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  1. I just emptyed my cat and put it back in position runs better, sounds better, looks better (flames till 1 meter on the circuit) the only problem is the annual emission test but my son is a mecanic certified to test NO PROBLEMS
  2. i have been riding a lot of young horses somtimes the left indicator didn't work eighter then i went 3 x right rens
  3. I'm going to wait for the grand finale coming tuesday. the day after installing it on monday i'm first going to sleep and dream over it from monday to tuesday wednesday i'm going to unleach it on the track
  4. Sorry cars like that should be on the scrap yard. buy the supra and have fun rens
  5. Done a lot on my SE Turbo the last step would be a Turbo upgrade And it's coming the super 60 turbo from PNM i really want to know what it is going to bring to my car POWER !!!!!!! rens
  6. I have 17 inch wheels on my SE with 25 mm spacers even then the same handling problems on the circuit lowerd the car on front and back for more than 3 cm's it gave the car almost -2 camber now this has done al lot for the drivability gr Rens
  7. Aprillia RSV mille R 2 cilinders are more fun gr Rens
  8. yust installed my Hi-specs (4 pot) discs grooved and drilled the Hawk pads (fast road / track) in front in the back still the bendix with the red race pads from ebc with an ebc disc upgrade steelflex hoses ans synthetic 5.1 brake fluid took the car to a circuit in belgium (Zolder) and to the netherlands (Zandvoort) Bracking improved massive but you'll have to warm the damn things up if you go on the track the first 2 rounds are to get the right temp in your hawks if not the bendix backside will try to beat your front side while braking can be fun to. take care ordering the Hi-specs took me about 1/2 year small company greets Rens
  9. castrol 10/60 no oil pressure and overheating problems drive the car mainly on the track with stints of 1 hour overheating can be another problem Bigger secondary injectors could help SE Turbo with about 350 hp greets Rens
  10. Had a problem with my blower motor (air vent) SE Turbo it only worked full speed had to change the relay but with lotus i had to buy the whole thing. (New blower and relais) price was
  11. Can't get the Yokohama Advans in the netherlands. is there somebody who has got some 215-40-17 and 255-45-17 rens
  12. I'm sorry guys the best football is been played by the dutch allways has been and still is we don't win all the time but it's the way to play defense by offense and if the dutch team doesn't win perhaps it's the korean (dutch coach) tobago and trinidad (dutch coach) Australia (dutch coach) or the brasilian team (allmost all the players have been playing with dutch coaches
  13. As you are living in the netherlands yust come to the south. my car has a larini exhaust hear and see gr Rens
  14. Does anybody know where the interior blower motor is located and what is the best way to get to it (stevens SE Turbo '90) mine works like my driving style. Full power or nothing position 1 and 2 do not function greets Rens
  15. Yep I connected the electric pump to my fuel pump runs well for a long time already no problems what so ever rens
  16. Is the SE standard or did you upgrade teh car a bit its nice to compare when the power on both cars is approximately the same would like to hear gr Rens
  17. the lucas nr doesn't excist anymore the Bosch nr for the relay is 0 332 014 113 - 850 cheers rens
  18. yees guy's next time you send your girlfriend or wife to the plastical surgeon have them fitted the extra handy bonus these are 3 buttons on the forehead Kitchen, fucking and power off best investment i made for years rens
  19. I have fitted a conversion spacer set to my SE Turbo and have 5x130 Porsche size easy to buy rims in every size (even secondhand) I have the AZEV wheels too (17 inch) and use cup 2 wheels on the track
  20. If warming it doesn't do the trick try putting a bar against the bolt and tap it fairly hard with a steel hammer - believe it or not the shock can sometimes fracture the seizure and allow you to turn it. This did the job The end of the bolts were rusted in the hub The spacers are indeed extra width aluminium spacers rens
  21. I simply can't turn it it's allmost as stubborn as my wife (so this can take a while) I think the bolt has rusted at the thread and has a reaction with the aluminium from the spacer I didn't try warming it yet wasn't keen on doing so because of the aluminium I don't think there was anti seize compound (previus owner) Sprayed some unlocking oil on the backside (tread) but can't really get to it Will try tomorrow again perhaps warming the bolt is a good idea rens
  22. F ! I want to replace the rear disks of my SE but can't get the spacers off anyone had this before a has an illuminius idea ? rens
  23. US girls ! How much do you make in a year ? Yes i'm coming !
  24. I have got another one but don't try this if you want to keep one to your job at the friday after work drink in a pub the director is having a chat with a employee he say's I yust had a go on my secretary she fuck's much better than my wife the employee responds: I'm sorry to say but I can't agree on that point rens
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