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    Custom stainless exhaust system inc sports cat & manifold and custom rear box. custom chip, k&n airfilter, recirculating bov, electric chargecooler, msd coils, ebc brake discs
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  1. Well after the mot the brake pads were changed And one of the rear springs was broken. So a new pair fitted now on the road tax paid
  2. Well the s4 passed its mot. After a couple of years all it needed was two rear tyres and the rear brakes binding was as advisiories. So pretty happy with that
  3. hello everyone. how do you find your member number. All the best
  4. Sorry just seen this post I do have a spare 02 sensor. All the best
  5. Glad it helped. Amazing how may swear words those couple of nuts caused All the best
  6. i used an electric water pump from a jag cost about 20 quid flow rate was almost exact been on the car now for a few years. all the best
  7. interior pics as requested, note these were taken before the paint was done. all the best requested.
  8. well i managed to get the s4 out of the garage and give it a quick clean, it does look a very different car to before it was painted way better depth and shine to the colour people that have seen it say it looks a totally different car. all the best
  9. car arrived back this morning, cant wait until the good weather to sort the brakes and get her on the road. Once again thanks to David for the excellent work as well as the other jobs that he did just because they were there.and needed doing. car looks awesome the pics do not do it justice all the best Arrival pics
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