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    1989 Esprit SE, 1989 Bentley Turbo R, 1990 MB 500Sl, 1989 Porsche 944S2, 1982 Maserati Quattroporte

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  1. must be on his way still.. e was sent out weeks ago via airmail.

  2. Hi

    Laura tells me I'm the next recipient of LEFty. I got the impression from her that LEFty is on the way to Norway, but unfortunately I haven't seen him yet. Do you know where he might be?



  3. Since you have last seen him: LEFty Attended an Edmonton Classic Sports Car Club Meeting looking for other Esprits, but could only find his grandfather (Actually a nice Seven Series Two)- Then listened to storys sitting on his granddaddys knee, well the automotive equivalent - Then he finished the day of at West Edmonton Mall (the largest shopping mall in North America, fith largest in the world):
  4. Lefty has arrived in Edmonton. (well an acreage out side of Edmonton actually). I was great way to end the workday, As I had forgotten about being on this list - what a great surprise! First he relaxed on the deck Then Contemplated 60's rivalries then found a way to get "a head" in life -(sorry!) and then hung out with some distinguished friends: I'll get out to other garage and get some proper Lotus pics later today, We'll do some touring of the next two weeks... should be updating on a regular basis
  5. I spoke with Andrew and he feels that we would have to meet within the first week of August.
  6. I wish you all the best!!! It looks like you guys had a great time!
  7. I'll be there again this year. Is anyone else looking to go?? I am scheduled to volunteer for Friday and Sunday as Race Services Group sounds exotic, but the best part of the day is running lunches out to the corner workers in our specially prepared 15 passenger "indy' van, sponsored by Budget.. wait .. damn its just a rental.
  8. Sorry' bout that - just remembered some old posts (not to good a memory it seems). I won't be attending Euroquake, but could arrange something for the Esprit guys up here. Andrew (andrewp1989) and I have met. Serge (88esprit) and I have spoke on the phone.. the problem is we all seem quite busy - so lets try this.. lets have an Esprit meet n greet to get the Edmonton guys talking. Any suggestions as to date?? (mid August should be enough lead time). We could have a coffee meet??? I would also be open to have you guys out here (we are on an acreage SW of Edmonton {all paved} and I could do an impromptu garage tour. I have a few projects stacked infront of the Lotus, so I have to finish the Packard and the 944 first. But I am holding out hope for having the esprit running for early Fall. Anyone who is interested in an Edmonton meet this can respond on the forum of PM me and i'll give you my contact info. Does anyone know what the mirror control switch is common to??? On a separate note - Congrantulations Mark .
  9. Welcome to the forum. Usually we have LEF Meets, and It appears that some of the Calgary guys run with ZR auto for events. There are a few of us in Edmonton though we have yet to have an Edmonton meet.
  10. I did my own dash, with carpathian elm to match the orginal. I took me 4 tries and two months to get good results... but I have learned a new skill!
  11. Congratulations!!!!! Wow.... just wow!!! Even I am excited for you despite being 1000's of miles north
  12. I am know for finding spaces where "I will not lose it", then completely forgetting where that spot was. It makes for interesting ebay/ garage sales (anyone need a fuel tank cover/ plug for a 1978 Porsche 924??)
  13. I agree with Rodger, and as I have said there is a reason we do not see many blacksmith shops! American cars are sold largely by "incentive" packages. Also remember that all of the "big three" either owned or had contracts with rental companies to "bury" excess inventory. If it were not for commercial sales and incentives, they would have faultered years ago. Anyone wanting an indepth analysis of what lead up to this should read Micheline Maynard's "the End of Detriot". The focus on SUVs at the expense of developing a competive car, the UAW, and basic hubris have all played a part in this. Combine that with the fact that most "domestic" CEOs come from a finance background and you have the basic reciepe for the Ford Five Hundred, the Grand Am and Sebring- all cars that have the personality, build quailty and handling of an Ikea desk. Sorry, but if my business goes under, would I get anything from the government?
  14. We are at a balmy -30*C, up from last nights -32*C. We just got back from a BMW club event, guess we are a hardy bunch.
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