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  1. ok I finally got the motor out and noticed the brushes have disintegrated the rest of the mechanism looks good, the teeth on the nylon wheel look in good condition and the grease seems to have done its job. I tested the power and its definitely got good connections so the finger of suspicion is currently pointed at the brushes.
  2. fixed one problem - found a fuse behind the centre console which had blown - so now I have working mirror adjusters again. Still stumped by the wiper though. I tried looking at the gearbox at the end of the pipe from the motor - how the hell do you get at that? when I select the wiper stalk, I can here a clicking under the dash and as I said the wiper motor gets hot - so I assume it's trying to return the arm to the rest position but not able to turn it ? Can I therefore point to the gearbox as the culprit?
  3. just to add: Wiper the wiper stuck 1/2 way through it's cycle, in the middle of the windscreen. If I have the ignition on, the motor near the bonnet release gets really hot. mirrors I think there is power going to the controller. but nothing happening with the mirrors themselves. Is there a fuse anywhere I could check?
  4. Hi I am just prepping my Esprit for sale and the old girl is kicking back by suddenly developing a couple of electrical faults First is the wiper just stopped today on the highway in heavy rain - fortunately I'd just detailed the car yesterday and rainx on the windscreen meant it wasn't much of a problem So how do I go about troubleshooting the wiper? The 8 fuses in the glovebox look ok - as do the connections to the stalk on the steering column second is the electric mirror adjustment - thats given up the ghost today as well - I can't adjust either side Any tips/suggestions of where i should start? I am armed with my multimeter so going to check connections - how do I get to the wiper motor? thanks Simon
  5. Hi I imported my S3 into Canada this year and I could do with finding a parts supplier. I've spoken to rdent who has some stuff available but not others like brake discs. JAE was mentioned, but their website seems to be blank so no contact or info etc. Anyone got any suggestions of places to try in either Canada or the US if they'll ship up north? thanks Simon
  6. Hi I've had my Esprit shipped over to Canada from Europe and when I first got here I noticed that petrol is a little different grade. Over here we have RON 85-95 on average. Rarely finding 98 at one or two places. What should I ideally be putting in my NA S3? I've been erring on the side of the highest RON but not sure if this is right or not. Any thoughts please?
  7. Hi I've recently noticed my 83 S3 NA is popping a lot more on closed throttle than it used to. Even to the point its popping when idle at traffic lights and occasionally its stalling if I dont keep blipping the throttle a little If it does stall, its quite tricky to get started again. This makes me think of fuel any hints on what I should be looking for? I used to like the odd bit of poppage when lifting off through a tunnel but I'm wondering now if something is brewing - the car has been running flawlessly all year
  8. I questioned them about the 'safety issues' and they were sheepish about the specifics which I failed on clearly didnt occur to them that rather than try to fleece me on my 1st visit, they might get a fortune from all my future servicing (and the fact I am pondering buying an elise) as it stands I doubt I will ever step foot in there ever again.
  9. ok so just to update on this The garage I took the car to (official lotus dealer) for the canadian equivalent of an MOT, said I required: New front tie rods - both sides New rear brake discs New Front brake calipers New windscreen washer pump New reverse light at least 9 hours of labour and thats not including anything they find when actually doing the work I immediately went and collected the car back off them and took it to a lotus specialist about 60 miles away. The car passed the test that afternoon requiring: 1 new wiper blade 1 short blast of air into the windscreen washer hose 1 new reverse light an advisory that the rear discs are getting close to manufacturers limits within a couple of thousand km Wont be going back to the official dealer anytime soon
  10. I can get EBC rotors for the Esprit - but only 1975-1980 and 1985-1990 models - not the 1980-1985 range which my car falls into - and even then only the fronts I think I wonder if the 1985 EBC fronts will fit on my '83
  11. looks like I'm gonna need to source new discs/rotors as well Does anyone know what kind of discs I can fit to my car without me having to ship (heavy) rotors from the UK?
  12. Great, thanks alot bibs, I'll ping the local stockist and see if they can get them Yeah I've moved to toronto, and decided to bring my Esprit with me. Now the -40oC winter has gone, I am hoping to get out in the Ontario countryside for some nice weekend trips. Just out of interest, what alternative pads would you suggest?
  13. Its just to ensure it gets through the import safety inspection, so I can register it here in Canada. I have a limited time to register it here. Once that's done I can take my sweet time over sorting something better out.
  14. Hi I need to replace my brakepads on my 1983 S3 NA. Does anyone know if there is a partnumber for greenstuff pads which will fit my Esprit please? I am in Canada so I want to try and source locally if I can, rather than ordering and shipping from the UK thanks simon
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