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  1. I agree with your comments. Looks like Whatcar are a long way off too. See attached Where is that one advertised?
  2. 30k will take me some more saving, I've seen a few about for that price.
  3. I am looking at the Evora for my next car. How realistic are parkers valuations? Am I dreaming if I think I can source a 2009 Evora with 70000 miles for under 20k? Or are they about for that money? Valuations attached
  4. Could be interested in this but not at this price. Can anyone take a guess on its value? Cheers
  5. The chassis number is 7609/0166g. & you were right chaps it didn't take long to sell. I had 2 offers of the same amount, two very decent blokes, I sold to the one that offered 1st. Would be very nice to see this thread to be continued....................... Sorry sold pending payment.
  6. The car is in Plymouth, Devon. I will be sad to see it go as a lot of time & money has been spent. I've just lost momentum with this, too many projects on the go, not enough money to finish to the standard that it should be done. Not sure of the value as things stand, but I have spent a small fortune on it. I don't want to break it as it will be another one lost forever What do unfinished projects go for ££ anyone estimate??
  7. Now up for sale. Open to offers!!! No progress since last update sadly time to pass on for someone to finish & enjoy.
  8. That's cool I can drop them over next weekend. My progress has halted for the time being, I've been preparing my new impreza for mot.
  9. Nice one Dave, looking forward to seeing it in the flesh.
  10. Hi Dave, long time no speak. I don't think you got around to seeing it before did you? There is still a mounatin to climb, I did feel it was out of my depth when I started taking it apart but with time and persistance I'm getting there. I've dropped you a pm.
  11. Some more pictures, I have just collected the chassis from storage soon to be reunited with its body (hopefully)..
  12. Thanks Chris T, the brush technique with crystalic gelcoat works for me. A friend who builds yachts gave me some tuition in the layup but you are correct lots of hard work, and the only stimulant used has been coffee & monster energy drinks lol. The dust is 3M 09560 Noir, without it would be very difficult to flat back evenly. Rich, have you got your flame suit on? It would have been white but I have been guided by some decent advise on here. I believe that only 22 orange gelcoated cars were ever made, which makes it even more exclusive Mr Bond. Give me a shout when you are with your S1 in Plymouth, having never seen another S1 in the flesh so I'd love to have a gander around yours.
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