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  1. Cheers guys One again you have come up trumps !
  2. Well its snapped off. I have the stainless steel arms fitted so cant remember what the original end looked like. Which Vauxhall is it from Astra Nova or either. ? Cheers Neil
  3. Been messing about with this for some of the day. Various tests carried out to find the air leaks. Not in any obvious places. Finally gave up in frustration. Plus given that I paid a trimmer to recover the seats I think I will get him to get the whole cover off at some stage before I go furthur. I can just see me cocking up the lovely retrimed seat!
  4. Thanks jimblob. That was the first thing I tried. Seems the seat will have to come out. Cheers Neil
  5. Hi all I get in, pump the cusion up with the inflator bulb pump thingie. 2 mins later its flat. So I have a leak. So before I go to work and remove the seat are these a simple removal / replacement. Or in all honesty should it be left alone given the greif invloved. Many thanks Neil
  6. Brother in law has got me a ticket to see the third episode. After watching Sundays programme I told him to give it to somebody else. I cant be arsed to lose a days money to see that. Its the same old stuff.
  7. I reckon so. But as my most delicate tool is a club hammer and no patience it wont be me !
  8. Im told the battery cant be replaced. But if you remove it and by pass it the siren should work. But there will be no back up. Dont quote me on this though.
  9. Well after much messing about I gave the car to a well known Lotus specialist. They sourced a second hand alarm siren. Im told there is a battery built into the siren and when this packs up it wont work as it should. Funny isnt it, I drop the car off to have the alarm sorted. Then I instruct them to give it its "A" service as its due to. Get the whole car machine polished, and sort out many other niggles that have been bugging me. So as you can imagine the bill was a tad larger than I originally had planned. Still is good to have a car that now locks, unlocks and makes a loud scream when triggered. N
  10. Hi Gary Thanks just the answer I was looking for. Looks like another wings going to bite the dust.! Neil
  11. I am thinking about this and have been for a long time. I know theres lots of blurb about it. But one question I have and I cant find anything about it. My question is. As the wing has the high level brake light fitted will I have to move the light or fit a replacement? I am told I will somewhere under the rear window. Intrested to find out what you guys have done with the wires for the light and if anybody had to fit the brake light else where. I am told I this by a very well known Lotus specialist. Is it an MOT issue or just because the car is low.? Thanks Neil
  12. Sat afternoon around 3ish Coming towards me. Nice dark blue Stevens. On the A29 heading towards Dorking. Any body ??
  13. Saw a lovely model of the Jim Clarke Lotus 25 in Modelzone splashed out £150 for it, to find when I got it home it only has 3 shocks and springs. Took it back to exhange it and was told it would bve a few days, fair enough. I had a call today to say they are unable to get another one as the whole lot is faulty and its not likely to be rectified. So I will get a refund. So has any body else got one of these?, and does it have one of the rear shocks and spring missing. ? Neil
  14. John........Your dog goes apeshit................ My dog goes F***ing nuts. And that sets the one off next door. Mrs fed up with the racket too. So I am getting bollocked from all sides at the moment............ Still sod em all. Ahh but I still have the one in the right ear. Thanks N
  15. Been fiddling with this today. No matther how much I try to reprogram it all works ok but no siren. Taken the siren off the car and it dont look to good. Am I right by saying this siren is no longer made and a new one wont work with the original alarm? Thanks guys for your advice N
  16. Thanks Trevor. Sounds like a nice and accessible spot.
  17. Finally got my alarm reprogrammed with the key fobs. So now the car locks and unlocks with the push of a button. But dispite all the flashing lights telling me the alarm is going off when the doors are opened after is set itself I have zero sound from the siren. Any ideas ? Where is the siren located ? Thanks Neil
  18. What more can I say. 1 pic of my blue v8 Gt and 2 of my head ! Fantastic ! Nice to poke around other Esprits.
  19. Not far from me so will get the old girl dusted off! Plus the wife has this Sunday off.(1 of only 4 per year) So she gets to look after the small people instead.
  20. I am sure this has been covered many times before but couldnt find exactly what I was looking for. Thought it was time to add my car to the garage. Got the text bit done ok and had a few views. But dispite hours of sodding about trying to upload all I get told by Mr pc is...... The pic is to big..... the pic is to small.... The only thing I have not been told is the pics the wrong way round and upside down, then I would at least feel some sort of achievement! So how is this done ? I have tried uploading via photobucket and pixresizer but no go. I will accept I am pc illiterate. As I am sure its very simpe once you know how. Any help most welcome. Neil
  21. That would be a Roger Roger !!!! Didnt realise you were that good looking...............................Or was that the Elise I was looking at ??. Still thanks for the post and glad you like the motor. So were you just window shopping or did you buy ? Cheers Neil
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