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  1. Anyone have a place that rebuilds the V8 esprit fuel pump, or knows where to find a new or rebuilt one? The shop tested the pressure and found the pressure was between 25 and 30psi.

    Also, how difficult is it to replace?


  2. I will remove the Right bank tensioner tonight and see if there is any grease or damage. The Left bank clamping works fine and locks in place very well, but the belt tension still moves around a little bit on both belts. I don’t believe that in either case that the tensioner is moving, and causing my changing tension. I will also try to measure the Frequency every 90 degrees on the wheel to get a better understanding on how the tension changes throughout the revolution.

    Thanks again Mike!!


  3. I have a digital Torque wrench that vibrates when the set torque is reached. I don't have a problem with getting the bolt to 20N-m but at that torque I can still move the tensioner special wrench. Should I remove the tensioner and check for interferences or other problems? I could put in the locking tools on the crank and the cam so the belt doesn't move.

    What are the positions the crank should be in when setting the cam belts? I have been using 80deg and 120deg ATDC, these are the values that are on my tools.


  4. Another question

    Something that was mentioned as the reason I was using the starter earlier. I again have been finding that the belt tension goes up significantly when I rotate the motor over two revolutions, or even 4. I believe the reason is that the valves don't have to much oil left in them, the car has been sitting for a year. I think i got the tension set correctly, but every time i move the crank it goes up to 150 to 170Hz or so. I believe that because there is minimal oil left up in the head and its a little sticky. When I grab the belt between the two cam pulleys and pull, I can get the tension to come back down. I think I need to get Oil in the valves to get a good reading on the belt tension. Can I run the car for a few minutes with these settings to get oil up in the cams to help? Or, do I need to replace the belts? Also, the left bank tensioner doesn't seem to want to set when I torque the bolt to 20-m. Do I need a new tensioner?


  5. I feel so stupid!!!

    When i got out of the car, i didn't notice that i had bumped the shifer leaver and put the car in gear. Took it out of gear and everything is working. Sorry for the panic, but i just didn't want to screw anyting up.

    Mike, thanks for your help!!

    I have to start the tension over again but al least nothing is wrong, just a brain fart.

    Thanks again


  6. Part of my problem is that I doesn't seem to want to move at all and I don't want to damage the valves if they are hitting the pistons. Like I said before, I checked the timing with the pins several times during this process and it has always been fine. I just figured that running the starter wouldn't be any different than if i was to start the motor and I was happy with the setting I had at that point. I was almost ready to just put the car back together but being the way I am, I wanted to do one more check and that's when this happened. Anyway, I will remove the plugs this evening and see if that is the problem.

    Is there any possibility that the cam got out of time from running the starter?

    Thanks Mike for your quick response.


  7. I finally got to the cam belt tension on my 98 esprit, I hate to say it but it took me a year to just get the time to start working on setting the tension. Anyway, every time I set the tension, rotate the engine two revolutions and went up to check, the tension went up or changed enough to require a new setting. I figured the belt had some type of set in it. So to get the belt worked in little, i ran the starter a few seconds. Only did this when the tension was set to the range given by the manual. Everything was going very well and I was getting much more consistent reading. Mind you, I only ran the starter a total of three separate times. Most of the checks were done with the recommended method, checking the timing with the pins at sever point during this whole process. Well, on the third time running the starter everything seemed to be fine, but when I went under the car to set the position for testing the tension, the crank turned over maybe 1/4 a rev, or so before it was to hard to move. I didn't want to force it to much so I stopped.

    I checked all the belts and nothing appears to be in the way and they are both if anything tight and still looks to be in good condition. One reads 180Hz but that is not set where it needs to be for testing. That is just as far as i dare try to turn it to.

    My question is, could the belts have jumped a tooth? Shouldn't it have been fine to run the starter to get a more stable belt tension? I only ran the starter for maybe 5 seconds or less each time. I didn't hear anything, and the engine turned over fine. I just don't know what to do. One possible thought is that the motor is vapor locked. Could that be the case?

