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  1. Having been in possession of this wonderful tool for the last 4 (!) years I can confirm that John Walsh of this forum now has it.
  2. That’s good to hear – there are some mad prices being asked for S3s out there, and I was really not sure where to place it in the market, especially with it being a ‘non-standard’ car. Given the distance it is from the majority of the market, I will be more than happy to send anybody that is interested some videos of the car, or do a facetime/zoom video chat. Also happy to pick up/drop of anybody from the airport/train station/bus station, which are all about a 30min drive away, whether coming up (or down) to look or buy (I took a couple of trips down to Banbury to buy it back in 2010, with the then owner picking me up from Birmingham). And if someone wanted to buy it ‘sight unseen’ then I would happily drive it to them anywhere in the UK 🙂
  3. It’s been quite a few years since I have been on a LEGS run, but given the car is finally running again, and you are coming up my way, I would love to tag along. I will probably meet you at the top of Cairn O’ Mount though, rather than coming down to Dundee. It looks like you are planning to leave at 9.30ish, so I would make sure I am there no later than say 10.20? Google recons 1h15mins from the Cafe to the viewpoint, but I suspect it might take a little less than that… Scott
  4. Sorry, I have just seen this – I check back every now and then to see if anybody needs it! Can I still send it out to you, or is it too late? Scott
  5. Steve very kindly sent me out his arb tool this week for me to use, and it worked an absolute treat! Used a small press (the type with the bottle jack) and it pushed the bushes (standard black type) in no problem with a large splodge of Fairy Liquid - I used the pomegranate smelling stuff, buy I am sure the other types would work just as well :-) So, whoever needs it next, just let me know and I will happily send it on! Scott
  6. Hi Steve - would it be possible to borrow your well traveled magic tool? It would be very much appreciated! I will send you a PM with my address. I am trying to get the S3 back on the road after a year in the garage, and it is going to need new bushes for the MOT... Thanks Scott
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  8. I bought the car with all the work done already, which made thing much easier and cheaper - just 5K for the car back in 2010, which was in excellent condition! The crank sensor bracket is custom made, and the trigger wheel has been fitted to the crank pulley. To fit this on, the arm on the front gasket cover that indicates TDC etc has been cut of, and I think some metal has been trimmed away where the crank sensor bracket is bolted to it. The manual tensioner bolt has also been modified so that it sits flush with the outer edge of the tensioner (as the trigger wheel covers part of it - which is a pain, as you have to take it off to tention the timing belt!). Hopefully the below pictures will explain all, but if you need any other details then just let me know. Scott Coil Pack Position on Engine Shroud ECU Position Front of Engine Crank Sensor Bracket Crank Sensor Bracket (without trigger wheel) Trigger Wheel Side of Engine
  9. Just replied in you engine topic, but can provide some photos for these thing to. (This is for a modifed S3) My coil pack is fixed to the inside of the removable panel that fits around the engine, on the drivers side, close to the fron fo the engine. The spark plug leads then all coil over the inlet cam housing and are bunched together through the middle of the throttle bodies and straight into the coil. You can just see the coil in this old picture of the engine, tucked behind the air inlet pipe/hose: The ECU is fixed by a bracket to the side of the drivers side rear wheel arch, near the battery. I don't have apicture of this yet. Scott If there is anything else you would like pictures of then just ask! Scott
  10. My 912 engine is out of the car at the moment, fully re-built and waiting to go back in. It has been conveted to fuel injection so has a crank sensor and trigger wheel fitted. I can get some pictures of all this up over the weekend, though probably not tonight. Hopefully they will be of some help! Scott
  11. Who's Attending? 1 Kenneth London 2 John & Wendy 3 Duncan Anderson 4 Brian & Isable Swankie 5 Alex & Carol Black 6 Trevor Longstaff 7 Mark Jackson 8 Bill Mutch 9 Scott Gibb
  12. Does anybody fancy going earlier for some lunch first - say 1.00? Attending 1 John & Wendy 2 Don M 3 Bill Mutch 4 Brain & Elaine Donald 5 David Darling 6 Ken London 7 Brian & Isabel Swankie 8 Scott Gibb
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