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  1. hey bluethunder don't change from a TVR to a lotus change from the cerbera to a tuscan or sagaris the cornering in a tuscan is much better and the car is more brutal (espescially when you know to use the right foot) and the extra treat is that you can drive open have driven esprits before buying my tuscan but wont change back the SE turbo was better than the turbo (like your brothers)and the pedalbox on the SE is wider. although i'm still in love ith the looks it's still a small car (inside) with a bad working airco and to many electrical (sensors)problems. 190cm lenght is really the max (that's even to big in my opinion) i favourize a normally aspirated power car. full power all the way my next car will be a sagaris. have owned a c6 vette and they drive nice but everytime i passed someone i had to duck (in my country vette owners are linked to trailertrash) rens
  2. shit no global warming ?? yust was thinking of buying a house in the north of sweden the add stated that there was a warning about icebear's with the global warming they would be melting bears so who cares XXXXXXXXX have to look in europe now what about buckingham palace wont be that expensive i think england is going bankrupt will get the queen as a bonus for free will need her as a gardner rens
  3. hey guys i'm recovering from a knee operation so have a lot of laptop and tv time had the luck yesterday to see the holy grail again that was super like the life of brian those are classics the only thing wich is broadcasted in my country at the moment is: CSI - Miami, LA,NY,Pitsburg, vancouver, applegate did i miss some ? and total makeover - gnome, lepricorn, obesitas 1,2 an 3, open back 4 and 5 models - inc,anc,tink,tank what happened with nice series like shaka zulu, etc think i'm going to read my bleuberry, lucky luke and storm albums again rens
  4. rens914


    american food ehj. gulp !. i'll be eating a lot in little local stalls then with fried chicken or fish. a lot of americans means that we won't be able to buy nice clothes. everything will be size xxxl and upwards. seen that at st Maartens were on front street every shop was filled with cruiseboat shit. the only piece of the island with normal shops was on the french side in la grande case. we will be on nassau near cablebeach i want to dive/feed the sharks. is it possible there ? rens
  5. rens914


    hey guys flying to the bahama's in 2 weeks time my misses wants to come along where can i feed the sharks rens
  6. i believe she's practicly new like our queen never done hard labour ehj i'll give 10 quit rens
  7. i know that's not the correct answer on this topic but i'm happy as i am i don't want to go back for a hump or a good glas of wine sure would have liked to know 9/11 was coming up would have sold my stock's but the only way to benefit would have been not telling anybody i couldn't live with the knowledge saving my stock's but killing a few thousand. sorry rens
  8. never brake test other drivers some clever guys once said: showing stupid people that you don't respect them will not make them intelligent or coorperative. it will simply make them your enemy rens
  9. it's all a matter of moment, vieuw and respect we don't respect people driving GTI,GSI,SS cars when they want to race us (why don't they understand they are without chance). i'll tell you i had some pretty close races with impresa's, mitsu's, m3's and corvette's ferrari, lamborghinin, porsche guys had the same feeling with lotus drivers 2 month's ago i had a ferrari 430 driver who wanted to race me. he was a single driver and i had a passenger aboard (double load) after 3 stintht's trying to pull away (and loosing / i even pulled up next to him without full throttle) he stopped and asked what kind of car i had ? he was astonished something was quicker than his italian toy couldn't resist to tell him that i had owned an esprit before wich was even quicker (sorry guys that was a lie :0)) whe like that and disgust gti and so fort drivers yust respect them and if you're not in the mood wave them by rens
  10. that's a good thing because tooth ake tends to get worse beiing about 10.000 meter above seelevel more pressure more pain rens
  11. sounds absolutely stupid but had that with my lotus and don't have it with the TVR people aren't trying to race me never had people sitting backside to the front when passing my esprit now they are looking at the car with their mouth's wide open from ????? they really look rediculous should make pictures i think it helps that in my country there are only a few TVR tuscans (i believe only 4) never get stupid remarks anymore like: is that a ferrari or a lamborgini people just don't know and arent tempted to race me btw hit a ramp because some F......cker placed the steering wheel on the wrong side ????? still not used to that rens
  12. i have owned an imported and converted esprit (rhd to lhd) to convert the car you'll need a new front end this includes having to re-place the vin number on another (original) part of the car after talking to the (MOT) they accepted that it as placed in the right rear arche on the chassis were the suspension is held. have a talk with those guys in italy and ask them how to solve the problem but after you have replaced the vin from front to back have this put on a piece of official paper with stamps on them my car didn't have this so after exporting the car to belgium the new owner had a hard time getting it official rens
  13. bibs i really should keep quit on this part owning a tuscan nowdays but still have the feeling that i'm part of a special group. and i have seen yust this evolving on a dutch forum i know that not everything will be the same and it's the moderator that has a big say in this but it started with some elise and exige's. now owning an esprit is like coming out of the zoo or museum. it's only elise and exige trackdays are held on little testing circuit's only suited for "those little mice". so sure a lotus forum should have all the models (but that includes europa, eclat, etc ) ???????? it won't be the esprit forum anymore so : let's also have a poll for a new name rens
  14. hey bibs been in Antigua and no pictures of british harbour ? you should of told the forum before going i might have arranged a tall ship ride for you mate of mine has his own boat (lying in jolly harbour/ seeing the pics you were next to that resort) he attends the old ships race every year rens
  15. Hi perhaps i can help you out have owned an SE turbo and sold it for a tuscan now lotus the SE turbo was a smooth ride (even with all the upgrades) it needs new brakes and another clutch to start with (they are not suited for the performance) hopefully the former owner has done a C service and therated the car well handling is Ok if you change the bushings it can have a lot of small electrical setback's the TVR is harsh and brutal the looks are better but the handling is difficult if you buy a cerbera (younger one) you won't have the engine problems the tuscan has more power and less weight than the esprit the wow factor is far bigger with a TVR than with an esprit with an esprit people think its soemthing else with a TVR they don't know what it is and the noise is far better rens
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