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  1. I love this topic... and as a happy convertee, I've put some thoughts elsewhere, but after an email chat with Ian, thought I'd share my situation as was here. I have a Brembo equipped 1994 S4 and the old system had died in terms of full functionality a long time ago, and was running with the ABS disabled. When it finally gave up the ghost, which quite frankly is frightening, I was compelled to fix it. Having watched this (and related threads) mature and knowing a recipient of the conversion (Obione), it was the only way to go in my mind. I made the request and just before last Christmas the package arrived. The first impression just opening the box is one that gives you complete faith and confidence. The custom engineered components are beautifully made, every part of the kit is individually bagged and labelled and Ian has prepared a full instruction sheet to go with it. It’s already clear at this stage that a lot of time and effort has gone in to developing the kit. Installation is probably best described, if you have mechanical sympathy or any mechanical or engineering experience plus a comprehensive tool box, as straightforward. If you follow the steps, it’s logical, not particularly hard (with the standard Lotus caveat that you have to be flexible or have tiny hands to get in various spaces!) and you’ll likely find, assuming you do it DIY, that getting the old bits out is more time consuming and a ballache than the reinstallation. The threads here that Sparky has illustrated show in pictures fairly clearly the process and what can be achieved. Once it’s in and running, the feel is totally different. It takes a while to adjust your braking style to the system - because it’s so much better. You can actually trust it, meaning that you can be more enthusiastic in making progress down the black stuff, brake harder and later and ironically it makes the car feel more modern. I do benefit from owning an MOT test centre/garage** which meant I was able to put the system through the brake rollers to see the numbers, and the figures are much improved on the old system at peak. Obviously no ABS so if you want to lock your brakes in to a skid, then you most certainly can. I recommend it without hesitation. No question! **gratuitous plug - we constructed the building to take the Esprit and exotica - need an MOT in the south east, drop me a PM
  2. Not this year, but the central sculpture has been visible from a fair distance away for some time, so looking forward to peoples photos of the final article
  3. Coming to this thread late, via the ad... as another with a daughter, and one who despite being 7, adores the Esprit and shares it with me, I am so sorry for your loss.
  4. Was at Duxford today... quite a sight indeed
  5. Agreed - its a comfy place to be but corners, meh... Also always feel I should be in a dinner jacket and bow tie when out in it. The ticking/pinkling is often the idler pulley. Mine did the same and a quick and cheap fix and problem gone...
  6. Gonna wade in here! I own a DB9 and it's for sale... I have also had the fortune to have a DB7 for a short while and they're chalk and cheese. The DB7 has a tight/narrow pedal box, smaller than the Esprit, which made driving it feel unpleasant. The seats weren't comfy, although the DB9 isn't a massive improvement there. Interior fit and finish much better on the DB9 and despite being a decade old, the leather still smells new leathery. IMHO the DB9 looks nicer, sounds nicer and is a more pleasant drive. It sounds epic too when on song and pressing on, esp with fuse 22 removed. It's a markedly different proposition to the Esprit - it's a wafty heavy thing that doesn't feel at home on the twisty turny roads but does like being spanked off the line. The Esprit feels like something you wear and can be more confident in pressing on at speed. Interestingly the DB turns more heads than the Esprit... but for me the Esprit is the long term love and the keeper. In terms of maintenance, DIY on the DB9 is possible and there are lots of good resources for it, but it's not an Esprit in that regard either. To compare, I've owned the Esprit 19 years and the DB9 only three.. Hope some of that helps...
  7. As a recipient of one of Ians fine kits, now in service, I feel it’s only right to now comment on this thread. Ian and all the team of folk who developed, manufactured and tested this kit and contributed to the various related threads here have done a truly fantastic job. For those considering it, I highly recommend you take the plunge. The kit itself is extensive, incredibly well prepared and documented and it’s clear that a significant amount of time, energy and no doubt enthusiasm went in to the development process. A heartfelt thanks is therefore due to Ian et al. If you have the DM system, even if it’s still working, this kit transforms the feel, performance and whole character of the braking and therefore driving experience.
  8. Thoughts with you. And it is okay to cry with your girls... if they see its alright for Dad to cry, then they'll know they can too.
  9. My indicators are the wrong way around too. Same colour car... Anyway... after following the debate, my system gave up the ghost. So I guess I'm down for a kit. I'm curious about one thing and have looked but may have missed the answer or just had a brain fart... All the conversions noted seem to pop the vac pump in the engine bay location replacing the current vac pump and spurring a vac line off down to the front of the car. No probs with that. But is it not also possible just to leave the current system intact and unmolested and pop the pump in the nose on a suitable 12v feed?
  10. Saw this and realised I know this car. It belonged to Glyn Rowling who I'm sure was once a member here or a previous forum incarnation. He died in January just two weeks after turning 39. He lived just a couple of miles from me and the car was a regular sight on the roads albeit hadn't seen it for a while. I'm sure Obione will remember a run out with Glyn in the long distant past. Very sad.
  11. Read the book and had the privilege of meeting him and a brief chat. Having also met and spoken with Johnny Johnson and Eric Winkle Brown, all three shared a common desire to play down their achievements and talk about anything but their history, in the main preferring to discuss the merits of the nearby eye candy. Inspirational gentlemen all of them.
  12. Ah, Obione just told me his is with you for some love :)
  13. Ooh shall I be sacrilegious and leave the Esprit in bed and come in the Aston I still desperately need to shift?
  14. Hello folks! Since last year, I've been the co-owner of an MOT test centre down in Ford, West Sussex. We test all classes but have a particular interest in bikes, trikes and unusual cars and the test centre has been designed and built to be Lotus friendly - duly tested with my own Esprit. For the second time this summer, we're hosting a free barbecue on Saturday August 5th and all are welcome. We'll be providing all of the food and drink for free, and there will be, amongst other things, free draught Carlsberg on tap for the non drivers. Several local bike clubs are already making it a ride out, so I felt it was time to redress the balance and gather together some tasty 4 wheelers if any of you fancied getting together for the drive. We'll be lighting up from 10am with breakfast bacon baps and running in to the afternoon. There are also MOTs available on the day (starting at 9am, before the barbecue) on a first come, first served basis. If you'd like to come along, please post up so we can gauge numbers. We are on the Rudford Industrial Estate, Ford, near Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 0BD, map to follow, plus we have a Facebook page you're welcome to like and snag the details from.
  15. Bibs - are you able to ping dimensions and PM photos if you have any?
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