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  1. 100 miles !

    Come on gents - that almost equates to criminal!!!


    Why do you think its for sale.

    Yes I agree completly. It was many more than that but just have too much on my plate.

    And not 3 women which is a damm shame!

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  2. If its any use Stratton collected mine today to sell. Maybe give them a bell.

    It has all you ask and more apart from the Novas alloys. C service just done. 20k miles

    if you want a complete run down let me know or look in my garage section.

    Needs must but I was pretty upset to see it driven into the transporter.


  3. Just had belts,  B service and loads more at Lakeside Engeering. Collected the car this morning.


    And I forgot to ask the following.


    I have studied the old cam belts with intrest.


    These belts are 5 yrs old and 9k on them. Yes I know I should use the car more. But being under tension while the cars sat in the garage still wears them.


    But they look still as new to me no cracks or lines etc.


    Do the belts fray and split when they are wearing out or are they always like this until they snap.


    Glad I have had them changed again for peace of mind.


    This is out of intrest.







  4. Vivaros are way better.........


    Bloody sauce. :lol: Have had a few duels with most vans........errrrr lost most! I carry to much crap. Won against the milk float though so thats got to count for something..




     they certainly don't rust as fast as transits  :D


    LOL .  11 yrs old 185 k and apart from a couple of minor stone chips that have rusted its rust free. Undernearth as well.Keeps passing mot.

    The one I had before rotted inside out like a bad apple. Run this into the ground then buy another.

    Glutten for punishment I must be.

  5. "I'm sure it's a great car but it's got THAT badge on it, Lots of Trouble......"



    I had a similar experience while filling up recently.   Clarkson has made a whole generation aware of that very annoying saying.


    My dad used to own a Stag. Never overheated once or broke down (like my Esprit) yet the amount of comments we had on a warm day. Things like "you wont want to go to far in that today mate" and "hope you have lots of water bottles with you" really did p him off. Yet even today any Stag article still goes on about cooling. Any Stag now I would of thought would of been sorted if its a half decent one.


    Back on Topic, would be nice to see TVR back. I very nearly bought a 4.5 Cerbera. One of the main reasons was I could fit inside without having to adapt my feet and back. It was a toss up between this and my Esprit. Esprit won due to the shape but still want a Cerb, cant afford both. Bugger!  


    These porkers need more competition I think as well. They are bloody everywhere!

  6. Yes.  It's a customers car, so being sold privately. Looks like you're close to it.




    Very close as theres a timber yard almost next door which i seem to spend most of my life in.

    He did have a 59 Cad no long ago.

    Like it, just the job for cruisin...... I somehow think there wont be to many days left this year for the roof down?

    Bet it sounds the dogs as well. Yank parts are cheap or cheaper so im told.

  7. So have had W848RRU up for grabs for a few weeks.


    8 enquiries about the car. Several people came, some I met at a certain spot for them to look drool and drive. And they all loved it so they said. Yet not one parted with any cash.Funny that.


    Whilst it was being inspected by one of the viewers ( who I took and instant dislike to, and who was trying to knock me down to the low teens of which I was having none of it)  the car cut out. This was after his drive. It would not start for love or money. So he left somewhat fed up telling me there were obviously problems with it. Though there was no way he was going to have the car I had made my mind up!

    Once his car drove away it burst into life and ran as it should and has done so ever sinse.


    The next viewer to attend was still wet behind the ears & barely out of nappies. He looked at it, liked it, drove it, loved it.

    Sold. Deposit was left. I was gobsmacked.  Little while after had an email informing me "very sorry but unable to get a loan".

    The depoist was non refundable. Ha the pennys dropped.


    So I have made my decision. Sod it I will keep it a bit longer and hey the deposit hepls towards the cam belts!


    I am thinking I may change the car from Lotus to Christine!




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