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  1. SCCFC20A0JHF62006 1988 Esprit Turbo (white) Janbur (Brian Janes) Noblesville, IN, USA
  2. Hi guys! I'm in Noblesville, IN, just outside of Indy. Janbur
  3. I just wanted to let everyone who kindly corresponded with me about buying my dream car that I DID IT!!! She has been home just 1 week and is sleeping peacefully in my garage. She is a 1988 Esprit Turbo, 32k miles, and nearly flawless in just about all aspects. I've never seen a car as clean as this one that isn't still in the showroom. I'm so proud! Just wanted to let everyone know. Janbur
  4. Thanks a lot guys. I've been researching the Elise as well, and that thing seems incredibly cheap all around for a car of its caliber. I'm a little stuck right now, but I know for sure that my next car purchase will be a Lotus. If I find the right Esprit with proper maintenance records (thanks for the tip) then perhaps that'll be it, if not, the Elise is awfully tempting, and seems to be a good move as well. Have a great day everyone, and thanks again for your input. Brian
  5. Hi everyone, I have located a couple of Esprits to choose from here in the States (I'm in Indiana) that are within my price range. I have wanted an Esprit for as long as I can remember. I have always had a deep love for them and drool when I see one on the road (which is rare around here). That being said, I'm seeing lots of information on the Internet basically warning me about the extremely high cost of owning one. I haven't found whether this applies to the V-8s only or to all Esprits, or if this is a bit of hogwash. I want an SE. I have read reports of $250 break pads (per axle) and other high prices on what should be fairly inexpensive parts. I also have heard that the labor has to be performed by a Lotus dealer and will run into high figures as well. So, I guess I'm looking for advice from Lotus owners. You guys will know best on this one. Are there enough aftermarket vendors for parts such as brakes, radiators, hoses, suspension, etc., or will I be funding a money pit? Can a good non-Lotus mechanic work on this car? I really don't want to spoil my dream car experience, so if all of this is true, perhaps I'd be better off waiting a few years when I have a little more income coming in (and the kids are older). Thanks in advance, and sorry for the lengthy post. Brian Janes Noblesville, Indiana, USA Imaginary 1991 Esprit SE (White)
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