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  1. Well, I still don't have Turbo's or what seams to be that. Over the weekend I completed that second intake plenum removal and inspection and nothing stood out. There were some wires that the tape looked a little old but there was still a connection. I retaped them and remounted the plenum and tested it Saturday. It sounds like the tubos maybe spinning up but no power boost. I had a thought last night, could the security system be causing the problem? I disconnected the battery about half way through the process of removing the plenum. Could the fact of disconnecting the power set off the secur
  2. Do you know where I can get the PDF version??
  3. Last night I supplied pressure to the wastgate, before the T and they moved with little effort. I would like to supply power to the solenoid before the T and see if I can get them to work in the same manner. What type of power do I need to actuate it? If a connection came disconnected under the plenum, say to the exhaust gas thing, middle back black thing or the one that the EGR pipe is connected to. Would that cause the no boost problem? I still couldn
  4. Here is a picture of the front right side of the motor. Is the hose you speak of in here? There is a black line coming out from under the plenum that goes into a filter like connection that then goes into a somewhat clear line that exits out the left side of the engine compartment. Is that the one your talking about? if so, that is connected. I will probably take the plenum out again tonight and see if there isn't a line or electrical connection that I didn't make or got damaged during the reassembly I love this site, so may people willing to help you out when you need it. Thank you all in
  5. I almost forgot it, that is if your talking about, in my case the blue hose on the left side/front as in the picture. I am pretty sure that I felt a click when putting all the electrical connections under the plenum (three of them) but I may have not gotten the one that is connected to the exhaust gas pipe valve I think. I will probably have to dig back into under the plenum but was trying to avoid that again. I will try to get the wastegate actuators to move but I don't really think that is the problem since they worked before I removed the starter. Scott
  6. The turbo-inlet-knees and the throttle body, are connected by a short 2in dia and about 4in long hose, correct? Here is a picture of the bottom of my intake plenum, is it the hose, not pictured but that connects the bottom two nipples, on either side of the exhaust pipe thing? Scott
  7. I successfully repaired the starter on my 98 V8 Esprit. There was some clutch dust in the main output bearing that caused it to lock up. I sprayed some LPS in the bearing and worked it out. I operates almost like new and turns the car over faster than ever, and the best part, the squeal is gone. I do however have another problem. Since doing the starter repair, my turbos no longer work. Other than that, the engine seams to run good. When I changed out the starter I disconnected the battery for a couple of days as I had time to finish the job. What could be the problem? I checked all the con
  8. This help a lot!! Do you have an overview of the motor and the locations of parts that need to be removed? Also, what is the procedure to remove the pressure in the fuel line? I will take pictures while I take it apart according to the manual Scott
  9. Can anyone help me find the torque settings for the intake plenum and any other bolts that I will need to remove in order to get the starter out? Is there a description somewhere on how to remove the starter on a 1998 Esprit? I know that it
  10. I am getting ready to take the starter out and noticed that there appears to be a bolt that needs to be accessed from the transmission side. Is it required to take the transmission out to get at this bolt? Any advice on getting the starter out, pictures ect. If not when I remove it I will take pictures of the process. Scott
  11. Funny thing, I purchased my Esprit from New Jersey and drove it home to Minnesota. Small world!! Not to many Esprits here in Minnesota, I think there maybe only one or two that I know of. The 1,300 mile drive to bring it home was a little rough but worth it. Scott
  12. I assume that I will need to get a gasket set to do the job or can I use the old gaskets if I am careful? Is there a manual that I can purchase for the Esprit that help describes the different components in the motor, body, ect? Scott
  13. Sometime, when I start my 98 Esprit, the starter or other makes a squealing noise almost like someone putting there fingernails on a chalk board. It does this every once and a while. It's almost like the starter is not disengaging. I was under the car last weekend changing the oil and couldn't find the starter and have not been able to find a web site that shows it
  14. Did you purchase this Esprit from Kenosha WI? It looks like the picture of the one on e-bay motors. If so I was also looking at this one. Anyway, I just purchased a 98 Esprit as well and it turns over a little slow, but thought it was just normal for the Esprits. Scott
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