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    Custom stainless exhaust system inc sports cat & manifold and custom rear box. custom chip, k&n airfilter, recirculating bov, electric chargecooler, msd coils, ebc brake discs
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  1. mr.oogieboogie

    Remove charge cooler bleed plug

    So big stiltsons and big hammer 1. Chargecooler plug 0 New one being made old one still usable but a gauged up
  2. mr.oogieboogie

    Remove charge cooler bleed plug

    Thanks . Looks like socket. Hammer and nut remover it is
  3. Anyone got a good idea on how to remove the brass charge cooler plug. It' starting to round off
  4. mr.oogieboogie


    Test fitting the new fans. Fit in the current housing after a small bit of trimming Should fit this weekend
  5. mr.oogieboogie

    Pilot steve

    Looking good. Nice to see it coming back together so Steve can enjoy his car All the best
  6. mr.oogieboogie

    Pilot steve

    Should go well with the seats
  7. mr.oogieboogie

    Pilot steve

    But he has a real nice set if seats
  8. mr.oogieboogie

    Pilot steve

    I hope Steve won't mind me posting this. But he is struggling to get his car back together. He is not in the best of health and I'm wondering if anyone local to him may have a few hours spare. Hes in Weymouth Dorset All the best
  9. mr.oogieboogie

    Who’s owned a Green Car..

  10. mr.oogieboogie

    Red excel

    In a garage on chesterfield road Mansfield. Looked in very good condition
  11. mr.oogieboogie

    Items spotted

    As the title says
  12. mr.oogieboogie

    seat refurb

    No rush on the O2 sensor. Wait until the bad weather has gone. Boot bag....I have more than one
  13. mr.oogieboogie

    seat refurb

    Both bags now complete. Way better with some foam cushioning. And now matches the boot and interior.
  14. mr.oogieboogie

    seat refurb

    So just to finish the rear section i should have the wind deflector bag and a new roof bag made in the same alcantara with edging as the original roof bags are a bit nasty and don't fit too well. Original bag shown and also the new foam backed alcantara being measured.
  15. mr.oogieboogie

    Alternator replacement

    Pretty sure the Motorola one I replaced on mine is a VW derivative. But with the original pulley wheel I'm sure it was less than £100. As they speced it up while I was there. This was a couple of years back. I also had the same whole issue which was solved with a sleeved insert.