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  1. Just caught a flash of a yellow one heading west towards Swindon on the M4 Today. At I was going the other way in my blue one . Anybody ?
  2. My speedo in my 2000 Gt works like a dream The trouble is the pixels which give the mileage / trip etc were flashing but now have given up alltogether. Instead of showing the miles I have a totally blank little screen. Anyone know if and where I can get this repaired. Or is it a totally new clock? Cheers Neil
  3. After all this hard work is it really for sale. ? Its been on pistonheads for little while now. Or am i missing something. Seems a shame if it is. Neil
  4. Out and about in my v8gt this weekend. Had to pull into the local shell for some fuel. Whilst filling minding my own buisness a chap pulled in to the pump behind me in a 10 reg Porsche 911 Gt Turbo Nutter Bast##d thingie. Dunno which model as cant stand the things but given the way it was it had to be well over the 100K mark to buy. Any way he was obviously feeling very proud of him self as his mate in the passanger seat was talking rather loudly about how good this car was. I strolled into the shop to pay. Whilst in the shop a minbus of boy scouts pulled in and within seconds of it stopping all the lads and the adults were out peering round the Lotus. I came back to the car bombarded with questions, and constant mobile camera clicking. a full 15 minuites went by while they looked inside outside. By now I had to move it as the pump was needed. After they all had their drinks etc off they went. I left with as you can imagine quite a smile on my face. And Mr Porsche? Not a bit of intrest from anybody, he just paid got in and drove off...Fantastic.
  5. I am sure this has been discussed so many times but I couldnt find it. I notice there is a Sport 300 up fpr grabs and what a bummer I dont have £30k not even £3k at the moment! The rear tyres are a whopping 335/35/17. They look fantastic. Is it possible to fit these size of tyres to any Esprit with wheel arch extensions for example any V8 car or are they only for this model having 17" not 18" rims? Are 295/35/18 the widest most sensible rubber? Just curious N
  6. neil e

    blue S4 / GT3

    Hi Andy No it wasnt you. Blue GT3 on a P reg no rear wing. However I have seen you a couple of times, and the wife who works part time at the Horley Tesco express has seen you many times driving past. You will be glad to know she has informed me. She likes the yellow wheels. Cheers Neil
  7. neil e

    blue S4 / GT3

    Saw this one today on the B2037 Antlands Lane. 7.45 am Couldnt tell as it was making rather rapid progress which one it was. Anybody?
  8. Thanks mangel. Doh I was looking everwhere for that.
  9. I am have this fitted to my gt. Some of the fibreglass has had to be removed where the original lights were fitted for the round light panel to fit. Who ever has done this what did you do to keep the water out. Did you just attack the inside with silicone seal, or from the outside, or before the panel is fited. ??? It was one from sj's and quite a bit of rubbing down etc has been done just to get it to fit at all. Just wondering whats the best way as the whole kit is a bit of make it up as you go along. Cheers Neil
  10. Today at the cheam lights up towards Belmont Rise and onto the A217 Mad Mile. 1030 ish I was the guy in the silver BMW Alpina B3 in front and behind you. Trying to get your attention. Very nice. Neil
  11. thanks for reply. Yes it came from SJ. I thought thats how it must be done. I am not fitting it personally but I dont want it falling off. Cheers Neil
  12. The latest query I have is whats the best way to hold the rubber lip to the fibreglass section. Glued, bolted,? Sticky tape, blue tac! When I bought these items thats all there was no fitting kit etc. Cheers Neil
  13. Electrics,electrics,electrics, My mate had a 4.5 Cerbie for about a year. Did not do many miles. Three problems he had were. Doors work on buttons under the mirrors.These had various niggles i.e. you couldnt get in or out sometimes. Wipers would come on whenever they liked. Indicators would still be working after being cancelled. Minor things but very frustrating. Camshaft broke on the motorway-engine rebuild. This problem is a bit like the V8 liners in our cars, some break some dont. Engine was under warrenty but the replacement under pants were not!! Try the cerbera registar if its still going they were very helpful at the time. Some owners owned their cars for years used them every day and never had a problem. Not rare to see ones with 60K miles on plus and fine. I keep looking at them as well but cant afford to buy and run one as well as the v8gt.Plus would want another garage. All I know is I would never ever tire of that noise. Buy the latest model you can afford and if funds allow go for the Red Rose. Good luck. Neil
  14. Hi Mel. I am not to far away from you. I found this forum very useful before I bought my V8GT and it has been even more useful since I bought it. Everybody is really helpful and if they cant they will point you in the right direction. Best of luck with your search. Neil
  15. cheers guys for the replys I will give it some thought as my jack and stands are no the best. Neil
  16. Now I have decided which road to take please could someone point me in the right direction regarding the removal of the radiator. I understand its a total pain to do, I have done many searches but cant find what I am looking for. So can someone give me details so a plonker can understand it! Cheers Neil
  17. Oh if only to be single again . Cant see the wife going for that one, I am rather attached to my nuts! lol. Have only queried this as on the drive home after buying the car it overheated in slow motorway traffic. I will give what you suggest a shot. Spend the money on beer and myself !
  18. Hi All My Esprit is having a major going over at the moment. Any body know who makes a upgraded rad for the V8? As this is all off at the moment better cooling seems a good idea to me. cheers Neil
  19. Thanks for the advice Andy. I will give it a try. Neil
  20. Thanks guys for the info. I bought a new seal and all the necessary gaskets as Steve from Sj suggested. The rattles come from the front "tongues" I suppose you call them (one either side of panel) which slot into the holes in the roof. These were removed from the original panel and fitted using new seals gaskets etc. I can only assume that the height is ever so slightly different to the original panel and causes the rattle. I have tried pushing up on the roof at the front whilst moving and I have to push hard to get it to stop. I assume this will be one of these suck it and see jobs to sort. Neil
  21. I cant believe I am the only one with this problem. Recently bought and fitted new glass roof and fittings from SJ. Fits well but the bl==dy thing rattles like mad when closed. I have found the only way to stop it rattling when on the move is to un latch it but dont open it. This is far from a perfect solution mind. My original panel didnt make a sound. Any suggestions before I take the whole lot to bits and start again. Or is it out with lots of silicone and glue it all together Cheers Neil
  22. I have had my M5 , Supra, Alpina, and Esprit wheels all done by Wicked Wheels in Crawley Sussex. I left the car with them for a couple of days so it was done in the workshop not a mobile job. The results? As good as brand new wheels. Neil
  23. How much cash have you put into it? And how recently? So in other words what does the car owe you? If you have just had the engine done and all the other bits, running it for another six months or so wont do any harm. If it were me I wouldnt want all my money and effort going to somebody else. Not straight away anyway. I still have my old 1990 Toyota Surpa 3.0i turbo.Owned 13 yrs now how sads that! Its worth sod all. Tried to sell many times but the amount of money I have put into it (yes I must be bloody mad!!) I want to use it before it goes. Partly want to keep it as it chucks out 360 ish bhp. Oh and the other reason, the kids fit in the back. What ever you decide will be the right choice. Neil
  24. Are all these cars really at UKSC and nowhere else? When I was looking for my car I came across a 02 reg v8. This was for sale at Elite Motor Group on their forecourt yet it was with UKSC as well. When I asked the dealer at Elite did he know about this he didnt and was quite Pis/ed off about it. Then I found another one a 98 v8 on the forecourt at a local dealer. One of the dealers who seems to sell everything. This car was also at UKSC and this guy was un aware of this as well. So you will proably find they are with other dealers as well. To get three S4's in one place seems a bit to good to be true. Neil
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