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  1. I have fitted the new Dunlop 8000. they are even better than the 9000 I bought them via internet (fit them myself) for
  2. Super sound that fits the looks of the car have it fitted for 1/2 year and my neighbors still greet me rens
  3. Hi guy's If you are intending to replace the window motors don't buy the original ones they are much to expensive bosch makes them too and the fit 100% for the left side : Bosch FPE 12V 0 130 821 298 in Holland they kost about
  4. It's easy to check just feel the temperature of your chargecooler box It seems to be that there are three main reasons why the ECU can switch to safe mode. Faulty temperature sensor (in the charge cooler) Faulty rotor (you can replace this easily by an electric driven one) Faulty O2 sensor cheers Rens
  5. Ok thats the car now buy a 1. stinger 2. replace your exhaust 3. buy an other air intake fiter 4. a # 6 red race chip 5. bigger injectors 6. other shocks 7. other wheels (minimum 17 inch 8. other brakes Then drive it again You'll know why you don't need a 8 cilinder having more power than a S4S but with a better drivability be sensible : drive the car the least once a week fave fun
  6. just for the holliday feeling a citroen Mehari
  7. I Fitted a Larini exhaust on my SE super sound especially when you let go of the trottle It moans mumbles like my mother in law more torque and even nice flames at night (combination with #6 red race chip and bigger injectors) I let somebody else drive my car to see the light show. costs about
  8. I hada similar problem with a SE Turbo every time with full trottle (after3 seconds) boost cut down check the heath of your charge cooler if it is to warm your impellor has to be replaced. after replacing mine the problemwas solved. Mind you ! If your going to do it yourself : it is going to take your full day off Also check your O2 sensor (but then you schould have a faulty code ((33 ??))) gr Rens
  9. I had a problem with my SE Turbo every time I gave the car full power (#6 red race chip) after 3 sec the boost went down from 1.2 => 0.5 bar after about 5 minutes the power was back this happened every time After replacing the impellor every thing was OK again So if you have the same problems It's most likely the impellor
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