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  1. Thanks My first problem is center nuts, how to block the crankshaft ? So, I can remove it without crankshaft not turn around ? Any trick to blocked the crankshaft Yasuo
  2. So, I spent a few days to engine out and my plan is replace the exhaust manifold, turbo and all the belts incl. timing belt. Now I have a lille question , how to remove the crankshaft pully. Any trick ? Yasuo
  3. Nice to her all safely back and sleep well Yasuo
  4. Why just use a plastic Card ? Any way , looking forward to see you at the CPH airport Yasuo
  5. Sorry for the delay but Happy birthday Bibs Maybe see you in CPH sat.
  6. Or give him iPAD . It's easy to use and FaceTime work fine to contact family which I do every week. Yasuo
  7. Thanks to Bibs and Laura great event. It was nice to see so many Louts cars even the such bad weather. Yasuo
  8. Thanks Paul very thoughtful I booked hotel, flight to Hearthow . Now I'm looking forward to see you all Sat Afternoon/evening at the Hotel. Regards Yasuo
  9. Hi Bibs Please add me dinner ! menu choices: 1.Honey & soy cured salmon, oriental ravigote dressing & mango salsa 2.Wild mushroom glazed fillet of Surrey Farm beef, cep gnocchi, buttered spinach & watercress (£6.50 supplement) 3.Vanilla parfait, raspberry jelly, poached peaches & toasted almonds (GF) (N) Yasuo
  10. Very sorry to hear this Tony Get well soon MJK
  11. It looks like a lot of member are comming to this evnt. I*m in , without lotus. Which Airport is the best practis Heathrow or Gatwick (becuase the Easter holiday) ? Yasuo
  12. Check The You Can see CF roof
  13. Hi Jacques I used they has sale ( discount ) time to time. Castrol Syntrans Transaxle 75W-90 (Formerly TAF-X 75w-90) synthetic Transmission Fluid £10.79 inc VAT plus shipping to DK. I'm going to order some gear oil soon, so if you are interested we can buy some liters to share shipping cost ? Send me a PM Yasuo
  14. My condolences, sorry for your lost Giorgio
  15. Hi Jacques You are Living Denmark ? If so, it's twice as much cost the TAf-X gearoil, in DK. and I normally buy from U.K e.g Opie Yasuo
  16. esp88

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all TLF
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