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  1. Tks Bibs, i'll give them a try. starbuck
  2. Hi, brought a freesan cable from LEW at the Castle Donnington show a few weeks back, but i'm unable to find freescan on this site to download to my laptop. Would be grateful for any advice on this. I've a problem with the tick-over on my 2.2 SE and i was hoping that the freescan would point me in the right direction. Also, does anyoe know of any good mechanics that they use/trust to work on there car, in the Nottingham area. Again, any advice, gratefully received. starbuck
  3. Sorry to, nick, marcus, and anyone else kind enough to reply. I put solenoid to the left. But as you look at the top row, there are three solenoids, and its the solenoid on the far right that is the faulty one.
  4. Hi to all. i have a esprit turbo 2.2 se. yesterday i saw smoke coming from the electrical panel, just in front of the engine. The smoke was comming from the solenoid to the left on the row of three. It was starting to melt..! Have been told this is the turbo exhaust solenoid.. is this correct...? Is it just a case of replacing the solenoid...or is there going to be more to this than that...! Is there a solenoid from a donor car that will work, or do i need one from lotus..? Any advice at all on this would be appreciated thanks...starbuck
  5. Hi Ed, Having had the same kind of problems with gears as you. I took action on advice that was given to me by the kind folk that use this site. It turned out to be leaking on the slave clyinder. The gearbox end. Problem sorted, Now just waiting for the next one! Many thanks to those that offered advice Happy Motoring Starbuck
  6. Thanks also to, James & Johnathan for your replies. Will take your advice on board. Don't you just love this car! starbuck
  7. Hi paul, sorry for the delay in replying to you, just back off holidays. Sorry if i'am asking an old question, guess i should check the site more. but thank you for your advice, i'am sure it will help. starbuck
  8. Hi, Was wondering if anyone could tell me what is likely to be the problem on my 2.2 turbo se. I know that they have a pretty naff gearbox at the best of times, but now i'am no unable to get into reverse gear at all! Have been told it could very well be a gear selector problem! But it would be nice to now if anyone has had the same problems. STARBUCK
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