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  1. Hi  Glyn 

    I have same  Esprit as yours  Esprit Turbo 88 and a  few years ago, I  swap with  later type Gearbox  (I can't remember it's UN 26), So  Gear change  cables has connected to rigt side without translater.  At the  time  I don't have  the  new type  gearchange cables  incl. Gear change lever assmbly.

    So, just swap  the old  Rear Cover  and re-used gearchage cable  without any problem. But another issue  I had  there was no speed drive on  gearbox, So I need to replaced  mecanical  speed  to  electric one. 

    I think  it's  rather  easy to re-bild a gearbox,  I replaced sychro rings and bearings  many years ago  but parts are expencive.


    Good  luck  




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  2. Thanks all  and so called old TLF  haha 

    but infact  jus three weeks left and I' m retrie.

    It's over 10 years ago when I had birthday at the one of the first TLF event ! 

    Now I just brugt S4s engine, so I'm going to  work  Esprit engine  with doing/ learning  this winter and I hope I may get a lot of support from this forum ( try more active on forum )

    Also looking forward to meet at the TLF Christmas .








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