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  1. Owned porsche's for about 15 years the last one was a 993 4s with some engine upgrades ( they are still faster than the 998's) a fast car and more suitable for driving each day than the lotus (9 liters on 100 k'/h) unbelievable reliable and suited for your misses too if you want to sell it you will have a nice price within 2 weeks (unlike the esprit) but the lotus is something else and owning the esprit forced me to have another every day car because the lotus is not fit for that kind of use to be true you cant compare a 4 wheel drive porsche without turbo with a 2 wheel drive lotus with turbo try the porsche turbo 993 (same year as the 94 esprit) to have a good comparision 450 bhp (without chip), unbelievable braking power and reliability and faster than the esprit but a totally different car by means of drivability don't step in later porsche turbo's. the last one is even faster than the GT3 porsche the esprit doesnt stand a chance don't compare apples with pears rens
  2. Had one years ago (29 ?? pffff) the TR 7 (4-cil) has a bad engine. not trustworthy. rubbish ! needed 2 overhauls in a year and wasn't the only one if you buy one buy the TR 8. a lot more value for money greets Rens
  3. I replaced mine 2 years ago (for my SE) couldnt find one for a nice price went to a american car scrapyard and found one i believe it came from a dodge diesel (old one) the lotus dealer was astonished it was the same one rens
  4. I also state that if you want another model buy one dont buy a SE if you really want a S4 or an V8 once you get started it's allways going to cost you more than expected you will allmost allways end up spending 80% of the price of selling yours and buying "the real thing" You will allways know it's a kitcar I would buy a SE with the power of a V8 (so drivability and power upgrades) but never a kitcar its like a ferrari on a fiero base 60% of the 911's with the looks of a turbo are fake ??????? greets Rens
  5. OK OK Artie so this time im in luck but you guys have california girls and big burgers i have to settle with Amsterdam and Paris and fine restaurants greets Rens
  6. i had a problem once that sounds allmost silimar a faulty fuel regulator it's on the end of the fuelline if you pull of the black tube with running engine you must hear a vacuum sound if petrol comes flowing out of there it needs replacement. then it pumps (extra) fuel into cilinder 3/4 leaving 1 and 2 running very lean So when your spark plugs on 3 and 4 are black and those on 1 and 2 are white check the fuel regulator greets Rens
  7. rens914


    Try the dunlop sp sport 8000 (not the 9000) they stick very well on wet and dry are not so expensive and are the next best to michelin sport cup and pirelli p corsa wich are semi track tires greets Rens
  8. I allmost have the same set-up and power range (Do you have the ram-air ?) after driving 15 years in porsche's i also wanted to fit in some 964-993 brakes but even with second hand calippers and discs it would have cost me more than the AP braking line i have done the hispec upgrade on the front with hawk fastcircuit/race pads (PNM delivers this and it will cost you about $1000) mind you PNM is a small company so depending of the colour of the set you want it can take a wile (( on the back side i overhauled the callipers and fit drilled and grooved discs with the EBC red race pads this all with steelflex brake lines and synthetic dot 5 baking oil on the circuit of Zolder (belgium// very demanding for brakes) and Zandvoort it turned out to be a good choice hope this helps you greets Rens
  9. I'm not sure if it is an original colour but there is a yellow one in the netherlands gr Rens
  10. bought mine 1,5 years ago i know of people still selling them (errasing the bosch nr) greets Rens
  11. I wouldn't do this before you know it's going to leak and chance is that you wont notice it directly wouldn't like to have those problems it's not a nice job but (about 1,5 hours) i would blank it off greets Rens
  12. good post i just ordered the 2 threaded rods. (3.45 pounds each) new adjustable top links from lotus would be 250 pounds a set so with the drawings from vulcan grey it's easy earned money i have a guy here who can make allmost everything (for little money) greets Rens
  13. Yep it was a hell of a yob like allready mentioned above i also directly replaced my brake lines for the steelflex ones if you take the calippers off and disconnect the lines you will have to bleed the brakes but make sure you put a stick between your front chair and the brake pedal (and push it a bit) keep it in this position like this you won't have to bleed the whole system rens
  14. the left window motor is the Bosch FPE 12V 0 130 821 298 price must be about
  15. I have a lot of things to play with but sometimes i ask myself if it isn't to much you can only have your mind on one thing at a time Mercedes station 220 cdi (family car) VW passat station (travel car for going up/down to my work) porsche 928 GTS Strosek (because it's special ??) porsche 914-916 conversion (because i yust have it ??) Lotus SE turbo (because i like it ??) Aprilia RSV Mille racing bike (for the thrill ??) reading this i think i am going to sell some of them this is getting idiotic just add up the total amount roadtax and insurance i pay each month i think i am going to get rid of the 2 porsche's greets Rens
  16. your own ones which will probably be in a sorry state by now.
  17. I have 17 inch rims and my wheels wear off a bit on the inside seeing the pics of vulcan grey it must be quite easy to manufacture them myself i am going to give it a try greets Rens
  18. Hi guys My SE has fixed toplinks on the rear wheels to adjust the camber it would be easy to have adjustable top links i believe they are standard on the GT3 car and the later S4s can anybody help me or are they easy to rebuild ? greets Rens
  19. If you're thinking of buying a small car with power for little money ? why not think about a Renault Clio Wiliams nice little bomb rens
  20. rens914

    Ebc Pads

    Do you mean the pad material has come off the metal backing ? Mine seem to be fine, what compound did you have - I'm using the ceramic version (think it's version 5) if thats any help. Yep the material came off the metal backing on the left backside calipers are overhauled last time it was the right backside i allways use the ceramic version (5 Red race) Discs were like new (slotted and drilled) i will need 2 new ones the other pads are 1 a greets Rens
  21. rens914

    Ebc Pads

    This is the second time in 2 years my discs get a hard time from recently fitted EBC redstuff brake pads. (700 miles) i'm not sure if i need a new disc again (was only on there for 700 miles) they yust come off the bracket ????? does any body else have this experience too ?? gr Rens
  22. I know somebody wanting to sell one in the netherlands for ages his asking price is 300 euro's it's still there rens
  23. My son has been driving my cars on the circuit since his 14th year of age (porsche 993) yes i was and still am proud last time a bit less proud (francorchamps) he didnt return to the pitlane after about 10 minutes the truck went out to pick somebody up Yep my esprit no big damage done but none the less he has to take his own car next time :0)) rens
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