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  2. I wonder if these people can help.
  3. I replaced the calipers with ones off a Fiat Tipo. I believe some Alfa's have that caliper too. Uses coarse screw rather than ratchet but was a bolt on job. Requires new pads. I polished the casting flashings off to improve clearances.
  4. For 907 2L. I get belt from Nissan dealer. Early 90's Maxima
  5. When I had to replace all my shims I got a good deal from Impwerks (Hillman Imp specialists) that exchanged my set for ones they had in stock. Only charged me for having to grind a small amount off some shims. Cost $NZ70 (35 GBP)
  6. Changing the belt is a good opportunity to check things out like the alternator, cooling hoses and of course the tensioner. I get a belt from the local Nissan dealer. (same as Maxima)
  7. I got a new switch when mine fell apart from the local Landrover dealer. Same as series 3 Landrover (We had a Landrover in the drive a thought it looked similar). The angle of the stalk slightly different but easily put right in a vice with soft jaws. A new wiring plug required too but that is not a bad idea anyway.
  8. Another option. Right click and save to a USB stick. Take to your local print shop and get it printed A3 and laminated while there.
  9. Unplug the lights at the bulbs themselves. Turn on the lights. The relays should come on but the bulbs won't naturally. Leave like this and see if the relays activate and heat up. If they do then the problem is with the relays not the main circuit itself. Graeme
  10. The stainless headers can be prone to cracking due to the heat. A steel header is better. I have had a couple made for cars I have had. One, which had an exposed header I had chrome plated but one could get one of those ceramic coatings done in the colour of your choice. I had the Supercharged Lancia I have a header made 4 into 1 in steel with the rest in stainless. The header cost $NZ200 (~100 euro) I did supply the plate for the head and made up a jig. My lotus obviously had a cracked manifold at some stage as it came with a steel fabricated header. I have picked up a cast manifold locally since and I have in storage somewhere. Look at steel headers as it is easier to work with and less prone to cracking. Corrosion is not a problem as it is hot enough to keep dry. Fit a stainless muffler if you like,
  11. Hi Danny I notice there are quite a few types of Khumo SUV tyres. Do you know the relevant model number? Thanks Graeme
  12. My S2 1980 has 2 on dip 4 on high. I recently replaced the lights. The inners I used single filament units that are focused accordingly and give a good view on high beam.
  13. Hi Bob Didn't mean to be abrupt. Just trying to keep posting compact and ended up dragging in a few details from a few posts at once. I was concerned that someone may misinterpret the overall picture and not realise that a whole circuit needs to be upgraded not just one part. The fuse has to be rated to the weakest part. The caps are a good idea for surges. Ideas on sizes for this application? Graeme
  14. You need to read my post more carefully. I prefer to respect on the manufacturers rating rather than making a judgement based on eye-balling the contacts. The best way to check what is required is to put an ammeter or DMM in line with one of the fans to determine the load. Say 6A. A brief surge is unlikely to cause problems as there won't be enough time to heat the wiring up. That means a continuous load of 18A. A 25 to 30A relay will handle this, including the starting surge. If you want to go overkill with a 70A relay then the whole system will need upgrading from the battery to the fan. Wiring, relay, connectors, fuse. The fuse must be rated to the weakest link. To reiterate. Measure the actual current then get components rated to that current.
  15. I recall the fans would fail to start due to corrosion on the fuse on the back of the relay. I replaced with one with modern blade type fuse ~25-30A relay and have had no trouble. Mine has 3 fans but no AC so must have been made standard. If you are generous with the wire gauge that will have the greatest improvement in least voltage drop so 1 good relay will do and simplifies things. You could also add a warning light relay like S2 without difficulty then.
  16. The S2 uses a single fused relay for all 3 fans. I don't think it uses anything like 70A though. Just looks like a standard size relay (~20A). Don't have my car here at the moment to check. Simple way to add relays. Use the existing circuit to switch the relay and supply a new feed (fused) to the relay for driving the fans etc direct from battery. I ran a heavy wire from battery ( with heavy fuse) to a new 6 fuse holder under the front hatch. This supplies power to the window winders via relays in the doors and central locking leaving a couple of spares.
  17. I recently replaced the points in my Landrover with DIZZYTEK® electronic ignition. The electronic module fits under the distributor cap. Very easy to fit. Just unscrew the points and condenser. Attach module using same screws. Push magnet ring over cam. Replace rotor and cap. Connect wires to coil and you're done. Distributor on Landrover similar to Esprit. (45D4 Lucas) Got mine from here $NZ165 (~$US125) (80GBP)
  18. I use Cooper tyres in that size and found them good. The only problem I found is they are little soft for track use as after about 5 laps one has to give them a break to cool down.
  19. I am 12000 miles from England so I prefer to go down to the local nissan dealer and get a belt off them. ($31NZ, ~15 euro) I put a new one on every 2 years. Belts are made to much high specs now than the 70's so I am confident the belt is better than that supplied then. Nissan have a good reputation for reliability so I can't see them putting a dodgy belt on.
  20. Hi Skiing A drop in the indicated revs means the points aren't doing their job. So check points gap, condition of points and condenser (consider electronic). Wear in distributor shaft. Or even a loose wire (happened to me once).
  21. Sudden dipping of the indicated revs on the rev counter can indicate a problem with the 12V side of the ignition system.
  22. A belt change takes me about 4 hours by the time I have checked other things and made a few cups of coffee. The belt for S2 is $NZ31 (~12GBP) from local Nissan dealer (same as Maxima) I always remove Alternator for access and tensioner to give it a thorough check. One time the bushes were quite worn causing belt to track off to one side. Repaired for nothing by using bits from my misc. box of bits. A piece of 8mm rod and a piece of bronze bushing.
  23. People often look at peak power only. It is more useful to look at torque and power curves. Remember a supercharger gives instant and full boost the instant the throttle is opened. The VX gives solid acceleration from 1500rpm and I rarely put it past 4000rpm. The terrain in this area can be mountainous and twisting. The VX can climb theses hills in a more relaxed manner than the NA Esprit despite having 20 bhp less and weighing 200kg more. Power is torque times the revs so if the engine is tuned to deliver in the mid rather than high revs the peak power will be less but be delivered in a more useful rev band. I have a Landrover. Only 81bhp but this is at 2500rpm. A couple of days ago I hired a 2 ton digger on a trailer that it pulled just fine (including across a field) Actually it is more useful to look at BMEP There is some talk of the power required to drive the supercharger but the VX for example uses a tamer inlet cam to increase efficiency (the air is being pushed in by a positive displacement pump so higher lift and duration not required) and has a taller diff ratio compared to NA model. At high revs it develops a real growl as shock waves from the supercharger in the inlet. The newer Sprintex screw type are superior to the rootes type as in the VX. My Lancia VX has done 300,000 km and the supercharger has had no servicing apart from new oil and grease ever 2 years.
  24. I have a bit of info on the Lancia Volumex if anyone wants it as I have a 1985 Lancia volumex and 1980 S2 Esprit. The supercharger is a 1 litre driven at +40% engine speed to get 7 psi boost (at all revs) Top end power is lower than a turbo engine but low/mid range torque is great. Good on a twisting track. Makes not a bad tow car too. The Supercharger requires a lower compression just like turbo. The Volumex is 7.5 to 1 compared to 8.9 to 1 for the NA engine. Graeme
  25. Dayco belt number 94111 Same as T104, T029 Construction code 133S254 133 teeth S Profile 25 mm wide Also used on Nissan Maxima V6 1990-93 Cost in New Zealand $31 (16 Euro)
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