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  1. Hi Bibs Thanks I just booked the hotel 2 nights waiting for comfirmation mail.
  2. Hi Bibs I tried the http://www.thistle.c...atch/index.html weekend but no room are available. Am I too late ? Y.Hotta
  3. Hi Dave It's really nice wheels Yasuo P.S If you bored, Are you fixed A/C ? it's really hard work to replaced all A/C hoses.....
  4. A Happy New Year TLF
  5. esp88

    TLF Christmas party

    Have a nice Christmas party
  6. Thanks Jimmy And congratulation the black Evora ! it looks very nice
  7. Congratulations Jimmy Really Nice photos
  8. Thanks folks Well, I'm not so active this year, because of many things e.g new job, my mom passed a way etc..... and rather busy my work at the moment. I'm have a birthday party this weekend (sat.) So, Kim if you have a time just drop by. I hope I will be back next year and see you at the TLF events. Yasuo
  9. Happy Birthday Mr.Kimbers :cheers:
  10. Good luck Tony and I hope it all goes well Yasuo
  11. Happy Birthday both Alex and Paul
  12. Have a nice Easter everyone Today is very nice easter weather here but bit could. Yasuo I can't upload pictuer directy ... it looks like only upload a picture via http links ...
  13. Happy Birthday Laura :cheers: Have a nice nice xxth Birthday Yasuo
  14. So sorry to hear Tony, but I really hope that everything goes well Take care and keep it strong Best regards Yasuo
  15. Nice Ramps Dave ! So, now you can lift the car up around 1 meter Have a nice day Yasuo
  16. Hi Gordon I have DHLA 45 from 88 Esprit Turbo but it's too havey to ship ? It's removed from my Esprit some years ago, when I upgrade to the fuel injection. Yasuo
  17. Hi Dave & Megan Thanks for the last time. So, now you got new tools 4 post lift sound really nice . And I'm looking forward to see the pictures Have a nice weekend ! Yasuo
  18. Happy Birthday :cheers:
  19. Hi all Safely back home and it was lovely weekend ! It was great weekend with great pepole and nice meals Secial thanks to Dave & Megan ( esp. late night hot SPA was fantasic ) Best regards Yasuo
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