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  1. Who do you get to work on it? Mines a good solid car but could do with a paint job. Someones had a go a long time ago in the past & its flaking off, don't notice it from 20 paces! Currently buried in the garage. Need to find the time & pull my finger out...
  2. '81 Esprit not been out for a couple of years, should make the effort of a run in 2011. If it starts! [it always has in the past ;-)]
  3. SCC082910BHD11154 1981 Turbo Esprit Martin Forster (martyforster), Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
  4. Think DIW 45 lives in my 'hood (Gosforth), seen it around a few times... sure gets out more than my '81 Turbo (not yet taxed for the summer )
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