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  1. I use the BPR6ES in my S3 and always wanted to try a different plug is it safe to try the types mentioned as I hear its only the ngk as stated allowed or can I try the performance plug thanks lostu
  2. lostu

    Esprit Search

    Hi Dan if you look on this forum I have just put my esprit S3 n/a up for sale have a look and see what you think cheers lostu and its a 30 year old lotus next month
  3. thanks for all the info. my belt is now 2 years old and only 500 miles but i`ll get it changed in the new year merry christmas & a happy new year too all.
  4. ok has anyone at the moment driving around with a high milage belt or over 5 years or more on the same belt ,what does it look like condition wise as this data has being going on for 30 years . is the modern belt of today not alot tougher and of better manufacture materials than when this was a topic say 20 to 30 years ago surely thanks.
  5. would a fuel filter affect the performance if dirty
  6. hi ,please can someone tell me when the fuel filter should be changed in a S3,taking the lotus for a spin it seemed a bit of a stutter whilst driving,the filter has been in over 3 to 4 years the clear plastic you can see the paper filter is all black with little bits floating about also the fuel seems to look abit yellowish or maybe thats a reflection,could this be causing a lack of power on pull off thanks
  7. ok andy, thanks for that i feel someone with the expert knowledge and related experience,ye 24k is alot of miles on this type of car but its this 2 year time span,what if the new belt is fitted after 1 year it was bought so 12 months later it has too be changed again ?
  8. hi was wondering about the grey area that surrounds the timing belt some say 2 years or 24k miles as this is the same data given 30 years ago.surely lotus supplied belts have moved in time with modern technolegy yes 25-30 years ago and we have still got our lotuses,but all the new belts surley must have a better life and exchange time. due to the long winters the uk had and maybe the belts sitting on a store shelf a couple of months,then another few months possibly before lotus belt is just over 2 years and only done 500 miles with low revs and load.why has the esprit belt got to be
  9. Hi ,i wonder if someone can please advise me with my start up.after this long winter in which over the past 5 months i started up once per month last week i changed the oil and filter and changed the spark plugs with cleaned up ones from previous ( not new) it coughs and at idle and trying to drive it feels lumpy as if it was firing on 3 cylinders, do you think i have moved somthing or what as before the car has been great after a couple if mins of reving at start up it clears and illes very smoothly, i did put 5lts of new fuel in and a carb cleaner etc, i removed the dizzy ca
  10. hi to all and thanks for the replies, ok bibs i know where your coming from, but can i explain better, since day one of lotus ownership and the cost of repair i have always been advised by all the important lotus circles that in maintaining the lotus engine it you cut corners then pay the price. my issue being if you look at a lotus engine with a cheap oil filter then has it been cared for as i`ve always been told use a proper lotus oil filter as the white C907E6000W after all these years i`m sent a black coopers with stickers on
  11. Hi can anyone tell me whats now going on with the original white lotus oil filter C907E6000W just bought one from paul matty they sent me a black coopers filter with a couple of lotus stickers on R05XO7 it saying its now the lotus original it does not look good thanks STU
  12. Hi john,ye that makes sence my level in the header tank was near the top and as the lotus was idling for about 45 to 50 mins i think it expanded a little hence the overflow,ye i will drop the level too about 2 inches from the top as before after a run if level too high i`ve had the over flow a little when i park it up,likewise charles the fans will not come on as its very cold air at the moment,i watched the gauge today when idling and it creeped up slowly and just sat under the 90 degrees no issues i was just abit concerned as this has never before been a problem ,thanks again for great advic
  13. Hi ,can anyone help yesterday i started up the lotus after a couple of weeks from the last start present i have not had any problems with the fans coming on etc and the temp gauge sits at under i left it idling for about 40-45 mins normally the fans kick in after 30 mins but as i was outside the garage was not sure if they kicked in so hence i gave it longer which lead too boiling overflow. Today i topped up coolant and started for 30 mins the temp gauge sat at j
  14. hi, do you think a petrol additive would be good to use too clean the carbs or is the super unleaded enough too avoid any build up thanks stu.
  15. I thought so andy thanks again stu.
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