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  1. Oh dear glad you got there in the end. Looks very nice. Just love those wheels.
  2. This is true but some dont even want to look at it first
  3. Hope you didnt get the knock the price down brigade. Have had seveal viewings only to be asked to lower the cost by 2.5 K or there abouts. Where else you gonna find a 20,000 mile V8 these days!
  4. Ha Ha thats me me me !!!!! Very rarely out on a Sunday as the wife works just about every Sunday and the boys and me make 3 so that makes it a no no. But as the younger one had a party to go to and the other one loves his footie it was either take this or the van! Tough choice.................... Its up for grabs on PH
  5. Thanks guys. Gunter, the sound is more from inside the car rather than the engine bay. Hard to locate. Was under the car front and back and it seemed to be more in the center. Everything was turned off and the keys were out. I will put it down to the recircluation pump and keep an eye on it. Not had it before and its been stuck in long motorway jam on a very hot day for couple of hours stop start, yet when home all was quiet. Cheers Neil
  6. So been to have the usual mot. Car was up on the ramps and runing at tickover for a good hour or so while it had all the checks. Only when i got it home in the garage after giving it a reasonable run I noticed this whirring sound for at least 3/4 of an hour while everything cooled down. Seemed to come from behind the dash in the middle. Not has this before, would it be the air con pump and would this mean its on its way out.? Air con does work well and is very cold and the radiator fans cut in as they should. Any ideas ? Cheers Neil
  7. Just saw this. Am starting to dribble, just those three numbers on the boot say it all. Me like and just about the only other car apart from the Esprit that i really would like to own.
  8. neil e


    Went on the Saturday, had to be dragged away from that M6 Mclaren.
  9. At least he hasnt come to your home, taken it out for a decent drive, looked at everything ,spent ages farting about and then buggered off.
  10. Saw this one today.Sat afternoon. Very nice motor. Blue with cream leather. Parked almost next to it so the kids could have a good look at it.They gave it the thumbs up. Was gone when we returned, sods law. ????
  11. Thats why when I bought one for the Esprit it came from you. Though it is an indoor cover. Last one was a known brand but for a different make of car.
  12. I bought an out door cover for one of my cars couple yrs ago. Was £125. looked good in the the flesh. 3 months on and the paintwork around the edges roof and bonnet was ruined. Cost me loads more to to sort. The lesson learnt. "you get what you pay for" !
  13. I can add a bit of light to this. The blue V8 Gt is mine. I have been to see Scott a couple of times last summer as was thinking of selling. Then after my last post "nearly wrote it off" and the fact I have kid no 3 on the way add that to I dont use it enough has made me put it up for grabs. I am just to big for the car it cripples me after an hour. It was bought as a keeper but times change. The silver V8 was in Bell & Colvill for a short while early in the year. It was on Pistonheads but due to the crap weather Scott could not take any pics so kept it until the better weather. Yellow Gt is Scotts. Had it a while. Now wants to move on. The 300 is / was Ken Bairds and has been with Scott for a long time in storage ready to sell. The S1 had that a little while. He wanted to wait until the spring before putting the ads up.
  14. I think at least one toe removed would do the trick, I have a angle grinder in the van!
  15. Yes I have read blurb about moving pedals. I dont know where they would go as when the cluch is pressed I nick the brake pedal if I dont get it right.
  16. Have used thinner shoes / trainers but they do tend to give me cramp. I do use a puma shoe which isnt to bad though I do have to use the throttle with the side of my foot. The things one will put up with to drive an Esprit!
  17. Those wheels look like they are off an Overfinch
  18. Any one else suffer from big foot syndrome? As I would like to know. Following a Range Rover and a good distance away doing no more than 35 / 40. The driver left it unitl the very last second to brake hard and indicate right. This was the first emergency stop I have had to do in the car. I have a size 12 trotter and this slammed the brake and throttle at the same time. Theres not much room in the footwell at the best of times. The car speeded up a tad quick. Somehow I managed to stop with the front of the car under his rear bumper engine reving and a strong smell of brakes. Though no harm done, my pride battered and a change of pants required I cant help thinking this really is not the best car for me. At least it was a R R and not a lower car as the outcome would of been very different. N
  19. neil e

    S4 Commemorative

    Glad to see there is another Esprit local to me.
  20. Thought it was about time I stuck a couple of pictures up of the old girl. Still wondering about removal of the rear wing.
  21. Esprit or Evora ? Never driven an Evora so cant comment. As jealous as hell the fact some of you have both! Which reminds me to rob the bank next week. So will base my two pennys worth on looks and noise. See a green Evora most mornings sounds ok but nothing to make a big grin. Looks? yeah looks lovley but prefer the look of my GT. But to drive any distance id take the Evora as im sure being modern and not built around Mr Chapman would mean I could fit in it properly and not drive the throttle with the side of my right foot. Sum it up. Blast out for an hour or so Esprit. Distance to go away or travel over wkend have to be Evora. Now wheres the sorn off!
  22. Glad Im not the only one. I owned 2. Both were happy for the front suspension top mounts to rust away!
  23. I have had three cars vandalized in my time and its a horrible feeling.The first was my Mk1 RS200, it was spotless. I was followed home one night by an old heap of a mk 1. the next morning it hd paint stripper onto the roof and boot. I used to get lots of greif with it other boy racers and old bill. 2 A Opel Monza was broken into and an attempt was made to remove the radio. As this was not possible a Stanley knife was take to every seat and door panel. This was outside my parents house. 3 My Supra Turbo was parked in B&Q and it was just in the wrong spot as mine and three others were badly keyed. On the plus side the insurance paid for a full pukka respray. So when the time came to buy a Esprit I was a bit worried. Not that Im public enemy no1 but not had much luck with cars that are a bit different. Overall though the reaction has been great. Neighbours have been pictured in it and it has been the conservastion at petrol stations many times. I wil admit I am still paranoid where I park it. But it always makes me smile when little boys come running over to look at it. Just as my two do every time its out.
  24. Saw this on A23 going towards Horley sy. About 3 / 330 today Had the yellow wheels and a number 61 ( I think ) on the door. Sounded good and was very clean. Anybody ?
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