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  1. My dad ( 92 years old) passed away yesterday, while I'm visiting My family in Japan. Yasuo
  2. Bibs DaveC72 Dave Excell Ann Excell Gert. V Alfa2Evora Mike Kimberley Sparky Trac J141 + 1 Danny (DDubya) Barb (Mrs DDubya) internets Mrs internets Atak Mrs Atak Yasuo
  3. So, Jacques Finally, out the old manifold, well done
  4. To all TLF members Merry Chirstmas ?and a Happy New Year? from Denmark
  5. esp88

    TLF Christmas Dinner

    Just back home without any delay. Great evening many thanks to Bibs, Laura and Cilff Yasuo
  6. Nice pictures Tony Now I'm really looking forward to see the Book. Best regards to MJK
  7. The end of october picture with Jacques's SE. It was nice day but started cold ...
  8. Hi Søren Welcome to TLF and hope see you around CPH
  9. Hi Bibs Sounds good and looking forward to see magazine
  10. Check the Rear Radius Arm mountings evt. replace. Heater feed pipes
  11. Sorry about lower link, Sparky is right, to remove bolts need to removed the lower links, Remove the cluch bolts, I had no problem without lock the flywheel last time I did. Yasuo
  12. Hi corban it depends on how much you can backward the gearbox and if you not detach the drive shaft , then alternative is removed the drive shaft nuts and push back the driveshaft. i think you don't need to remove lower link. it's easy to remove old couch but it's hard to mount the new clutch with very short free space. Good luck Yasuo
  13. esp88

    TLF Christmas Dinner

    1. Bibs - Duck, Turkey, Xmas PudLauraMike KimberleyKimbers - Mackerel, Turkey, Eton Messinternets - Pate, Turkey, Xmas pudBuddsy - Mackerel - Lamb - Xmas pudHot T Probably not able to come as Buddsy Jnr requires her boobies ;-)KallibingokingAl. - Pate, Turkey, Plum tart.AndrewCadferobione - Duck, Beef, Plumb tart.Dave ExcellAnn - Prawn, Turkey, IcesizonaTom JohnAlex JohnCliff - gghc87 - pate, lamb, Eton messYasuo - Duck,Beef, IceChrisJ - Mackerel, Turkey, Xmas PudMalcolmGeraldinePaul (esprits2) pate, Turkey, messDaveKarenMartyn - Pate, Turkey, Choc Fudge
  14. esp88

    TLF Christmas Dinner

    Yah, it's just around 40% alcohol and almost same bottle as you know I'm lille bit colorblind otherwise I like whisky Anyway I'm looking forward to see you all TLF members !
  15. esp88

    TLF Christmas Dinner

    1: Bibs 2. Laura 3. Mike Kimberley 4. Kimbers 5. internets 6. Buddsy 7. Hot T 8. Kalli 9. bingoking 10. Al. 11. AndrewC 12. adfer 13. obione 14. & 15. Dave and Ann Excell 16. Trevsked 17. 18. sizona 19. Tom John 20. Alex John 21. Cliff - gghc87 22. Yasuo It was my mistaken, I brugt worng bottle at the airport, so it was gin ( I thought it was whisky )
  16. So, my ECU work ok then you have to re-check The there Two wires between ECU and MAT. Good Luck
  17. Hi Jacques I think your problem is the ECU., As I saw last time I think grand connection is OK, otherwaise it will show another problem becuase MAT and baro sensors shared the ground. The MAT sensor resistances work when low temp. resistance is high and temp. raise resistance wil down to e.g. 3,4K Ohms for 20 deg. and in your case it showed 148 deg. it look like MAT sensor has no resistance. or terminated to grand. So, check again the ECU connector J3C4 (Green connector terminal 4 and 10 goes to MAT) Alternative connect the dumy resistance e.g 3k Ohm insted for MAT. and test run. Finally you may disconnect the battiry to power off the ECU wait 5 min and reconnect. Good luck Yasuo
  18. Sorry to here Mike you had such bad luck. But good luck with Z4. Yasuo
  19. Good news Martin Hope see you soon (on Road)
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