the cluch master cylinder out. Well done .
  18. Thanks Michael I know 1 and 3 not firing but sparks both and plugs are not wet , my guess is no fuel . So, I I will check the fuel injectors and may replace when I get new one..
  19. Thanks Dave I just order injectors and Hope it wil Fix the problem. Yasuo
  20. Thanks Dave II ran Elan scan today and it showed Oxygen Sensor Lean ( fault code 44) on . Service note suggest check the grand coonection ( inlet) so, I checked but it seem to OK. After engin ran 5-10 min and check spack plug 1 and 2 showed 1 is totally clean as new so as you suggest next step will be replace injectors . Dave where I can buy the injectors e.g SJ selling over £365 for 4 ?
  21. It's very strange, first I thought was easy task. What I found out until now is coil pack is OK and all 4 sparking, hallsensor replaced but unchanged. when replaced spark plugs all 4 looks ok and dry. When I pull out no. 1 or no. 3 plugs leads nothing happen but when I pull out 2 or 4 engine stop. No ending fault lamp on. I will try with Elan scan and see what may wrong. It looks like I need to measure all sensors and fuel injectors. Yasuo
  22. No, Andy 1 &4 and 2&3 So, not same coil but el. Diagram showet 1&3 and 2&4 are same pair fuel injektors. So first I thought was ECU but When I swapped with spare ECU (non- cat type ) but it not help.
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