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  1. Apologies, ended up making an impulse purchase of a Corvette on the Thursday (yes really!) so didn't attempt to get clearance from the wife for more car related activity. Hope to be along to a meet at some point, although I do tend to lay the esprit up over the winter so may be next year.
  2. Long time lurker here. Had hoped to make this as quite local but neither date ideal. 23rd is my daughter's birthday party in the afternoon so if preparations are ahead I'll try and persuade the wife to let me come down.
  3. Update: I made the long trek to see Geoff at esprit engineering at the weekend and was pleased to be given a clean bill of health. Well, a few observations; one of the turbos will need some work in the medium term, I need to replace the front tyres, and yes, some of the pipework should be replaced as & when other jobs are done, but no red flags. Very pleased to have made the trip. And after spending over an hour prodding around my car Geoff tried to refuse taking any payment. Oh, and he spends his spare time repairing aeroplanes, definitely the kind of guy I want working on my ca
  4. Took it in for an mot.... and it passed! So I've bought myself a bit more time and can now drive it to wherever I decide to go rather than having to stick it on a trailer.
  5. Hi guys Thanks again for the input. As above the bottom line is that the car is going nowhere. So with regards to the original question, the answer is >113k miles and 19 years. Seems entirely obvious now. My issue now is whether to get the work done straight away or get a second opinion, and I think I know the answer to that too. The guys I took it to yesterday, who I wont name, seemed 110% straight & competent and are highly recommended on [another Lotus forum] but are fundamentally Elise & Exige specialists. It also doesn't make sense that the place that did the ins
  6. Thanks all. So the quote came in at £7-10k. Seems a lot to fix a bit of rust but then from the 10 minutes I spent underneath it there is a lot of rust to fix! Nothing chassis related but fuel pipes, oil pipes, coolant pipes, oil coolers (not the coolers themselves, the fittings but apparently tricky to remove without damaging the cooler), one of the wishbones, probably a load more that I've forgotten.... All to be expected on a car of that age I guess but odd given I had work done on the turbo pipes not too long ago and none of the other stuff had been flagged. George - perhaps you're ri
  7. Hi Dan Yep, just spotted that thread, very pertinent! Always garaged, and hasn't seen rain or salt in years. I generally take it out at least once a month, far more in summer, but has sat for up to 3 months in the past due to my no salt / rain policy. The rust that's been discovered will have been building for years and will be a legacy of having been a daily driver back in the day. Still sat waiting for the quote. Decided that I'd miss if it was gone, undecided how much would be too much....!!
  8. Hello all Long time member here that has been away for a while. Currently sat in a coffee shop while my 98 Esprit V8-GT is up on a ramp, potentially facing a watershed moment. I'd booked it in for an inspection (I don't get it serviced as such as I do so few miles and didn't anticipate selling the car so I don't feel the need to get the book stamped) which has ended up showing all manner of stuff corroding that hid hitherto not come to light. Not quite sure how this had not come to light at previous inspections or even how it passed previous MOTs but that's another story. I'm awaiting an
  9. OK, Thursdays not great for me but if I can get sign-off from the wife I will endeavour to get down.
  10. And the answer is..........speak to PNM (while stocks last). Big thumbs up for Pete.
  11. Afternoon all The strut for my driver side wing mirror has recently given up (see photo). The below guide (which was invaluable in getting the wing mirror off - big thanks Alex Carter if you're still around) ended up finding the same issue as I currently have. Having visited a few welders it appears that welding is not an option due to the material, and SJ Sportscars can only source a second hand replacement from overseas but by the sounds of it wont be quick, easy or cheap. Has an
  12. Good stuff. Meant to say the car looked great! I'm in North Weald but sadly the esprit only comes out occasionally these days (and very rarely in the wetter months). Cheers Tim
  13. Second time I've seen you recently so assume you're local. I flashed you in the black Nissan gtr.
  14. Couldn't see properly in the dark and the rain but couldn't see a V8 logo on the back. Car looked great in the red with the lights up. Are you local?
  15. Spotted this afternoon as I was pulling into my house in the V8.
  16. Newly moved to Essex and just heard about this. Will be there, work permitting.
  17. Spotted a couple of weeks ago, just before Christmas, about 7:30am. Came down Wellington Road and turned right towards Epping. I'm a bit vague on the details because it was a few weeks ago, and dark! I've just moved to North Weald in the last 6 months so if you're a local that might be why I've not seen you before.
  18. westhamtim


    I was in the silver V8.
  19. Sorry, I meant 60 / 70 mph!! Temp is normal - bang on 82C when on the move.
  20. Gunter, thankyou very much indeed for your detailed reply - you've found my level! Separately, I've now definitely noticed that I do get some heat at slightly higher revs, as I;ve seen others mention. In busy motorway traffic at say 60/70 it feels cold, push on a bit and there is a definite bit of warmth coming through. Most sensible people would hate that but to me it's more character in the car!
  21. Thanks Gunter. Embarassingly I need even more basic info. Where am I looking int he first place? From directly under the car, in the passenger footwell, in through the wheelarch? Cheers Tim
  22. Re-opening this thread again. I have a distinct lack of heat from my vents which given the freezing weather is very noticeable now!! The heater has never been great and looking at the other threads on this topic I'm thinking that the most likely candidate is sludge in the heater matrix (I've had problems with the low coolant indicator in the past and fixed this by shaking out the float which was all gunked up). So, can anybody tell me where I need to look to flush this out? Any other advice about how to go about this would also be greatly appreciated. Cheers Tim
  23. Quick update from me. It may be totally unrelated but I found an oil leak from the front of the car (diagnosed by Sinclaire as coming from the pipe between the engine and the oil cooler). By the time I found it it was pretty obvious but I'm thinking that potentially it could have been present for a while and the smell that I'd been noticing was in fact dropped oil burning off somewhere. Leak is fixed and co-incidentally or not I've not noticed the smell since..... Cheers Tim
  24. Brian Have you had any progress on this? I've noticed the same thing but only recently. Smells like burning rubber / tar, no degradation in performance or any other noticeable signs. I was hoping that it was salt / grit / general rubbish off the road burning on the hot cats. Cheers Tim
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