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  1. :huh: Here is another excellent source of the inner rubber shift bellows for the Esprit.

    The floor mounted boot from a Ford Feista (from the mid 1980's). The small German made Ford . . . not to be confused with the Ford Festiva (late 1980's to early 1990's) designed by Mazda but built by Kia. Fine vehicles both.

    I get the shift boot at the auto wreckers for $1 or so. They are thick black textured rubber and rather durable compared to the Esprit original. Fit perfectly at the base and seal really well (so long as you trim the top like you would on the Jeep version).

    I have a spare one or two.


  2. :D

    The Lotus manual is either vague or I am losing my memory (and, yes, both are likely).

    Does the spring steel spray shield . . . looks a bit like a 6 sided star stretched into a U-shape. . . mount onto the cylinder block flange BEFORE or AFTER the crankshaft and the MBH is secured?

    The S3 manual and the SE manual have slightly different procedures. The S3 manual is handy, at present, but the procedure is really poorly described (i.e. essentially not described at all).

    Additionally, the spray shield appears to be "held" in place with two dabs of silicon rubber. The bent flange hook barely holds the spray shield in place and I'm a little concerned that at 6000 RPM two dabs of silicon rubber may be too weak.

    Finally, what is the exact role of the spray shield?

    Many thanks.

  3. From the Toronto lotus dealer my 1989 Esprit turbo had this exact problem.

    Turns out it was a loose allen grub screw that didn't bind the mirror body to the mirror mount. If your mirrors have been bumped and wacked around too much then the alloy mount (from a plastic bumper CX) is likely cracked at or near the allen grub screw hole. Then, no matter how much you tighten, it will not properly bind the mirror body tight in its mount.


  4. A note from Canada. I also think the activation rod and tiny ball joint links are rusted together . . . . but that does not mean a new part is required. Remove the link as one whole piece and soak it overnight in WD-40 or similar light penetrating oil. My activation rods became easy to loosen/adjust after this step.

    Also I think the 6 mm bolt which clamps (and acts as a pivot in) the inboard-side of the right pod to the threaded rod of the bonnet mount is loose. It is this poor adjustment that is causing the pod to shift and eventually bind against the body. In typical Lotus fashion it is a round peg in a square hole. The pod has a 2 cm by 2 cm square adjustment window for a round 6 mm bolt shank that pivots within it. I marked the perfect location of that bolt via a tight-fitting (large diameter) washer. The stainless steel washer was then epoxy glued to the inside of the pod. The pivot bolt is forever perfectly lined up within that square window and the pod pivot locale is bang-on. Just don't get that washer position wrong unless you want to replace the whole headlight pod . . . epoxy is tougher than the GRP pod.

    Hope this helps.


  5. During a rebuild I caught the corner of the stamped/welded steel oil pan baffle plate on a threaded stud and stretched one of the holes. Yuck.

    Does anyone have a "spare" sump baffle (Lotus part #B910E9216J)?

    By the way, there are two types of these plates . . . one for a 6.5 litre sump (smooth bottom); another for the 7.4 litre pan (ribbed bottom). Mine is a smooth-bottom 6.5 litre sump.

    Many thanks.

  6. The TPS is a "coomon" General Motors product. As far as I know, 95% of all domestic GM's (at least here in Canada) pivot the reverse direction to the Lotus' TPS.

    The only GM car that I found that "fits" the Lotus' needs is the 1987-1993 Optima/Pontiac LeMans/ Asuna GT. In Europe I am told this is an Opel Kadett (my spelling may be weong on this name).

    These are CHEAP at autowreckers . . . . the TPS is, perhaps, $2.00 (used). Others have told me that the TPS from an Olds Quad 4 engine is a sure Lotus fit. However, I have yet to confirm this.


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