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    peter phillips
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    1994 brg s4
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    Custom stainless exhaust system inc sports cat & manifold and custom rear box. custom chip, k&n airfilter, recirculating bov, electric chargecooler, msd coils, ebc brake discs
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  1. Hi ho hi ho it's off to paint it goes
  2. No it's off to someone on the forum
  3. Well the s4 is being collected on saturday to be painted. Cant wait for the end results
  4. Full respray. Travel not too much of an issue. No colour change. A few k All the best
  5. Hello everyone. Can anyone reccomend a painter to spray my s4 as it will need painting soon. Also any idea on price. All the best
  6. I had this made a few years ago. Big thank you to Dr Hess who gave me the info to make it. It was not cheap around £950 Full stainless and welded by a rolls Royce jet engine guy. The guys who made it also made the rest of the exhaust with a fast flow cat from a noble And the rear silencer box that's small and hidden by the rear diffuser Had it designed so it could be unbolted from the turbo and removed without disturbing the rest of the exhaust so no studs holding on the turbo. Also no need to remove the rear engine mount either. As it's sits closer to the block. Been on the car for several years now with no issues.
  7. we use baby wipes on any marks before we send the kits are sent to AML.
  8. hello everyone. I have some material that i' interested in selling so i thought i would offer it to the forum before i put it on fleabay. I have 8.2 meters of fern (light) green alcantara (this is in x2 lots 1x 4meters & one of 4.2 meters) this is plain alcantara not laminated (foam backed). I also have 8 meters of forest (very close to brg) green this is plain alcantara not laminated (foam backed) which i was going to use on mine before I used pure black. I also have a couple of full leather hides (dark blue) ececelent quality. I may also have a few other pieces in different colours red, blue, pure black & obsidian black both plain and laminated etc. please note that this is the real deal from alcantara in Italy and not the usual poor quality stuff you see on fleabay and there is a massive difference in the quality and pile as myself and another forum member have compared them. please note that this being the real deal is not cheap. but I thought I would offer it to the forum 1st If any one is interested or may require some off cuts pm me. all the best .
  9. Make sure you change the spring. On the fork.
  10. So big stiltsons and big hammer 1. Chargecooler plug 0 New one being made old one still usable but a gauged up
  11. Anyone got a good idea on how to remove the brass charge cooler plug. It' starting to round off
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