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  1. It was fantastic weekend with so many Esprit together ! Many thanks to Sparky and Chris to vist CPH with a lot of tecnical expertises. also thanks to Kim who organized. Also nice to meeting Vanya,Corban from TLF members from Sweden. What a great weekend P.S Also Thanks to TLF ( without TLF could not happen this event) Yasuo
  2. Just contacted Kim and here is the Hotel info: Date: 3-5 juli 2015 At The moment hotel has sale ( end tomorrow 10 AM DK time) ca. £40 ( need to join Comwell club. But it's free). Yasuo
  3. Happy birthday Bibs! :)
  4. Thank you Bibs organising this. it was fantastic day Yasuo
  5. 1. Bibs - Salmon, Chicken, Cheese. 2. Yasuo - Wealdway Ash Goats Cheese Salad, Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto, Baked Apple & Almond Tartlet
  6. Well come to Copenhargen Looking forward to see you all Yasuo
  7. Hi Make Sorry to here your problem. It Can be elctronic isse like otter said, but you May check The fuel line/ fuel pump too.. As you mention running 20 minuts ok, so it sound like fuel feeding not enough ? Yasuo
  8. Hi I just tired to book the hotel via tthe link but it looks the Deal is end ? Yasuo
  9. Good news MJK Looking forward to see/read this
  10. I think You need 2 new gear cables and you need to replace the end of the gear box (I don't know what it call ) easy task if you can get the parts Yasuo
  11. Happy New Year to all from Denmark Yasuo
  12. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years TLF We have a White Christmas this morning! Yasuo
  13. Hi Mike It's always nice to talk to you Mike and I hope vist us in Copenhagen near future Merry Christmas to all
  14. Thanks to Bibs and Laura for organising a great evening. Lovely see you all Also many thanks for the lift Andrew and Cliff. Safely back home 01:45AM (flight was delayed) Yasuo
  15. Hi all I just want to thank's to Andrew for the lift from the Gatwick Airport Looking forward to see you all Yasuo
  16. Thanks Martin, Tony and Alan Lucky me got 3 Offering the transport from the Gatwick Airport to the Hotel. Arrival time is 14:05 Terminal S (Norwegian flight no. DY2513). If , no delay I will be outside the airport betweem 14:30 – 15:00 ( I hope) I booked hotel Premier Inn (Leybourne) same as last year. Now it's hard to choose who I should contact, but who will pass by Gatwick around 3 PM ? Yasuo
  17. Hi Martin Thank you I will be around 3PM ( Arrival time is 14:05 Norwegian flight no. DY2513 Terminal S) I will send you PM with more detail, if it's OK. Thanks for your help ! Yauso
  18. Need Help ! Does Anyone pass by Gatwick AirPort ? I need transport from Gatwick to the Hotel ! Y.Hotta
  19. 1. Bibs - One of each 2. Laura - tbc 3. Kimbers - Prawn Cocktail, Turkey, Ice Cream 4. - Prawn, Turkey & Ice Cream 5. obione - Duck, Beef, & Apple Tart 6. ChrisJ - Soup, Turkey, No dessert 7. Moxie - Something gluten-free, TBD 8. Judith (fiancée de Moxie) - Something gluten-free, TBD 9. Buddsy something nice 10. Hot T something saucy 11. Paul B. - pate, lamb, mousse. 12. Mike 6 - Prawn cocktail, Roast Turkey, Xmas pud 13. Alan (Mysterae) - Duck, Steak & Kidney, Ice Cream 14. Karen ^^ - Duck, Turkey, Apple Tart 15. Cliffy - Camembert, Salmon, Choc Mousse 16. Martyn - Pate, Turkey, Chocolate Mousse 17. Yasuo - Prawn cocktail,Salmon, & Ice Cream Hotel Leybourne and flight to Gatwick (arrv. 14:05) booked Looking forward see you all
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