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  1. 50 years now netherlands owned a SE turbo last year) taxed at
  2. my wife has a new litter main coon cats 8 kittens that's 8 x $$$$ pfffffff another holliday payed rens
  3. my wife is driving me crazy been in the grenadines for 1 month in january (on a boat/cat) on the skies in france in april lounging in ibiza in june going to ibiza in september (closing party's) going to the bahamas in november no more no more no she's booked zanzibar in februari my car misses me get a life i'm going to put her on ebay starting bid $ 1 rens
  4. bibs children ? on the motorway imprison and flock them ! jcbjs 260 still have something nice lying round to avoid situations like this rens
  5. sure it's your decision it's only that at the end there will be only a few mint oroginal examples left will follow your rebuild what did you get as a project car ? S1,2,3 SE, S4,S4s,gt3,v8 ? rens
  6. I fully understand what you are saying and you must be a purist so im not the same side of the table as you. Dont get me wrong im all for originality but when you can make something personal and in my own opinion better than the original then why not. Growth in technology has given us the option to improve all the charicteristics of our cars so why not take advantage of that i'm not a purist if you wan't to improove the car do it properly improve the drivetrain, brakes, shock's, use polybushes. switch the powerplant and add everything possible but DON'T TOUCH THE OUTSIDE in the end it has the looks but it's a kit car and only intersting to gti drivers who don't have the brains or money for the real thing. you've bought a lotus now there's a lot to improove on the original but if you've bought a series 1 make it the best series 1 but keep it a series 1 and so forth. i'm still a lotus enthousiast (even owning a trevor now) DON'T F**K UP MY CAR rens
  7. can't be the shock's must be you getting older and milder rens
  8. restoring older cars is awesome but chopping them up is sacrimony seen your 911 been wasted a 1977 is a 3.0 with marvoullous lines and the flex bumpers you've transformed it to a 964 ???? why change the the engine and tech's but never the outside if you want another look buy the other car if you would drive up my driveway with that chopped up 911 i wouldn't sell my car to you either rens
  9. beiing married for 26 years the car wins every time rens
  10. i can second your statement about the springs not beiing strong enough if things don't aprove i am going to mount stronger ones the spring is for the downward action the damper setting is to regulate the upward action if the car is wobbely it's more likely the springs not beiing strong enough in stead of the damper setting rens
  11. rens914


    i have some passports left they are from the 3 thai girls working for me rens
  12. i have my tyres at 29 psi protech recommends to set it on 7 but then i feel like i'm driving a rocking chair i have them on 13 now the esprit is a different car but having them on 3 can't be right i had some gaz dampers from R&B on my esprit before 22 clicks behind and 18 clicks in front (max was 28 clicks) that's like a 8 out of 13 rens
  13. i have bought the same shock's for the tuscan a car that is very depending on a good damping (backside) because it's original set-up is much to weak the proteck's still seam a bit weak (springs) but are a huge improvement i have them at the max now (13 click's) and still want more this can be obtained by turning the nob to the max push it firmly and release the screw on the side of the nob turn it to the left 5 click's and tighten the screw again you'll have an initial 5 click's extra (trackdays) gr rens
  14. TVR Tuscan red rose oops wrong forum rens
  15. Drove my tuscan on the circuit yesterday and bought myself a MV Agusta R (black/180bhp / 173 kg's) it has been delivered 1 hour ago yep that makes me very happy today (and tomorrow) rens
  16. I have a friend living in the centre of amsterdam. sleeping in the park there must be at least as exiting interested ? rens
  17. hey guys i'm yust kidding but like we say here it's the reaction of people that gives a story it's credability if you would have said this about the dutch i wouldnt even have reacted because i know it's bollock's people only tend to defend things wich are a least close or things they don't want to be tru (ask your schrink) rens
  18. hey guys only wanted to lit the fire it wasn't only trying to get invited for thea with a hidden camera they yust greeted people on the street etc everybody yust walked by like the guy had lepra hospitality must have a different meaning overthere rens
  19. OK but this isn't the first country they visited but surely the first country with these results so you could say that hospitality surely has another meaning in london does it mean : hospitality only for people i know ? rens
  20. seen a TV show yesterday concerning the hospitality of the people in london they yust visited people at tea time and asked them if they could be invited for tea. they also told them it was for a television show concerning hospitality they were only invited once (after about 90 x trying) what's that with the london hospitality if somebody of you guys needs a place to crash after visiting Zolder no probs rens
  21. hi guys havent been on the forum for a while i'm trying to "learn" to drive my red rose tuscan what an animal the lotus was a pussy till now no technical problems and that makes the tusc a pussy it's a totally different car with even more head turning and tumbs up my klotus was lhd and my tusc is rhd that still gives some problems but it's all for a good cause (keeping me happy) greetz from reefer country ( holland) rens
  22. super car. it's the same colour as my tuscan wanna swap ????????????????????????????????????????????????? please ! rens
  23. be happy she even got you a present i yust turned 50 and didn't get anything @#$%^&*() "We had a kiss and a cuddle that night." i'll like that present again next year but think i'll get something else rens
  24. it's a good call had 4 knee operations in the last 7 years driving a car other than a automatic can be terrible could only cope with about 1 hour circuit work (then had to suffer for 1 month to get rid of the pain again) it's going to take a long time before you're "fully" recovered they can fix a lot nowdays but knee's is still not one of them be sure you have a lot of power in your legs before you go to surgery my legs came out 1/2 as thick (muscles all gone) rens
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