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    Chris Jackett
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    Lotus Esprit S4 and brand new Exige V6
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    Double S Twin Exhaust, 100 cell sports cat, Alunox SS manifold, AP front brake conversion, 310bhp ECU program
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    Reading, Berkshire

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  1. Hi I am using Free scan, and it is reporting the following error. Before I start trying to work out what the root cause it, I need to know if it is indeed a 26 B error, and if so if that list correct, or should I be looking at 26 A Components for the cause of the error? So basically which one of these 2 lists should I be looking at, as apparently Freescan misreports A/B:- 26A: Radiator Fan Relay Wastegate solenoid Canister Purge Solenoid Check Engine Lights 26B: ROM relay (?) A/C Control Relay Engine Overheat Relay Throttle Jack Solenoid Relay Secondary Injectors Thanks.
  2. Hi, Any idea how hard it is to swap it? Like clam off or not? Mine is dead and can't find a fuse Got a link to that one on eBay? Thanks
  3. Hi all, I've tried some Nitrons (46's and now Clubsport 40's) for the first time this year on my 2015 Exige V6, and over really harsh 'jolts' like a squared off ridge in a road, I get a 'clank' noise. Most of the time however they are quiet. Does anyone else have Nitrons, and do you have this same issue? I was thinking it is because these are rose jointed as opposed to having rubber bushes. Also the noise seems to improve as they 'warm' up! ... Odd. Also does anyone know a decent place to get corner weighting done near to Reading, Berkshire. Thanks.
  4. Many thanks, contacted BOE for more information
  5. Looking at that diagram, isn't that an awful design for airflow?? Other than the overpriced Komo-Tec cold air intake (£1,500 with remap!), does anyone know of an alternative to get rid of, or modify this thing? And have Lotus changed this on any of the later cars like the 410, 430's, etc ?
  6. I put these in. Much better bass and overall sound. Big improvement over the originals, and no mods to fit even with a harness bar.
  7. I've just got my Schroth 4-point harness for my V6. It has a bag of washers for the lap belt. Does anyone have any idea what washers go where? A photo would be good I have checked the install instructions, but they didn't help. BTW I installed the Simply Sports Cars harness bar myself. Very nice bit of kit
  8. jackettc


  9. Hi, I hear Chris Randall has his own variant of the Nitron NTR 1-way 46mm suspension kit, available only from Hoffman's. Has anyone here had this kit fitted, and if so have you got any feedback, like is it too much on the road, and what is the improvement on track, etc. Thanks.
  10. Hi, I had the manifold. I've sent a message to 'hopo', who might be the right person
  11. Good to meet some new faces today, a good turnout considering. Does anyone know how to contact the owner of the Black/Gold Esprit, as he needs a manifold and I have one lying around somewhere And thanks to Alan and Pat. Was great to see in the workshops!
  12. Thanks so much for the replies, easy when you know how. From the pictures I worked out you can just push it in from below when the roof is on! Cheers Chris.J
  13. Hi All, I lifted the hard top off my Exige V6, and the fat roof seal on the back dropped off! I have no idea which way round it goes back on, and I have a track day tomorrow. Can anyone help please, as I've searched the internet for pictures, etc. Pictures are below (Sorry about the legs
  14. I don't mind swapping my 3.25. It means I can get back in time to watch the F1 replay then
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