    Help me


  8. I actually like to work on my 98 Esprit and my belts are due to be checked. They were replaced in 2007 at the 24K service mark. I am now at 35K and would like to check them myself. What types of things do I need to look for?

    Does anyone know where to get the program and mic for testing the tension?

    What is the typical cost for replacing the belt, including labor if I just have it done? Do you need to remove the motor to change the belts?


  9. My belts were replaced within the last two years at around 25,000miles, previous owner. I purchased my 98 esprit a year ago and am currently at 34,000. The drive back from New Jersey and having fun with the car have added up. Anyway, I will need to get the tension checked soon and was wondering if I will have to pay as the car is 10 years old. If so, does anyone know about what it costs?


  10. I don't know that I can say that it was fun going through all that wiring but you do learn a lot while being forced into finding a fault. I really hate to be without my Esprit and that's what is frustrating. I it is fun once you find that problem and you hear her come to life once again!!


  11. Thanks for all the suggestions, but Saturday night I found the problem! :respect: It ended up being a security system problem. One of the other owners had spliced a wire and that wire had come undone, so it wasn't even the engine that was the problem.

    Thanks all again!!


  12. I do have a way to measure the codes. The only ones that appear are P0447, P0420, and P0430. The last two are for a O2 sensor efficiency of the catalyst, one for the left, the other for the right bank.

    As for the Cam sensor, it appears to be an open circuit when I check the leads. You would need to have some kind of connection inside to develop a signal, a way to return to ground or something, correct?

  13. Well I pulled the Cam sensor out last night and it appears to be BAD. I measure it the same way as the Crank sensor, but this sensor had three leads. I got an open circuit on all but one of the two leads combinations and on this one it sometimes measured 25meg ohms and at other times nothing. When I passed a magnet across the front, I got nothing for an AC signal. If this sensor is supposed to read that same as the other one then it's probably bad or at least intermittent.

    What do you think??


  14. I would need to have a V8 ECU correct. There are not many around here, at least that are in the local club. On a side note, when I had the Starter out last year, I had notice that there were some splicing of wires under the plenum. If one of those wires were the main power to the coils, it could have failed.

    How likely is it for the ECU to fail and not take anything else? The starter turns over, the lights come on, radio, ect all seams to work. When I first attempted to restart, after a few minutes of trying checking then trying again, I thought it fired once, but only like one time on one cylinder it think.

    Is there a way to see if the ECU is sending a signal to the coils directly?


  15. Well I don't think that the crank sensor is the problem. I pulled it out yesterday and measured the resistance at 640ohms and when I moved a magnet in front of it I was able to get a small AC voltage, mV but a voltage. I guess the next thing to look at are the coils packs unless someone else can give me another suggestion?


  16. I have had another problem.

    I was out on a nice drive close to home Sunday night when my 98Esprit just quite and wouldn't start back up again. All the interior lights, starter and fuel pumps still work but I get nothing. Lucky that I was only a couple of miles from home when it died! Once I got it home I started to investigate what had happened and found that I don't seam to have any spark! I pulled out the back left plug wire and grounded. When I turned the starter over, there was nothing. I have checked the fuses, relays and they all appear to be OK. I was under the car and the pickup on the crank has some oil on it. Could the pickup be bad? How do I check the Coils?

    Help me please!! I already miss the car.


  17. I have a great supplier of custom mufflers and exhaust systems very close to me. I used them for a Austin Healy Kit car I have and they were very reasonable. If I have to have them put some new Cat's in, what flow should I be telling him? I happen to have a fiber optic tool that I will try to look inside the O2 sensor tonight and see if there is anything of interest.


  18. Well I finally got my software and I got three codes out of it. P0447, P0420, and P0430. The last two are for a O2 sensor efficiency of the catalyst, one for the left, the other for the right bank. I suggests that the efficiency of the catalyst is bad. Is there any other way to check if the Cat's are bad? Could it be the sensors? The top end of the care doesn't appear to be lagging, so how could it be there is a restriction. What else should I be checking?

    If I need new Cat's, where is the best place?


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