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  1. Now I got  new injectors from U.S 

    So, started with replaced fuel filter and  manage to  take out all injectors, but  new injectors looks like 5 mm  shortere than org.

    when  I installed the new,  showing  too short and I can see  the O rings  bad luck , so Contact seller.

    At the same time checked  old injector and  looks like totally  dead.

    So, need to get  new  sets.







  2. Thanks Dave 

    II ran Elan scan today and  it showed Oxygen Sensor Lean ( fault code 44)  on . Service note suggest check the grand coonection ( inlet) so, I checked but it seem to OK.

    After engin ran  5-10 min and check spack plug  1 and 2  showed 1 is totally clean as new so as you suggest 

    next step will be replace injectors .

    Dave where I can buy the injectors e.g SJ  selling  over £365 for 4 ?



  3. It's very strange, first I thought was easy task.

    What I found out until now is coil pack is OK and all 4 sparking, hallsensor replaced but unchanged.

    when replaced spark plugs all 4 looks ok and dry.  When I pull out no. 1 or no. 3 plugs leads nothing happen  but 

    when I pull out 2 or 4 engine stop. No ending fault lamp on.

    I will try with Elan scan and see what may wrong. 

    It looks like  I need to measure all sensors and fuel injectors.



  4. Yes I did but I couldn't find any post regarding with only 2 cylinder running.

    it happen While drivning amount 15 km lost power and back home drivning with 3thd gear.

    today I  replaced Hall sensor too but not Help.

    my car is SE turbo from 1992 with S2 ECU. 

    May be I wil send A post elan central .

  5. Hi Any one  had problem with Elan M100 running only 2 and 4 cylinder ?

    No fault lamp on ?

     replaced coil  pack, spark plugs but not Help and all 4  Spark looks ok.

    Even I swap with old ECU but not solve the  problem. 

    I will run Elan scan tomorrow and see if Any faults 












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