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  1. It looks like a lot of member are comming to this evnt. I*m in , without lotus. Which Airport is the best practis Heathrow or Gatwick (becuase the Easter holiday) ? Yasuo
  2. Check The You Can see CF roof
  3. Hi Jacques I used they has sale ( discount ) time to time. Castrol Syntrans Transaxle 75W-90 (Formerly TAF-X 75w-90) synthetic Transmission Fluid £10.79 inc VAT plus shipping to DK. I'm going to order some gear oil soon, so if you are interested we can buy some liters to share shipping cost ? Send me a PM Yasuo
  4. My condolences, sorry for your lost Giorgio
  5. Hi Jacques You are Living Denmark ? If so, it's twice as much cost the TAf-X gearoil, in DK. and I normally buy from U.K e.g Opie Yasuo
  6. esp88

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all TLF
  7. Merry Christmas and Happy NewYear to Sweden and All TLF members. Yasuo
  8. Good news and nice name "Amelia " Yasuo
  9. Good news and congratulation Tony (granddad..) and all your family Yasuo
  10. I forgot say many thanks to Tony , who picked up at the Standsted Airport P.S. Any news from your daugter ? Yasuo
  11. Back home 5 hours delay at the airport and home 2:30AM, but it was nice party with good foods, drinks and nice members. Once again Thanks Bibs/Laura ,Excellent evening . Yasuo
  12. Now I packed and I'm ready for tomorrow party time Yasuo
  13. Thank you so much Tony I'm looking forward to see you all
  14. Hi all I just booked hotel Leybourne too 1. Bibs - Camembert, Turkey, Xmas Pudding 2. Laura - Camembert, Turkey, Xmas Pudding 3. gt111 - Pate, Turkey, Eton Mess 4. Kimbers - Pate, Fillet Steak (Rare if poss), Eton Mess 5. Mike6 - Prawn cocktail, Turkey, Xmas Pud 6. obione - Camembert, Turkey, Plumb Crumble 7. Gghc87 - Camembert, Turkey, Eton Mess 8. Al. - Pate, Turkey, Eton Mess 9. Kim - Prawn cocktail, Fillet Steak (Well Done), Eton Mess 10. Patty: Smoked Duck, Sea Bass, Plum Crumble 11. Bob: Smoked Duck, Steak, Xmas Pudding 12.Yasuo:Camembert, Turkey, Xmas Pudding And I hope Tony may help transport from airport ? Yasuo
  15. Hi Bibs The ticktes just arrived Many thanks for quick shipping. Yasuo
  16. I'm looking forward to see you all! p.s it will be 4 from Danmark (we all booked hotel )
  17. I ordre 4 trickets today Thanks. TLF it' s good Price ! Yauso
  18. Hi Dave Now i' m watacing the bradcasting Nice Yasuo
  19. Hi Dave I just missed this section, but I may watch via Net (I hope ), so, what time you will broadcasting ? Alternativ I can connect via ipad (facetime) ? Yasuo
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