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  1. My v8 improved no end when I reset the ecu with Peter's OBD2 software
  2. Anyone want an Elite?
  3. rj30780


  4. Not much to do to restore

    Ford Transit Mk 1 Parts inc Gearbox

  5. I checked back, it was lotus ribble valley back in November 2003. It was near the junction of Peter St and Quay St and Deansgate. Behind Teasers. I had moved to Torquay by then so never visited it.
  6. Chris Neils had a shop in the same area of Manchester perhaps 10 years or more ago.
  7. 1. Rich H 2. RobertC 3. MarkS2 4. Tony Chapman
  8. Hi Paul Thanks for the idea, I hadnt thought of repairing the casing but its worth a try. Many thanks Tony
  9. Whilst I have got my engine out to do some other work I have noticed that the compressor casing has broken around the snap ring on one of the turbos. I am looking for a compressor casing to replace mine, the bearing and turbines are fine. Alternatively I will be looking for a new or recon turbo. Can anyone help. Thanks Tony
  10. Hi Neil My speedo was doing the same, I brought the cluster in the house while I looked at the heater plumbing. All worked when I finally put it back. Tony
  11. Just spotted this out of the window of the office. If it wasn't at the far side of the car park and my eye sight was better I would be able to give a better description! Tony
  12. Hi Scott I get confused with the difference between the S1 and S2. I was in the X5. May be back in my V8 next week if I can get a small oil leak sorted after an engine rebuild. I will keep my eye out for you. Tony
  13. Spotted this morning at about 7:30 going through the traffic lights at Keepers Corner, Burstow, any one on here?
  14. Hi Robert I am trying to get there Saturday. The car is running but had an oil leak from the oil cooler conections. My son has been looking at it today and hopefully tightened them up. I will be home on Friday to take it for a shake down run, and a clean. What time were you thinking of leaving on Saturday. Tony
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