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  1. ...long time no see Don't know how many faces I'll still recognize (they may now have too many wrinkles ) or whether or not you all converted my bedroom into a sewing room for mom and sold off all my stuff, but it's good to be back nonetheless Believe me I WISH I could have spent the last year or so hanging around on Lotus forums all the time, for some reason this hasn't quite been an option The bad news is that very soon I think I'm probably going to have to divest myself of the Esprit After five or so wonderous, playboyish years enjoying the delightfully irresponsible state of Es
  2. I'd drive the micra, but only in pink :laughing: (pink has crept its way onto my car, see sig)
  3. Haha... honestly... I CAN imagine myself being Espritless quite easily, which scares me kinda (lol, and it's not a matter of only having bought the thing to attract women either... I found it was more offputting to most than anything because they assumed that my err... cojones were very small when I drove it :laughing: Not that I really cared what they thought at that point, I just enjoyed driving... (and all she noticed was that it was a very low car...) Maybe I'm too much of a cheapskate, because I find myself worrying about it, babying it, or wondering when the next thing is going to br
  4. hah... I've reached a strange point in my life where ugly isn't anywhere near as offensive as boring... Old Citroens, Multiplas, Peugots appeal. But pretty much any SUV is horribly ugly to my eyes :laughing: Offenders of boring: New Impreza thing Chevy Cobalt (god do I hate those headlights, windows look sooo sloppy) is an embarassment looks like korea could have made it in 1996 Rolls Royce Phantom works from about two angles, this isn't one of them Dodge Challenger (looks like a big dumb cartoon version of the first one) Honorable mentions: Chrysler 300/Char
  5. HAH, stories of the New York Summer and Fall already scare the shit out of me... Well, technically I think this place is called the "North Country"... Not really upstate. Eff if I know geography over there :laughing: St. Lawrence County specifically... I'll probably do it ASAP, which means late June, and look to put my Business Administration degree to use... B) Honestly I'm looking for a change and and hopefully I can brave the snow and appreciate the place... My fiance type thing is finishing up college there for the next two or three years. If it turns out we both can't stand the place
  6. oh another one of these again I love these threads because I'm pretty damn old now, but I'm the youngest yet again, somehow still. I remember we had more younglings last time we did this type of thread! :laughing: 22, though I feel (like) a 9 year old... Bought the Esprit when I was... err, 17 in January 2003...
  7. haha, sorry, ditching her isn't an option :laughing: (the girl or the car... it doesn't have to be a choice) Think I'll at least try to stretch keeping it out as long as I can, thanks to the predictable advice here Even if I do leave it under the custody of a family member... (or maybe Paul, if he butters me up enough if I can make it to Cars and Coffee one of these days, lol)
  8. hah... never been too enamored with any of the non-exotic designs, especially the whole "tall car" thing... But the Grande Punto (that we don't get here) does look nice... Like a mini maserati. Though I never liked that particular maserati, hmm. (Giugiaro's English is worse than I remembered :laughing:)
  9. Hah, the jacket is polyesther thank you very much! I'll make sure to cover up the reasons dealing with younger women, hah. Not like I'm being made to sell, but I just wonder if I'll be able to support a hungry Esprit mouth to feed... I'd rather not have it go to seed if it turns out I can't take care of it, or have it sit for a long while while I save up for a repair (and have to figure out at that point how to work out transportation... the Esprit IS my only car, for some reason). Hah. Of course she wouldn't be the sort to make me sell the car, or ask me to have less rippling abs or wh
  10. ...All the smileys/layouts are different. Should I have posted this in the n00b room? :laughing: Anyway, yeah I've managed to wake up washed up on these shores again... Life's been... Interesting! To its credit, the Esprit has managed to endure all this with little complaint, maybe if it had effed up at all in recent days I'd have had a reason to crawl back here sooner, hah. But no... The AC even blows cold, with the tan interior and so little space to cool down things get cold quick, which is I'm afraid to say the most enjoyment I get out of the car aside from sitting in traffic at
  11. BEAUTIFUL. I'm totally glad you've left the sills body color Eprsplt had one exactly like that, and sold it
  12. heh, I started something on the emotion in days of yore.. love the cheese wedge hubcaps on the IAD though
  13. HAH... sorry to ressurect this, but I was informed of this thread by PM, and that's great ...yeah, I'm alive somehow, I'll say it before CourtTV or some tabloid does, hehe my next purchase on ebay: (I'd post an auction link, but I'm sure everyone would swipe them )
  14. Whoa, I'm late to Fishy's birthday Don't tell me I missed all the gay strippers!!! Happy Birthday Both
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