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    V8GT Sold Really miss it.. Moved to the opposition TVR, So much more leg room when you 6'3"
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  1. neil e

    WANTED Esprit V8

    Well thats it. Sold. So W848RRU may very well turn up on here again somtime.
  2. neil e

    WANTED Esprit V8

    Why do you think its for sale. Yes I agree completly. It was many more than that but just have too much on my plate. And not 3 women which is a damm shame!
  3. neil e

    WANTED Esprit V8

    100 miles ? Bit like me then David
  4. neil e

    WANTED Esprit V8

    Yes Mark Thats the one. any good ? Says its sold on ph but not holding my breath.
  5. Been there twice for belts, bit of body work (door trims) servicing etc. Max and Tim very nice blokes and very helpful. Yes Max drove the Esprit in Argentina and got all the crap thrown at him. Well worth a visit.
  6. neil e

    WANTED Esprit V8

    Obviously jumping the gun!
  7. neil e

    WANTED Esprit V8

    Well who bought it then? Someone on here ?
  8. neil e

    WANTED Esprit V8

    If its any use Stratton collected mine today to sell. Maybe give them a bell. It has all you ask and more apart from the Novas alloys. C service just done. 20k miles if you want a complete run down let me know or look in my garage section. Needs must but I was pretty upset to see it driven into the transporter.
  9. Heres two. I cant remember the time I last saw a Supra. Let alone my old one.
  10. Just had belts, B service and loads more at Lakeside Engeering. Collected the car this morning. And I forgot to ask the following. I have studied the old cam belts with intrest. These belts are 5 yrs old and 9k on them. Yes I know I should use the car more. But being under tension while the cars sat in the garage still wears them. But they look still as new to me no cracks or lines etc. Do the belts fray and split when they are wearing out or are they always like this until they snap. Glad I have had them changed again for peace of mind. This is out of intrest.
  11. Yes have had this one. I took the cap off (removed the wires first) cleand it put it back alls well. No light.
  12. Not spotted by me but my brother in law whos having a few days in Wales. Hes had a good look round it a confirms its really lovely. Anybody. ?
  13. Be nice if the Esprits made that sort of money. Somehow I think not. Mind you its small change for their 911 flatnose 130k
  14. That looks to be a great set up. Bought one of their Beemers couple of years ago. Their whole approch to buying and selling cars is way up there with the best. Had great service from them.
  15. No sprinter price either, buying or running
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