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  1. Well, still nothing as to why I have a bad hesitation and a late boost engagement. When I let the car go a little ( city highways), I can get to the higher speeds very quickly. The top end it appears to be fine once I get to 4500rpm
  2. Well, not sure if the problem is with my turbo
  3. Do you know what ended up being the problem? It does appear to be a little hesitant when I punch it and then the turbos come on strong. Could be the same thing. I will have to go over it this weekend but if you can give some direction I would appreciate it. Scott
  4. When picked up my 98 Esprit in New Jersey, I drove the 1300miles from NJ to my home in Minnesota and was getting around 23mpg. I was on gas every once and a while but not to bad. I definitely wasn
  5. When the turbo kicks in it's very strong but just late. I don't have a pressure meter to know that the boost pressure is when it does kick in. Scott
  6. Late turbo engagement. I was driving my 98Esprit around town yesterday and noticed that when I got on it a little, the turbos didn
  7. My 98 Esprit started to make noise while starting but it was more of a squeal than rattle. I ended up taking the starter out and found that the main output bearing of the starter was ceased with clutch dust. I soaked the bearing with LPS and loosened it up. It's been fine ever since. How many miles are on yours?? Scott
  8. Thanks for the reply, do you have a Website or number to order from? Your talking about the Castrol, correct? Some other lotus owners have suggested using RedLine gear lube. Would I be wise using that brand? Scott
  9. Does anyone know where I can find an approved transaxle lube for my 98 Esprit? I am replacing my rear seals and may as well replace the oil. Mobil is no longer available and I can't find any Castrol TAF-X. Any help would be great!! Scott
  10. I would be interested in those seals. My 98 Esprit is leaking on the driver
  11. When I purchased my 98 Esprit in 07, the previous owner didn't have the remote (keyfob). Where do I get a new one and have it programmed. What exactly does the keyfob control?? Scott
  12. Yes your correct, the E-break, Emergency Break is the same as the Hand break. The lever on the left side by the door (USA) that applies breaking to the rear wheels when the car is parked. My fault being from Minnesota, we have always called it that. I will check it when I get home this evening and see if I can repeat the same event. Scott
  13. The only reason that I mentioned it is that when the Emergency break was applied hard there was no sign of even a solenoid clicking. Absolutely noting happened and the moment I released the E-break it started right up. I had just removed the starter a few months ago, cleaned it and re-greased it. I will try it again tonight and see if I can replicate the same event. Scott
  14. How about this one! A friend and I went to lunch today and after we were done we got back into my 98 Esprit to leave and it wouldn
  15. Well I went out for a drive last night. I wasn't going to just let it heat up without having a little bit fun. Anyway, the defroster works, I get heat from there but the vents are cold. It also always blows a little from the vents even when I have the defroster selected. It's the new dash. So where is this selector motor? Will I need to remove the dash to get at it? Scott
  16. It's getting a little cooler around here and I don't know if this has been a problem from the time I purchased my Esprit back in July, because I never tried the heat during the summer, but I don't seam to have any heat. The blower motor works fine and so does the Air but no heat. The engine heats up and it's running great. No code to tell me of an error, but I do hear a noise under the passenger side dash that sounds like someone lightly breathing. I never noticed this noise before and am not sure if this is related or if it has always been there. Any quick things I should look at? Scott
  17. First I want to thank everyone for there suggestions in helping me determine what the problem with my wonderful car was. Yes I said WAS. I found out what was going on and I am sure that you can imagine the thrill of feeling the boost again. After going over a few things and setting the plan to remove the parts needed and I just happened to look at the throttle linkage and noticed that the linkage didn
  18. The basic operation of the control valve is to decrease the pressure in the line by opening the wastgate, correct? There are three nipples on the turbo control valve, one to the two turbo actuators, one to the throttle body outlet (pressure) and the third has (had) some foam around it. Is the last one a bleed off line for the turbo actuator nipple line? The valve decides if the turbos either see the pressure from the throttle body or atmospheric pressure. If this is the case then it becomes much more clear what is going on and why I don
  19. One other thing, when I first start the car after sitting for a while, the idle is not very good and high. When it heats up it
  20. Well, I checked the pressure at the throttle body where the boost line is attached and nothing. I get no pressure, maybe a little vacuum at higher RPM
  21. Is the pressure sensor supposed to be connected to the red wastegate line? Will check the line again and didn
  22. I have not tried to activate the Wastgate without the engine running, will tonight but when the car I just idling I can move the wastgate by simply applying pressure into the line. I do this by removing the hose from the throttle body and applying the pressure to the open red tube. The valve in the front right of the engine compartment is open. Also I have nothing other than that valve between the throttle body and the wastgate actuators. Scott
  23. One other thing. I was looking at all my posts on this subject and noticed that I didn't mention that I had made my own intake/plenum gaskets. They were made with some gasket material I got from the local auto parts store. When I made them, I put some gasket sealant on around the opening to each cylinder before I installed them and also let it setup before I put it on. Is there something special about the gasket that I don
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