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  1. I hate sound stupid but, is the rear lower control arm the same part as the lower wishbone?
  2. Can anyone comment on compatibility with control arms? I just came in need of a rear drivers side, and have found a V8 one available, but have a 90 SE. Thanks.
  3. The thing I worried about ... if this speed chip monitoring ever took effect in Canada ... what would happen if say I am on a "fast" *cough* 100km/h highway and a 50km/h ancillary runs over it ... is the engine going to choke ... is the guy behind me in an older vehicle going to ram my arse as my fuel cuts-out ?
  4. There was a discussion here in Canada (or maybe just Ontario) at one point about something very similar .... but wildly different ! There was talk of putting GPS sensors of some sort into new vehicles with a direct link to speed limiting. So when you are in a 50km/h area you cannot accelerate past it. I live in fear of that day ... it will be the end of modern motoring if it ever gets out.
  5. I would refer you to a little classic ... Yes Minister. The thing I always loved about this show was the contrast and conflict between the 'power' (minister) and the influence (humphrey.) I would simplify it this way Power - decisions are acted on due requirements; this may be fear or chain of command. e.g. A superior tells you to do something, you do it because you "have to" and you fear the consequences. Influence - decisions are acted due to a change in feeling; this could be a conscious change or unconcsious change. e.g. You are influenced to buy something because an ad said it
  6. Maybe I missed something on the site ... but I cannot find any references for 'local' guys ... so thought I would start this thread. Post info of any Canadian mechanical or parts sources ... for me ... Sandor's Auto - Carleton Place, ON (just outside Ottawa) (613) 253-7544 - Seems like a decent chap. Experience of Esprit's when he was still in Germany. Did a little work for me and seemed reasonable.
  7. Totally awesome ... and I thought I was doing well getting my wife's grandson a Hot Wheels V8 Esprit for his 2nd birthday the other day My old man, god rest his soul, arranged for me to be taken on a hoon around the back roads of Bedford with one of his friends in an Excel for my 16th. Got to make the most of it I think.
  8. My vote would be to Mazda-Lotus 6 ... put the poxy MazdaSpeed to shame ... or Ford-Lotus Mustang, with actual real proper handling added !
  9. 1. It's fast, real fast... 2. It's too sexy for my shirt... 3. It's not Italian. 4. It's British 5. Looks Great 6. The handling: Makes any other car feel like it's going to topple in a corner it's so flat and sticks like glue! 7. Makes a big statement on the road. Says I haven't given up on life (and sticks 2 fingers up at the people who have, in their Citroen Picasso's / Vauxhall Zafira's). 8. Limited production run ensures exclusivity. 9. Every journey is special, it's a pleasure to just be in the car and explore it's potential each time you find a nice stretch of road. 10. It has a
  10. The way I see it there are only what Lotus would return to F1. 1. We snap up a team the way out ... whether it's some sort of planned exit, or financially troubled. We then use what remnants there are from the team as a platform, and just hope that some of our boffins can make a difference as we throw ourselves to the lions. 2. We get involved little, by little. Lotus Engineering would design or 'aid' a design, maintaining some sort of proprietary rights to the designs ... and simply hold off until we have enough design parts to build an F1 car ... then throw ourselves to the lions. P
  11. I do actually agree with you Bibs ... but I have had so many problems getting things shipped to me from the UK that I now see it as a Russian Roulette !! I've seen things damaged beyond repair (and also beyond belief), boxes opened, items swiped by customs for 'investigation', items repackaged with parts missing, and items returned for no reason what so ever. As much as I want to get the right stuff ... I just have visions of waiting three weeks and ending up with empty bottles and soggy boxes ... or simply never receiving it and having to make a claim against the shipping company, that never
  12. I will never complain if the food is not what I thought it would be ... if the portions are too small, or if it's not the taste I expected. I will complain every single time if the food is bad, uncooked, or not what the menu depicts. I will also walk from a restuarant if they do not have ground pepper.
  13. What and where from for a driver in Canada ? I read a few threads on the fluid and it seems like the recommended stuff is not available, or readily available here ... so I thought I would open up the question of what people use and their experiences for fluid from this side of the pond. Cheers all !
  14. So far I have done with about 5l plus one in top up ... and another couple of changes of 6l plus top ups. My first time I think I had the rear jacked way too much ... but on each time it's taken a fair bit of careful monitoring to get the oil in good zone. I guess for many of us it's second nature now, but the way the oil levels out and the length of the piping can make it a little confusing at first. In fact my initiation was thinking I overfilled, then finding I had underfilled a tad. I can only buy my oil in 1l bottles ... so I tend to buy a case and have 3 bungeed into the boot for safety
  15. Welcome to the Forum ... I too treated myself in advance of my 30th birthday ... I hope you get as much enjoyment as I do ... although hopefully less leaks
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