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  2. Try Welch at or he can tell you where.
  3. I think the UK system of unemployment compensation is outragous. In the USA the time limit resets at 12 months employment. We are also taxed on uneployment pay as it is considered income. 1st they give only a percentage of normal pay one used to earn and then tax it on top of the reduced amount. Although we get a bit more it does not come close enough to pay monthly bills. UK needs to pay out 4-5 times as much to help the middle class to avoid losing what was aquired through years of hard work. Unemployment payments should be based totally on what a person earned while employed regardless o
  4. I just don't understand that the UK ISA can give a displaced worker so little. When Howard wrote about
  5. The car shown on his profile shows a 90 SE. In the USA those cars have a mechanical speedo with a cable from the transmission
  6. On the link there was a schedule of maximum weekly payments that seemed really low. Is it really the maximum weekly pay out? Who can live on that? Is there also other payments that the UK unemployed get in addition to these weekly payments? I thought ours was really low. My benefits are based on 2/3 income of the past 4 quarters and came out to somewhere around $500 a week. Unfortunately although it comes from the goverment they also consider it income and they tax it. Sort of give with one hand and take back with the other.
  7. So what is unemployment like in the UK? Do they give you enough money on assistance or unemployment compensation or whatever they call it there to live on?
  8. It is sucking even more as conditions worsen in upper midwest USA. Unemployment has gone up to 7.6 and Monday was my lasr day at work so I am now in the 7.6%.
  9. CNH


    Try Kojinsha
  10. CNH

    I am Cold

    Todays high here is -5F with last nights low of -20F with windchill much colder.
  11. CNH

    I am Cold

    John, What you describe is sort of what we do when we go up to the north woods cabin to rough it for a while hunting and to use snowmoniles. From what I gather I am about 10 years younger than you. As a youth I also lived in an unisulated house without a heat sources but I grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii so never had use for even winter clothes till the 1980's. In Minnesota we store our hobby cars from the first heavy snowfall usually in late November when they drop potassium choride, salt and sand on the roads till the first heavy rain and after the sweepers clear sand, rocks and what remain
  12. CNH

    I am Cold

    Our current temp at 12 noon on a sunny day is what you would call -10c and we routinely dip to below-20c at night. It is not unusal for the great lakes of NA or large rivers and lakes to freeze over by several feet to the point that we can drive cars on them. Our homes do not have pipes in attics, lofts spaces and are usually run vertically in interior walls or vertical plenums. The pipes are fully wrapped with 3/4 to 1" split foam wrap. How do you store cars in the UK in the winter? In our area when the weather is warmer we get snow as cold as it is now we hardly get any snow as t
  13. CNH

    I am Cold

    Just what are average temps during winter in the UK? I am suprised at the postings of water pipes bursting at those temps. What is the type and condition of the insulation used in UK homes? Those of us that live near the Canadian border have had sub zero temps for the last 30 days and that would be sub zero in F. It is correct that after a certain temp -2F does not feel too differently from -15F. I have not heard of burst water pipes in our town although our homes are rated for zone 5 winter insulation rating usually with multizone central forced air natural gas powered furnaces I hav
  14. go to the esprit fact file for all model changes. I think they might even have numbers when the changes occured.
  15. There is a very easy way to remove the speedo. Using a small screwdriver (mini or jewelers) use it between the speedo case and pry the rubber ring to lift it up a bit. Take a small cocktail straw and dip the end into liquid soap or dish detergent and hold your finger over the top end of the straw while the tip in in the soap. place the straw tip between speedo case and the rubber ring and release the soap. Place in 3 spots around the ring then give the speedo case a 1/4 to 1/2 turn to spread the soap and then pull it out. Some people use spray lube with a straw but soap is easier to clean up.
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