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  1. Hi Graham, Long time no see........ I'm in 1. Officer Dibble 2. Nigeninja 3. Ian G +1
  2. Graham, Thanks for proposing the dates above. I will put these in my diary, and let you know which ones I can make it for. See you / rest of the lads soon. Ian.
  3. Hi Graham, Great idea, would love to come, but in the process of moving house. Packing, sorting the loft out. found boxes unopened from the last move, as you do.. New place has a workshop 27' x 25' with pit. Am I a lucky boy or what? hope top see you soon after we have moved. That's if I can get away from the endless jobs to be done. Have a great day, and a '99' on me. Ian.
  4. Hi Andy, The exhaust back pressure valve has been removed. I had a stainless exhaust fitted, and the old back pressure valve had siezed up. The pipe has been blanked off........! I'm afraid blipping the throttle does not effect the tickover. I can get it to tickover at a normal RPM by turning off the ignition, and starting her back up again..........??? I'm afraid blipping the throttle does not effect the tickover. I can get it to tickover at a normal RPM by turning off the ignition, and starting her back up again..........???
  5. My S4 sometimes ticks over at 1500 to 2000 RPM. I have been informed I need Freescan software, to reset somthing or the other? I now have the software, and have purchased the lead. Where do I plug it in? And what do I reset? Any ideas guys? If you know, could you take me through step by step, I tend to bugger things up when on a computer.......!
  6. Cheers Wayne, I'll take a look at that. Will I be able to reset it myself using Freescan, if I have the lead, and the softwatre on a laptop?
  7. That's great. Sorry to be a thicko. But what is, and where is the: Throttle jack capsule, and the IACV?
  8. My S4 sometimes ticks over at 2000RPM. If I switch off then start back up again, it will idle correctly. The throttle cabe is not sticking. What do you think it might be? Can any one help. It 'don't' look good when I'm in a que of traffic!!!
  9. Hi Bibs - Laura and co. Thanks for a fantastic week end. Great bash on Saturady night. I'll have to save more pennies ready for next time.......... Good to see the tap and die set made a few quid. Took the trouble and strife round the test track on Sunday. She thought she would be OK as we would onlt top 70 MPH. She spent most of it under the glove box....................! Thanks one again. I'll be one of the 1st on the list if I have the chance again. I did't know who Kimbers was...........I do now............He is royalty.............!!!
  10. Brill.............! THanks Laura.
  11. All booked now. Sadly can't make it till Saturday evening. Hotel booked for Saturday night. See you in the 250 man tent. Did Bibs say we get grub?
  12. Hi Dave. Because of work commitment stuff.... It looks like we will be getting there about 19:00 Saturday evening. Travelling back on Suday evening I'll let you know if things change. ATB. Ian
  13. Hi Bibs, I would like to purchase tickets for Sunday. What time do I need to be there on Sunday? Iang Bromsgrove.
  14. Hi Graham, Can't make this one. Boating for the week. Can't make the September one either, yearly shutdown, so need to work the w/end. Hope to attend the big event in October. Pehaps we will set up a convoy at some stage. Take care, have fun. See you soon. Ian.
  15. Been in contact with Harvington hall, and Studley castle. Harvington hall do not have the space to host us: Studley castle would welcome us on a Sunday in September, but only have parking for 30 + a further 50...........That's a no goer then!
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