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  1. Are all these cars really at UKSC and nowhere else? When I was looking for my car I came across a 02 reg v8. This was for sale at Elite Motor Group on their forecourt yet it was with UKSC as well. When I asked the dealer at Elite did he know about this he didnt and was quite Pis/ed off about it. Then I found another one a 98 v8 on the forecourt at a local dealer. One of the dealers who seems to sell everything. This car was also at UKSC and this guy was un aware of this as well. So you will proably find they are with other dealers as well. To get three S4's in one place seems a bit to good to be true. Neil
  2. I hope someone on here maybe able to help. I have been studying the for sale ads as I quite fancy a turbo esprit year 81-86 to go with my v8gt. The one that takes my eye most is a red one reg. YTO 80Y Its at Arun in west sussex.I have been for a look. I am sure this car has belonged to someone on here, if so can anybody give me some info on the car please.? I am aware its from a dealer so there is a good couple of grand added to the price. Cheers Neil
  3. Thanks for that. That has been bugging me for ages. Cheers Neil
  4. Thanks for the reply Mike. Yes the car is standard. Cheers Neil
  5. Why do some of these have round holes and some rectangle/oval.? Did they Lotus change the idea or was one for the uk market.? Neil
  6. I am thinking of adding a pair of 200 cell sport cats. As I have just bought a new sports exhaust. I have read lots of cat info on here but, and this may sound daft. Once the new cats and exhaust are fitted is that it or are there any adjustments to be done? I.E. boost, sensors changed etc.? I have read of turbo oil leaks soon after, change of back pressure. Thanks Neil
  7. Hi Andrew. I live near the big Shell roundabout with the Sainsburys on it. I am sorry to say I am in my Transit during the week and only get the Esprit out when the kids and wife are busy!! Or shopping. If your passing and fancy showing your new toy off give me a bell. Cheers Neil
  8. Pulled up along side this one at the lights by the Windsor Castle pub in Carshalton. It headed to Sutton. it was so low I could hardly see the driver from my Tranny.
  9. The only Lotus I have driven is the Esprit and not many at that so I am in no position to judge.
  10. Just been flicking through the for sale ads. He does have his one up for sale and he does say from the south east.
  11. I just caught this car at about 310 pm today heading from Gatwick to the M23. I was going the other way. The give away was the yellow wheels. Anybody?
  12. Hi all. I need a new consul light switch,air vent holder for my 2000 Gt This is the piece of interior which holds the push button light switches. and has the center air vents. Above the radio. The previous owner stuck his tom tom on it with lots and lots super glue. For christs sake! Is this off another car and if so what? Or is this a Lotus part? Cheers Neil
  13. Hi All I now have a working headlight. I bought one from US ebay. The item was for a 1998 Trans Am. It took less than a week to arrive. Total cost
  14. Thanks for your replys guys. Well I have had the washer bottle off and tested for leaks and sealed it up. So hopefully I will have sorted one problem. I have contacted several yanks off ebay as i feel the cost of shipping will far outway the purchase price. I will let you know how I get on. cheers Neil
  15. thanks for that. Didnt even occur to me. I suppose its a GM part? Well I will have a try. Thanks Neil
  16. Hi all Well dispite doing a search couldnt find what I was looking for. Well it seems my washer bottle has been leaking straight onto the drivers side motor and totally ruined it. Any body know where i can get it repaired as I hear its no longer available. Thanks Neil
  17. I Have been seeing this V8 most mornings on my way to work as I work all over surrey and sussex. Cant remember the exact no plate. But its a nice T reg Green car. And It travels along the B2037 (think thats right). Time about 730 am. I am in my Transit so whoever you are you wouldnt know. Still very nice car. Neil
  18. thanks guys for your help i will be replacing everything when the belts are off. Neil
  19. Thanks Ralph. Just the answer I was looking for. I will make sure they are all changed. Many thanks Neil
  20. Hi all I have done a search as i am sure this has come up before but I couldnt find what i was looking for. So and this is a simple one. Is it best to replace all the cam belt pulleys and tensioner while the belts are being done or is this not necessary. ? Mileage is 13000.MY 2000. Just want to know so i can work out costs. Thanks Neil
  21. Many thanks for your repls guys. Thanks Owen for the detail and in depth reply. I have bee in touch with SJ cars as well as the others mentioned. This was a while ago but SJ were the most helpful and went into detail with what they would do as opposed to: "Hi it will cost X heres the number". I run a very small building firm no advertising anywhere I rely on word of mouth. I am a perfectionist with out doubt. The trouble I have found is that I expect everyone else is the same . I am paranoid who i give my cars to as I have been caught more than once. Hence why I take the car to a local guy who is not only a real petrol head but very caring with the cars he works on as he is a 1 man band. My last experience with main dealer (see my other thread) I found the battery, fuseboard ,and relay covers tossed in the back. Trivial I know but that annoys me as it only takes seconds to fit properly. I will give it some thought. Thanks Neil
  22. Hi all. I am curious about this really. As my Esprit needs a b service soon.And I dunno if I should take it to a main dealer and pay the full wack. Or take it to my local chap who dispite has never worked on a Esprit before has worked on all my cars over the years. I have never had a problem with him and save half the cost. He has worked on Astons though. When cars get to a certain age i.e 5yrs old plus. Does main dealer servicing make any difference to the value of the car.?? If you are looking to buy a second/third hand car whatever the make, do you always make sure it has main dealer history or is this really hype.? Are you not bothered about this just as long as the car has been serviced on the button and the service book has the stamps, and invoices etc. Plus if you have sold a car with main dealer history does it create more intrest.? My V8 will no doubt be the most specialist car I will ever own so is a fancy stamp in the service book worth the exrta money.? Neil
  23. Well after a bit of poking about trying to get to it i gave up. I know Jap cars are a no no on here but god is my old Supra a doddle to work on by comparison. lol. So of it went to bell and colvill. To be honest I didnt think it would make it as the speedo was reading 180mph at times, wish i had a camera lol. and 0mph at times. The rev counter was all over the place, abs light was on and it was running like a pig hanging back and on the point of cutting out. I had charged the battery up for a long time before I went but it seems it was being drained rather quickly. Well all is sorted the original alternator was totally shot, so a new one was fitted. The bonnet catches adjusted and the car given the all clear. Driving the car home was a total joy and despite my mastercard going a bit soft as it was quite hot it was money well spent. All I got to do now is save up for the B service and belt change. . Thanks guys for all your help Neil
  24. thanks Russ having a dig about neil
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