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  1. Thats answered my question about the std fuel pump then.....
  2. a quick update..... The engine cover wont fit with the supercharger & chargercoolers fitted Never mind, just an excuse to fit a suitably large turbo and make up a decent charge cooler as the jaguar ones are known to be restrictive. Ive made some tempory engine mounts, gearbox linkage (the audi box used a rod to the gear lever) and brackets to fit the Peugeot alternator and the air con pump (which I think is off a Fiat van). The V8 didnt come with any ancillaries and I had the alternator & pump anyway. They have the right pulley type and the air con pump looks to be new. Now Ive got the dimensions I can make some nicer looking bits out of ally..... Does anyone know what bhp the std Lotus fuel pump is good for?
  3. Ye there's an adaptor plate joining the two together. Id measured the size of the hole and the engine/gearbox but was very relieved when it actually fitted into the hole!! True, I could be driving around with the old engine but I think the supercharged v8 experience will be worth the effort (well I hope it is...)
  4. Its not sitting level as its resting on the chassis but it does fit :)
  5. Hi Dave, I met you at Northampton motorsport when you were carefully removing your rear 1/4 windows lol Very nice result and a stunning looking car. As far as Im concerned NMS RR is one of the most accurate in the country (and I get to see results from Rr's all over the country). Let me know when you need some more power, there's more in there with a cam change
  6. Just digging the thread up as Ive finally got it back into the workshop. All good projects need to be put on the forgotten shelf for at least a year lol Attached the engine and box and dangled it over the engine bay and it looks like its going to fit. Just need to extend the enging crane as its not got enough reach at the moment......
  7. I've had the engine sitting in the corner of the workshop for about 8 years now and couldn't resist the Buy It Now button on ebay for the box..... Simon at Caral has been very helpful so far....... One quick question (of many to follow....) Does anyone know if the driveshafts fromt he Citroen box will fit onto the S4 hubs? Aluminuim adaptors like Hilly's seem to be easier than Cutting & shutting driveshafts.
  8. Well it was like this...... Fix the oil leak, fit a new cambelt and sort the 4th gear syncro out on the 2.2 Turbo engine or....... Fit a Supercharged 4.0L Jag V8 with a 6 speed Audi box.... Guess which route I've chosen
  9. mattsav

    PH Wilton House

    The yellow S4 is mine. Its was a good day out Nice drive there and back, with Braziers (even if we do have to wait for him to catch up ) and the GT40 thats parked next to mine. After a day of listening to V8's my puny 4 pot is just not doing it for me...
  10. I've got my first Esprit at 37, but if I ever grow up into an adult , shoot me
  11. Its does look fantastic, I saw you near the Holmbush Tesco's recently. Unfortunatley I was driving a Fiat Punto at the time (
  12. I'm gutted I couldn't make this one. A ) I was busy B ) The damn car wouldn't start - Could Lotus have found a more obscure place for the Fuel Cutoff Inertia switch, pure fluke that I noticed it tucked behind the fuel filter! I'll be there next time though
  13. I'm from Lancing so just up the road. Mine's got a few bits that need sorting but I absolutely love it
  14. I'll try and see if I can fix the exhaust blow as its very annoying but the engine and box will be out over winter for a full rebuild. Think a new ECU, set of cams, flowed head and roller bearing turbo may be on the cards......
  15. Its not bad. It used to be the metallic burgandy/red but one careless owner wrote it off TWICE in 2001. Its was re-sprayed yellow then which I much prefer. It attracts attention everywhere it goes Seems to have been put back together ok after the write off's, Ican't find any repairs which is a good sign. The guages are all over the place, syncro is going on 4th gear and the aircon doesn't work and there's an exhaust blow somewhere but thats about it. Unfortunatley the alarm fitters managed to crack the windscreen putting the binnacle back on which is a good start to things. Picked it up for less than
  16. After wanting an Esprit since I was about 8 I have finally bought one Absolutely chuffed to bits with it. Has a few problems that need sorting but thats not a problem (I've been driving a Peugeot 205 for the last 9 years so am used to things falling off regulary!)
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