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  1. I would like to add, that i purchased a rear bumper from Porsche palace for my 78 s2 esprit.[ebay]It came in the mail on was packaged properly. But i can only imagine they ran out of hardener on the assembly line.It had soft spots all over it that i had to dig out and reglass and of course prep.Then figure out a way to fasten it to my pylinth .[i NOTICED NOW THAT THEY SELL ONE THAT BOLTS RIGHT UP?] It took me roughly eight hours to to make that bumper right. In the end the car looks good. I guess this is one of those roads you have to go down in owning a car like this.
  2. sergeb666


    Happy New Year Bibs. Thanks for the great site. Im sure im speaking for the rest of the members in north America. Serge
  3. Its inside the car Gary. Before you try to dig it out,i would check to make sure your open close vents are working(the ones that direct from defrost to heat.these are found very close to the heatercore itself).if they are you might be correct in suggesting that the core is plugged.Again before you try to dig it out,with the car warm feel the difference in temp. between the hose going in and the hose going out.If they are both hot,i would go back to the vents and make sure the vents are allowing airflow.If your confident that all is well there then maybe you can(with the car cold!) try d
  4. Harry does this mean we are all using three liters of trans. oil on the next trans. service?I don't have Richards problem, but would this extra oil prevent it. Your expert opinion is appreciated. Thanks Serge
  5. Hey Jason dont forget to increase the size of your in out pipes that run through your chassi,as im sure that v12 has bigger pipes for its cooling.I did it on my car,very straight forward,push out your old ones,cut out the hole to the size your looking for,push the new ones in.PS do you get a discount when you buy twelve plugs? Regards Serge.
  6. # 78020714h 1978 lotus esprit s2 . Vancouver British Columbia Canada Serge
  7. having the car come out of first gear then reverse also helps.
  8. Thanks Jimmy.I opened the small wire container off the side of the motor and one side of the mechanical contact was rusted right off.Went to the local British car parts and they had Lucas replacement parts for the tr7 head lamp motors.Done
  9. Not to high jack your thread Wally,but since your on the topic of pods i was hoping some one had some input on my problem.One of my pods lifts but wont go back down?(relays are good).Thanks in advance.
  10. I have to agree with Mark on this one,the citroen trans is under rated.Probably not the best transaxle out there but its still a transaxle that was between a V6 and a very heavy four door sedan wasn't it?Dave has pictures to prove that things can go wrong with it, but i dont think that this trans treated with some care can't take the punch.(nothing hard from a dead start,no power shifting, full power when its locked in gear,hold on thats not fun!)I have owned my car (78s2)for over four years now and have around 8000k on it since i converted to a rotary turbo.Its intercooled with water cooled o
  11. Did you fall and hit your head when you were young Jason? PS. are you still in line for the rear caliper rebuild kits?
  12. Jason all i could find was Ruth from [abc] All British cars 604-294-5747 has them for 26.93 each.Here in Vancouver.I,m done looking.
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